25 Cottage Core Clothing Brands You Should Check Out


25 Cottage Core Clothing Brands You Should Check Out

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The cottagecore fashion has become one of the most evolving and popular trends in 2022. This ethereal, soft and simple way of dressing was the result of our attempts to escape during the pandemic when we spent most of our life at home.

Hill House Home and its iconic Nap Dress made this style more popular than ever, and several cottagecore clothing brands followed suit. In the post-Covid era, nothing has changed.

Cottagecore fashion remains a huge success, and the aesthetic is perfect now that the warmer days of summer are close by. If you are a fan of this style, then we have a list of 25 great cottagecore clothing brands which are extremely popular nowadays and are worth taking a look at .

1. Hill House Home

If you are not familiar with the iconic nap dresses of Hill House Home, then this is the perfect time to learn about this brand. Their nap dresses are elegant, comfortable, soft, and made of high-quality materials.

They are available in a variety of romantic colors, including Bay Blue, Poppy Pink, and Pond Floral. They perfectly fit every type of silhouette, and once you wear them, you cannot avoid feeling like you are playing in your own ”Bridgerton” episode!

2. Simple Retro

As the name itself implies, every type of clothing of this brand has a retro feel that matches perfectly with a cottagecore fashion style. Whether you opt for a midi dress, a knit sweater, or a cotton shirt, the soft fabrics and elegant design of every single cloth found in their online store will never disappoint you.

Their clothes are mostly based on earth tones, and they are inspired by iconic vintage designs to create fresh and modern clothes that match the whole cottagecore idea.

3. Cotton On


Cotton On is a great example of how creativity and originality, when combined with hard work and a dose of personal style, can result in the creation of a lovely brand, which is based on cottagecore fashion clothes and accessories.

This brand started from an Australian family and focused on providing customers with romantic and feminine clothes, most of which are inspired by French fashion. Their clothes are mostly made of 100% organic cotton and vegetable dyes. They are affordable and stylish at the same time.

4. Ciao Lucia

Made in Los Angeles by Lucy Akin back in 2017, Ciao Lucia designs clothes that are inspired by nostalgia for the past. The brand has several cottagecore-inspired pieces, including beautiful and romantic dresses, ethereal tops, and crepe de chine midi skirts.

Their dresses, in particular, are inspired by the simplicity of the environment, the sea, the blossoms, the grass, and the ground. They are available in a variety of unique, plant-inspired colors, like tangerine, lilac, poppy, and lemonish.

5. Aliexpress

A place where you can find a variety of cottagecore dresses, Aliexpress offers customers chic and timeless pieces. An online store dedicated to providing quality clothes and affordable at the same time, Aliexpress has nowadays focused on cottagecore fashion style, and its clothes will not disappoint you.

In Aliexpress, you will be able to find dresses, boho shirts, and vintage denim at low prices in order to further develop your personal cottagecore style. You will also find a variety of loose pants and cotton-made flowery cardigans and sweaters.

6. Reformation

Reformation is mostly known for its vintage-style cottagecore dresses. Their aesthetic pieces are suitable for every occasion, like going on a picnic or visiting a friend. Their dresses come in a variety of materials, colors and designs to suit your personal cottagecore style.

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If you pay a visit to their online store, do not forget to look at the variety of tops and pants, as well. Another great thing about this brand is the fact that all of its clothes are sustainable!

7. Urban Outfitters

Urban Outfitters is the best place if you are looking for a mid-range cottagecore fashion brand. Their high-quality, soft cardigans, their flowery sweaters and earthy cotton dresses cannot be missed from your wardrobe.

Most Urban Outfitters clothes are well under $100, and their online shop has sales all year long. The only thing you should be aware of when purchasing from this brand is to avoid its super boho clothes. Stick to their clean cotton or linen pieces in order to create the best cottagecore style.

8. Faithful The Brand

Faithful the brand, offers a relatively small selection of cottagecore clothes. However, their design and quality are impressive. A great choice if you are looking for a linen dress. Their clothes are always on the trend despite being of a 100% cottagecore style.

Apart from its unique dress pieces, Faithful the Brand also offers some great skirts and tops in a variety of colors. Their prices may be a bit higher compared to other brands, but the quality of materials used and the originality of their clothes will definitely make up for it.

9. Shein

Shein is a well-known online store where you can find a whole lot of things, from clothes and accessories to lingerie, shoes, and sports clothes. When it comes to cottagecore, you can find several cute dresses, tops, and great accessories, like jewelry and headbands, to rock your style.

Most pieces can be found at a price range of $10-20. Once you visit their online store, look for mini floral dresses and white tops!

10. Love Shack Fancy

A more expensive choice that has, however, some unique designs you cannot easily find elsewhere, Love Shack Fancy offers some amazing cottagecore clothes. Particularly tops and blouses.

You will also love the cotton maxi or midi dresses for the warmer summers months that are available in a variety of bright colors. Most of the pieces of this brand are fancy cottagecore clothes you can wear on different occasions, from an everyday walk with your friends to a fancy event.

11. Abercrombie

Abercrombie is great for cottagecore style during the spring and summer periods. It may not be the first brand that comes to your mind if you are a cottagecore fan, but it definitely has some pieces that are worth looking at.

After all, the entire vibe of this brand is based on casual and simple clothing choices. That means that it has several kinds of cotton, linen pieces, mainly summer dresses, jumpsuits, and blouses.

Once you visit the site, search for its plain white or faded details in order to create a romantic, casual, and still fashionable cottagecore look.

12. Retro Fairy

An online store with every different type of vintage dress, including fairy, Victorian and Edwardian dresses, Retro Fairy is great if you wish to create a cottagecore look that has a romantic and vintage tone. Inspired by princesses and fairies, Retro Fairy offers women vintage dresses made of pure cotton and linen.

Their clothes are mostly made for special occasions, like a night out date, a reception or a musicale, but by adding the correct accessories and shoes, you can give a look an even more casual note.

13. Petal + Pup

More on the plainer side when it comes to cottagecore look, Petal + Pup has some more classic linen clothes. It is particularly good for dresses, both mini and maxi, but it also provides some great jumpsuits.

Although it is a relatively new and small brand, its clothes are of high quality, and its materials are soft and durable at the same time.

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If you are a fan of colors and prefer to purchase fancier and brighter clothes, it would be good to have in mind that a classic white or sand dress should also be part of every modern woman’s wardrobe.

14. Loyal Boutique

In order to make the perfect cottagecore look, it is important to invest in a suitable straw bag. Loyal Boutique is dedicated to offering customers crossbody straw bags and purses in a cottagecore style.

From the variety of bags you will find at their online store you could mainly focus on earthy colors, like beige or sage, in order to complement your cottagecore style. The prices are more than affordable, and in most cases, you will not have to pay more than $40 for a beautiful straw bag.

15. Princess Highway

With a variety of clothes, ranging from simple, classic pieces to more contemporary ones, Princess Highway has a lot of vintage-inspired dresses, tops, and sweaters to complement your cottagecore style.

Other great options include plaid blazers, vintage coats and accessories like scarves and jewelry. This brand takes inspiration from the 70’s glamour and the 60’s mod fashion and focuses on incorporating them into modern society.

16. Christy Dawn

The great thing about Christy Dawn is the fact that they work directly with the farmers in Erode, India, in order to create clothes based on healthy cotton crops. Most of their clothes are made of upcycled dead-stock and organic cotton.

They are environmental-friendly, soft, and lightweight. They have a nice collection of summer dresses, both midi and maxi, and you can find pieces in standard sizes XS-XL or opt for the Extended or Petite Collections.

Once you visit the site, do not forget to look at the floral sleeveless dresses and their classic poet blouse collection.

17. Kalaurie

Kalaurie is an Australian-based brand where sustainable cottagecore is at its finest. The company is based on two major principles: quality and timelessness. Most of their clothes feature premium dead-stock fabrics and trims.

Their fabrics are made of renewable resources, including cotton, linen, and silk. Their cottagecore collection includes loose-fitting tops, dresses with romantic puffy sleeves and high-waisted ruffled skirts.

Their cottagecore looks are inspired by storytelling, and that makes them original, unique, and worthy. Do not forget to complement your look with a modern garden hat made of 100% dead-stock cotton.

18. Mother Of Pearl

An ethical and trendy brand from the UK that promises to provide customers with authentic and unique clothes, Mother of Pearl has a contemporary collection of cottagecore pieces based on comfortable, loose lines. Most of their clothes are made of a mixture of cotton and tencel, and you can wear them on any occasion.

Their slip-style dresses, with adjustable straps and ruffled hemline, are perfect for morning or evening wear, and their cocktail-length sundresses should not be missed from your cottagecore wardrobe.

19. Mara Hoffman

Mara Hoffman uses eco-friendly materials, including recycled nylon and polyester, to provide high-quality clothes. Her conscious practices have made the brand’s cottagecore collection popular and loved among the public.

Her clothes come in sizes XS to 3XL, and she also offers an extended sizes collection to help women of all sizes find the dress, skirt or blouse of their dreams. Be sure to look at its A-line, high-waist skirts, and long-sleeved dresses made of organic cotton and linen.

20. Altar

Altar is a brand focusing on creating morning clothes suitable for a relaxed going out with friends, a picnic, or a morning coffee with your other half. Their cottagecore clothes are classic, simple, and feature some earthy colors.

We particularly like their A-line white or beige dresses featuring unique bishop sleeves and ties at the base of the yoke, as well as their loose, midi dresses with roomy pockets at the side seams and adjustable tied straps.

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21. TAMGA Designs

TAMGA Designs is a great solution for women wishing to create the perfect cottagecore look based on colorful choices. Their gorgeous, flowery designs are straight out of a fairy tale. Pay attention to their lovely maxi floral dresses, with long ruffle-trimmed sleeves and colorful patterns.

They are perfect for an evening walk, a stroll down the park, or a romantic getaway. The brand is also known for its casual jumpsuits and kimonos, as well as for its variety of accessories, including scarves and hats that can make your cottagecore look even more coherent.

22. Etsy

An online store with a variety of different clothing options, Etsy is one of our favorite places to look for affordable cottagecore pieces. You can find everything from vintage brands and in-person thrift stores to handmade pieces made by ateliers or boutiques.

Apart from the variety of cottagecore clothes, like puff-sleeved long dresses and high-waisted A-line skirts, on Etsy, you can also find French basket bags, casual morning shoes, and sandals, as well as basket hats and scarves, to create your own personal cottagecore style.

23. Boden

A British brand that fully captures the English countryside aspect of cottagecore fashion, Boden uses sustainable materials to create clothes of high quality and originality. They mostly focus on crafty collars found in jumpers, dungarees, and zip-up cardigans.

They also feature a variety of modern dresses inspired by classic pieces that date back to the 40s. For example, traditional tea dresses, like the one Queen Elizabeth used to wear many years ago, have nowadays become a trend, offering women the elegance of the past and the simplicity of the present.

24. Free People

For the romantic souls out there, there is a brand that combines authenticity and inspiration with romance. Free People, as the name implies, creates clothes inspired by fairy tales and ”happily ever after” moments.

They provide a huge variety of loose clothes you can wear on different occasions, including linen trousers, colorful dresses, and nomadic-style sandals.

By exploring their website, you will come across nostalgic peasant dresses, printed tops, and loose jumpsuits that can give your cottagecore style a romantic and daydreaming tone.

25. Sea

Based in New York, Sea is a new brand that was launched in 2017 by two friends and designers: Monica Paolini and Sean Monahan. Their cottagecore philosophy has a modern-rustic tone, and their clothes feature some unusual cuts, most of which are prairie-inspired.

From beautiful ruffly-sleeved long dresses, dark cottagecore outfits, and trimmed coats, you can find many different choices once you visit their online store. Sea is the proof that cottagecore fashion may be inspired by the past but fully belongs to the present and future.


Cottagecore fashion began as a social media movement fostering the idea of living a simple life close to nature. The aesthetic has mainly been inspired by old European village looks, fairy tales, speculative fiction, and profound nostalgia for a medieval past.

Nowadays, lots of brands have turned towards providing a cottagecore style, ranging from traditional, simple, and loose pieces of clothes to more romantic and contemporary ideas.

Apart from the whole fashion that has evolved with the cottagecore movement, other stylistic components of this aesthetic include handmade crafts, fresh flowers, and traditional accessories in natural colors and warm tones.

If you are a fan of the whole cottagecore idea, there are so many available brands to get inspired and create your own personal cottagecore-based look.

After all, it seems that cottagecore may have become one of the most demanding aesthetics in 2022, but it will most likely remain a growing obsession for most of us!

With stylish silhouettes, delicate floral designs, and earthy hues, there is nothing wrong with going simple, particularly during the spring and summer days.

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