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How To Properly Style A Blue Suit And Brown Shoes – Complete Style Guide

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Last Updated on July 20, 2022 by inckredible

A suit is a statement piece, the true symbol of class, elegance, and sophistication. The stitching, design, and cut all create a timeless look. The suit jacket is the major part of the ensemble and bears the weight of selling the outfit’s appeal.

The appeal of the suit is down a few factors that help, but none of which are of least importance. These factors combine to give you that posh, neat look. They are the texture, stitching, and of course, the color.

This article will go through a complete style guide on how to wear a blue suit and accessorize with brown shoes.

Blue Suit Brown Shoes

The first outfit style we will discuss is the classic look, the blue suit worn in combination with brown shoes. There is a subtle yet firm agreement between both colors; the brown of the shoes acts as a footnote to the blue suit header.

The blue suit can be worn in various ways, from casual to semi-formal to full-on formal. Depending on the occasion, you can wear it as a “stand-in” blazer over a shirt without a tie for that evening’s semi-formal look. 

The choice of pants is also important, but you can always pick safe colors such as black or grey; they complement both blue and brown perfectly. Do not forget to accessorize with brown belts and, of course, blue cufflinks. See here

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Navy Suit Brown Shoes

Blue is one versatile, and some might say, prestigious color. A while back, it was impossible to have or use the color unless you were affluent. Today, it still resonates in the hearts and minds of a huge chunk of the population. Blue is regal; it is calm and stylish.

The consensus is that we love blue. The color, not the mood, of course. And speaking of moods, blue also has various shades. All of which are stunningly unique and beautiful. 

For this outfit, we are going for a trendy and stylish shade of blue; navy blue. It is a shade that falls between blue and black and has an air of class that is not out of the blue. It goes great with brown monk straps, oxfords, or brogues. See here

Do You Wear Brown Shoes With A Blue Suit?

You might be asking, is it okay to pair your blue suit with brown shoes? Perhaps you are used to seeing black shoes feature more, which is perfectly fine. But black is a little dated, expected, and frankly cliché. And once you see how good a brown shoe looks, you will also agree with me.

The answer to your question, do you wear brown shoes with a blue suit is simple— yes, you do. You should, dare I say, you must. You have not truly lived until you pair a blue jacket and brown shoes. They are divine; they often have a finely polished finish that makes them stand out and “pop” compared to the regular black choice.

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Brown shoes also complement the color coordination you must set up with the blue jacket and whatever choice of shirt and pants.

What Color Socks Go With Blue Suit And Brown Shoes?

When considering the outfit, the main concern is usually the jacket, the shoes, the pants, and even the tie. But there is one component that deserves way more attention: the socks.

The socks are an integral but overlooked part of any outfit, but if done correctly, they can add an insane upgrade to it. It is tricky when you want to pick the right socks to use, but fret not; I have got you covered.

When it comes to the blue suit and brown shoe combo, your best bet is to go with bright colors like yellow, red, purple, and green, which are great.

They do nicely against the dull brown but also accentuate the much lighter blue, making them a bridge between the two.

What Color Shirt Goes With Blue Suit And Brown Shoes?

If the blue suit is art, there must be a canvas that works in tandem with it to fully showcase its true beauty. The choice of shirt is down to a few factors, namely, texture, fabric, and of course, color. What color shirt goes best with the blue suit and brown shoes then?

The best and most preferable option is a white shirt; it pairs nicely with a blue suit and brown shoes to create that evergreen look. You can also go with the option of a darker blue shirt; it offers a really neat contrast and can be surprisingly good as a pairing. And if you want a more semi-final and contemporary look, you should wear a pink shirt. See here

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What Color Tie Goes With Blue Suit And Brown Shoes?

This is the final piece of the ensemble, and it plays a huge role, optically, in the final look of the complete outfit. The tie (necktie) is a decorative piece of cloth worn around the neck. It is typically knotted around the throat area and so rests under the shirt collar, where it’s left to drape down the chest. 

They are worn with shirts and, most frequently, with suits. So, what color tie goes with a blue suit and brown shoes? Well, the safest choices are either blue, red, or black. You can go in a pink or grey tie as well.

The tie helps bring the look together; make sure it is of a similar texture as the rest of the ensemble so it doesn’t stick out like a sore thumb. See here


The blue suit is an iconic outfit; it is, simply put, one of the classics. It will give you an effortlessly sophisticated look even if you do not go through the trouble of accessorizing or anything. But you should and can do so by throwing in a brown shoe.

The two go great together, so great that they make it easy for you to mix and combine different colors of shirts and pants. This combination makes it much easier to look great in the same color pairing but with different looks. Its genius is what we have discussed today, and I know you will recreate these looks sooner than later.

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