13 Muslims Clothing Brands for You


13 Muslims Clothing Brands for You

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We know that one thing that isn’t constant in our today’s world is fashion. It has gone full circle over the years, and it’s making another 360° but with a modern twist, and that’s where the little issue lies.

We know our hearts are what is most important to God, but how we present ourselves through fashion speaks volumes too.

Little wonder the saying “dress how you want to be addressed .”Fashion is bizarre these days, and people find it more difficult to find shops (online or offline) for decent and appropriate clothing.

If you’re a devote Muslim looking for Muslim clothing lines that can offer you decent clothes, here’s a detailed review of some of the best.

WRDS clothing

WRDS is a Muslim-owned clothing brand that meets the needs of every Muslimah by manufacturing and selling decent clothing. It was launched in 2019 and has since dedicated itself to fulfilling the needs of all those who wish to cover up and not conform to fashion as it is today. WRDS clothing is famous for the unique inscriptions on their products, promoting the importance of certain individuals and vocations in society. Like its renowned “Best teacher” Tee shirts or its “Ghetto mother” hoodies. Other products include; mugs, totes, buttons, and insulated tumblers.

Love closely 

Owned by 29year old Taha Yousuf, the primary purpose of this brand is to “create meaningful streetwear rooted in art, culture and history .”This brand was launched in 2018 and has styled celebrities like Maluma, Savannah Ré, and the likes. This clothing brand manufactures various products such as hoodies, pants, Tee shirts, and jackets. These products showcase love, innate passion, and talents that make them unique.


Tuniq is a purely organic manufacturing company. All products are made from organic materials. From pure sheep wool to plant dyes to seashells and copper buttons, this company is ecosystem conscious and deals with raw materials that are only eco-friendly. Established in the spring of 2018 at Harvard University by two sisters and their mother who have a strong interest in politics, public service, and activism and want to see women work where they are comfortable and appreciated. Tuniq has since grown into a global brand, producing top-quality fashion accessories for women that want to stand out.

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Louella by Ibtihaj

The brand, which Olympic fencing medalist Ibtihaj Mohammad founded, is interested in producing modest fashion accessories. It produces hijabs, dresses, fashion sets well styled to meet modern fashion demands. It is an online clothing store that believes in being fashionable but modest. The founder Ibtihaj Mohammad was named one of the “100 most influential people” by TIME magazine. This brand says modesty isn’t just about how you dress, it’s a way of life, and they intend to promote such a lifestyle by producing top-quality fashion accessories. 


Mastoor stands for “covering your body with modesty and appropriateness. The founder Nuh Mohammed Mokhtar has been in the fashion industry for 50 years and has worked with many other fashion brands. Over the years, they have developed to provide appropriate and modest clothing that suits all Islamic guidelines. Some of their products include; thobe, totes, Qandrisi pants, coats, etc. The Master label signifies beauty “husn” that comes from goodness.

Noor Boutique 

Owned by two women who aren’t of the same religion but have the same goals, this brand started To provide appropriate clothing for women. Noor, which translates to “light,” wants to shine more light on decent accessories. The owners, Saadiya Shabazz and Tiffani Harris, see the need for women to cover up properly if they intend to make their voices heard in society. They say there is too much nudity, and that’s why women are not heard but only seen. Their products include; dresses, jackets, jeans, blouses, and sweaters for women. 

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Founder, Kerim Ture, started this online fashion retailing shop solely to sell Islamic women’s clothing. This brand was founded in Turkey in 2011 and is based in Istanbul, Turkey. Their products include; Abayas, kimonos, tops, shirts, hijabs, sportswear, gym wear, jeans, pajamas, etc. This brand promotes clothing that combines classiness and decency for modern societal needs. This brand isn’t age-specific as it offers decent clothing for females of all ages. 

Verona collection 

This brand is owned by two women, Lisa Vogl and Alaa Ammuss, who met by chance and decided to launch a women’s fashion brand. Though shipment started at Alaa’s living room, as business expanded, they soon moved to an American department store. This brand is known to be the first modest clothing brand to be featured in vogue, cosmopolitan, and CNN. Their products include a variety of ladies, luxury viscose, suits, modest pants, cardigans, abayas, luxury jerseys, etc. 

Flawlesstrends by Miriam 

This brand was established in 2014 by Miriam to produce hijabs, headbands, purses, and hairpins, usually made from precious stones, to add that classy finish to casual fashion. Flawlesstrends by Miriam also has different unique bracelet and ring styles and designs. Some are even bracelets with rings that are beautifully infused together into an extraordinary fashion accessory. 

Fenwick clothing

This brand started in 2013. Amatullah Abdur-Rahman, the brand owner, says she wants to tell stories about the world around her through her lenses. Intrigued by men’s casual and workwear, she has made a brand of clothing that suits her passions. Her products include; hoodies, mid-neck shirts, durags, and face masks. The brand, whose products cater to adults and children, has a functional store on its website where you can get their products.


Emir is a men’s streetwear brand located in Marseilles, France. This brand combines modern, clean designs with Western Islamic silhouettes to give absolute products that are loved and desired by all men. The brand produces various products such as suits, tracksuits, jackets, polo, tee shirts, and other accessories. A new product was recently added to their collection, “drop-crotch trousers,” which can be paired with jackets or coats to deliver a classic gentleman look. 

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Dar Collective 

This American brand wishes to promote awareness across the Muslim world. This brand’s most significant goal is to shine more light on the Islamic religion regarding cultures and traditions. Their products include Tee- shirts, hoodies, crew neck sweaters, posters, stickers, and the like. Most of its products uniquely showcase Pakistani culture. The brand also has a travel series collection inspired by different countries they have traveled to, mostly in southern Asia. 

Save and rave consignment (SARC)

This is the right brand for lovers of vintage. The SARC clothing line is owned by Alonya Holley and was established in 2014. It is an online shop selling decent and appropriate vintage clothing for today’s women. It is a resale and consignment shop. It also has a physical store in New Jersey, where you can get all its fashion accessories if you’re not a fan of online shopping. 


The name Farsali comes from combining two names, Farah and Sal Ali, a couple. This brand was founded on the need to meet his wife’s selectiveness in skin and hair products. In 2014 he joined a group of Chemists as their product developer to find suitable, organic ingredients to produce skin and hair care products. Though they had stopped manufacturing for some family issues, they are now back in business doing business with new products that are purely organic. Their products include antioxidant serum, skin tune, and beauty oil (the rose gold elixir).


You mustn’t be at the mercy of what society feels is acceptable. Though nudity is the order of the day in society, these brands have done their best to ensure decency is promoted for both men and women. Visit their websites and shop for more fitting clothes.

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