What to Wear Parasailing


What to Wear Parasailing

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If you’re here, it’s because you intend to go parasailing soon. That’s really exciting, and we applaud your bravery. Parasailing has been surprisingly described by many as peaceful and quiet; you almost never hear peaceful in the same sentence as most recreational sports, so that’s a relief, right?

What you will be doing when you choose to parasail is gliding through the air in a colored parachute and looking at the wonderful scenery that surrounds you. Even though there will be a lot of water, it’s entirely up to you to ask to stay totally dry or wet. Like all recreational sports, parasailing carries its own risk but is by far one of the safest recreational sports.

Children as young as six and even Adults as old as ninety can safely participate and enjoy parasailing. Parasailing involves a person wearing a parachute being towed behind a boat. Now you know the first thing you’ll be wearing to parasail; a parachute! 

So let’s talk about the other recommended clothing you’ll be needing for this thrilling sport.

A Life Jacket

One, if not the most important piece of clothing you need to wear while parasailing is a life jacket. A life jacket is mandated by law, so there will be no negotiation for you to wear one; you have to!Your life jacket must fit snugly against your body.

This will keep you afloat in an emergency that might require you to land on water. A life jacket will be offered to you at the venue of your sail.

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A Bathing suit

Because you’re probably going to parasail at the beach, a bathing suit or quick-dry underwear is ideal, especially for warm weather. Women can opt for a single piece or two pieces, as long as they fit snugly. 

Men can opt for close-fitting trunks instead of baggy shorts. Make sure your bathing suit is fitted nicely, with no loose hooks or straps dangling as they could catch on to your parasailing equipment and get entangled. 

Remember, you could be splashed with water, so it is important that what you choose to wear should be able to handle water. For the cold weather,  you can throw on a fleece jacket to feel nice and toasty. 


This is completely optional, especially if the weather is warm. You can parasail barefoot. If you, however, decide to wear shoes, it is recommended that you avoid shoes where your toes will be exposed, like flip flops or sandals and opt for snug shoes that will not get entangled with your parasailing equipment buckles and straps. Quick-dry shoes are your best bet, especially if you’d like to touch some water with your feet.


You can wear caps and sunglasses, but just like footwear, these are optional. Like everything else you’ll be wearing, they also have to fit really snugly, or they will fly out of your head or eyes. 

Sunglasses will help protect you from the glare of the sun on really sunny days, and the cap or hat you choose would also protect you from the sun. So if you decide to wear any of these, choose ones with straps, so they don’t fall off.

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Not a piece of clothing but equally as important as anything you decide to wear to parasail.Wear waterproof sunscreen of at least SPF 15; this will help reduce any chances of skin cancer and, of course, protect you from the sun’s harsh glare; you’ll be closer to the sun than usual and would not want the risk of getting sunburned.

So slather on some sunscreen and have some fun.


People have been known to bring their phones with them on a parasail. If you want to document your adventure, you should definitely go with your phone. 

To ensure your device is safe and avoid the risk of it falling into the body of water under you, make sure it has a waterproof case and is tethered securely; it could be tethered to your life jacket, which is a safe option. 

Here’s what to avoid while parasailing

Avoid clothes that are too tight and too loose! For your maximum comfort, do remember you’ll be dangling at a height. Opt for snug-fitting clothes, the ones that fit just right. 

Avoid clothes with hoops or ropes because these could get caught up with the parasailing equipment and pose a disaster.Avoid large hoop earrings or scarfs; they are unnecessary for your parasailing experience. Avoid sandals or flip flops, they could easily fall out from your feet, and you’ll never see them again.

Hats, caps and sunglasses are not essential, but if you decide to wear them, make sure they have a strap so that even if they fall out of your head or face, they would still be attached to you.If you would like to document your parasailing, ensure your phone or whatever device you decide to use is tethered and waterproof.

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In conclusion, just like almost every other experience in life, knowing the right thing to wear makes it all better. Remember to have fun! That’s the most important thing when you go parasailing. We hope you have the best time on your adventure. 

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