What to wear with brown pants?


What to wear with brown pants?

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What limits our fashion choices? Is it the risk of experimenting, the fear of faux pas, the lack of confidence to pull it off, or the paucity of creativity?

And when that situation arises, what do we do? We go down the rabbit hole of the internet’s wonderland to find guidance for our fashion sensibilities.

Et voila, we’re here to help with one such fashion conundrum! When you find that pair of old brown pants in the deep end of your closet or find a new pair of brown denim sneaking up on you in a shopping mall.

You may be stumbled with the question ‘what to wear with brown pants?’ Here are a few suggestions to get your fashion juices flowing.

Play with the neutrals

If there is one easy choice to make, it’s that of choosing neutrals to go with your brown pants. Whether it is a pair of brown jeans, brown corduroys, or flared brown pants, some of our suggestions may find a place in your heart and then your wardrobe.

Go with the co-ord trend

Go samesies with a co-ord pairing of brown with brown. Go for a textured bodycon crop top of the same or a slightly lighter or tan shade and layer with an oversized beige-colored jacket. This trendsetting outfit will surely turn a few heads. 

Another fashionable choice that you could make is that of wearing a leather corset top with your brown pants and layering it with a smart-looking jacket. Hop into a pair of sexy boots, grab a leather bag, and off you go!

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If you have a short-sleeved polo t-shirt begging to be worn or a collared V-neck t-shirt that just stands out, then it’s a great way to pair with brown corduroy pants. What we also recommend is layering it with a sleeveless camel-colored checkered sweater vest.

Match with the evergreen whites

Most of us are proud owners of white shirts, t-shirts, blouses, and sweaters. Being a neutral color, white pairs safely with any color that you can point to. Thus, if your brown pants are calling out to you, pair them up with a chic printed short-sleeved crop t-shirt and your favorite pair of white platform sneakers, and step out confidently.

Also, since we are talking about one of the most fluid colors, go ahead and experiment with white tanks. Wear a white bodysuit or white tank top with wide straps and layer with a light blue or white loose open shirt. Add black boots with block heels to complete your casual look.

Speaking of brown pants, we must draw our attention to brown leather pants. And what pairs well with these pants is a white-colored tank top. Although it is pretty basic, it is truly neat and chic.

Whether you are a guy or a girl, you ought to own a beige pullover jumper of a slightly thicker weave. This is a perfect combination to go with your brown pants.

Make a powerful choice of pairing with black

As per the color theory, black is believed to be associated with a mysterious, powerful, and confident image. Bring that to your wardrobe by wearing black tops with your brown pants. 

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Although one could have some reservations about combining these two dark colors, let us put your worries to rest. Black most certainly goes with brown pants. And this is true for men and women both. 

Choose a lighter shade of brown and pair it with a black shirt. Girls, we have better recommendations for you. Ribbed black crop top, whether sleeveless or full-sleeved or tube or tank, goes wonderfully well with your brown pants. Also, a black turtleneck t-shirt would also pair perfectly with the brown bottoms.

Experiment with the naturals

When making food pairings, it is often said that food that grows together goes together. And perhaps, the same applies when partnering a brown pair of pants. The most common naturally occurring pairing of brown is with the greens and blues. Taking inspiration from the trees, the water, and the sky, the possibilities to play around with textures and shades are endless.

One of the safest bets is to go solids on solids; Pair a sleeveless washed-out olive-green halter top with brown pants and a top with a cream-colored open-front flared jacket

For a slightly vintage look, go for a pistachio-colored crop knitted cardigan with noticeable buttons to pair with brown pants. Complete the look with a metal strapped sling bag and pointed heels.

For a casual evening look, you could also wear a high-waisted pair of brown jeans with a light blue knit sweater.

If rich yet classy is your way, pair a teal-colored silk shirt with a flattering shade of brown pants. Add a little bling with metal accessories to bring out the oomph in the outfit.

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Go bold with your choices

Who said you could not welcome bold colors into your wardrobe? What goes wonderfully with your neutral brown is bright orange. Now, keeping it casual, tuck in your favorite comfortable knit, textured orange sweater inside brown trousers. Complete the look with a smart yet striking thin belt with a golden buckle. Don’t forget to slide into your close-toed heels before you step out.

One of the other unconventional yet bold pairings is red and brown. However, choose the shade of brown wisely. A caramel, rusty colored brown will go very well with a red or maroon shirt or top. Especially for you guys out there, this bold pairing will take you places (camel shade of brown with warm red). 

Another warm color that you could potentially wear with brown pants is yellow. A yellow-colored tank top would be a great combination to put together on a warm, bright day. This could further be layered on with a natural brown neckpiece to complete the look. 

Don’t be hesitant to get a little hippie look. If you own a cute yet casual pair of cotton wide-leg pants or harem pants in brown, pair it with a crop top from a similar fabric. Then get your hands on a long flowy jacket, embroidered, or patterned with floral or ikkat motifs in pastel tones. Finish this look with a long neckpiece and tweed natural-looking wedges.

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