19 Best Asian Streetwear Fashion Brands For Men


19 Best Asian Streetwear Fashion Brands For Men

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You can define streetwear fashion as an item of present-day casual clothing worn by the youth subculture. It has become a form of identity that infuses aesthetics from various themes and styles and turns into an individual’s unique and modern style. 

Some people within the fashion community look upon streetwear as an enveloping umbrella of themes and styles

One has roots in hip-hop culture or modernizing the old culture and style. Others look at it as a playful rejuvenation on the outdoor sports of skate gear, surfwear, and sportswear. 

The increasing and return of street fashion in Europe, the West, and the Americas have been broadly documented. That is because of the success of Supreme and its collaboration with luxury brands like Lacoste and Louis Vuitton. 

But how about we look further ahead? We cannot ignore Asia’s incredible and visually appealing casuals when talking about streetwear. 

Not only is it the spot where some of the most renowned and exciting designers hail from. But the likes of South Korea, Japan, and China have helped shape the genuine streetwear segment. 

We’re going to list down the best Asian streetwear fashion brands for men that have made their impact worldwide. Also, we are also going to mention a few gender-neutral brands. 

Best Asian Streetwear Fashion Brands For Men

1. Ader

Ader was founded in 2014, and in case you haven’t guessed it yet, their brand name is an acronym. 

The first part of their name, A, stands for Aesthetics, D stands for Drawing, and ER is included to add a verb that means, ‘people who draw on aesthetics.’ 

The streetwear brand focused on using oversized clothing and poignant colors. Not only do they offer you garments, but they also provide an array of accessories like beanies and bags. The majority of their collections are unisex.

However, Ader only launches two collections a year, which are all made in Korea. The average cost of their product is around $330. Since they only launch twice a year, their products are collector’s items. 

They’ve collaborated with the likes of G-Shock, Maison Kitsune, and Puma. 

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Everyone who loves street fashion knows about BAPE. 

A Bathing Ape, commonly known as BAPE, was founded in the Ura-Harajuku district of Tokyo, Japan, in 1993. They’ve become known as among the most exciting and hyped brands on the streets. 

Alongside Japanese labels like Hysteric Glamour, Neighborhood, and other brands, BAPE helped define Japan’s Uraha style. 

BAPE was established as a best-kept-secret abroad. Someone would go to Japan and bring back some clothes, and they would spread through the mouth alone. 

The brand has stayed as contemporary streetwear, and it has deep connections to hip-hop culture. 

BAPE’s shark hoodies, camouflage, and snow jackets have become a trademark of the brand and have been highly influential. 

Style yourself in one of BAPE’s apparel and finesse on the streets. 

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3. thisisneverthat

The Korean brand is something you will never forget as thisisneverthat is planning to become the Supreme of South Korea. They’re best known for their jackets and windbreakers.

The brand became famous when a BTS member wore their shirt in a music video in 2016. 

thisisneverthat also have a strong presence in the underground hip-hop scene because Korean rappers like Madclown, Giriboy, and more have been rocking their apparel. 

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They are surely among the hottest and trendiest fashion brands in South Korea. Moreover, they have collaborated with various other brands like Black Label, Vans, Puma, and Reebok. 

The brand targets males primarily, but they do offer unisex clothing that is identical to the male collection. You can style them regardless of your gender. 

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4. Uniqlo

Uniqlo is another brand that you must not be miss out on. It offers you something you’d like to wear every day. They’re essential, and in short, there’s no brand like Uniqlo. 

Most of the streetwear these days is extra, and they have so much texture. But Uniqlo is a genius; as the trends keep changing, they tend to be the same. 

You can visit any of its stores and find the same neat tee you bought 5 years ago. It doesn’t mean they don’t keep up with the trend. They also provide on-trend colorways. 

The brand’s clothing is beautiful and has a good variety of seasonal collections. 

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UNDERCOVER is the original curator of ‘Japanese cool.’ Jun Takahashi founded the heavy-print label in 1993; he was a college student back then. 

The brand has an international outlook, a profound influence, and punk roots. It has infused Japanese pop culture imagery with British and American streetwear for daring design garments.

In today’s world, UNDERCOVER is best known for its collaboration with one of the biggest sportswear brands, Nike. The crossover between them usually sells out within a minute. That’s how popular the collaboration is.

The brand has gained substantial acclaim among street fashion heads. They have shown their collections at Paris Fashion Week.

The best part? You can easily rely on their logo sweatshirts for an effortless drip. 

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6. Li-Ning

Li-Ning is probably China’s most exported and accepted athletic brand. 

It’s a famous brand that has managed to make a mark in the sports world with its sportswear and accessories. But they are also one of the leading online brands for men’s streetwear and contemporary fashion. 

They have also stepped into foreign markets just like their American sportswear. Not only do they offer you garments, but they also provide sneakers that are as drippy as their garments. 

Their apparel and sneakers are highly affordable, which is a sweet touch to the quality and style they provide. 

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7. Deblanc

Deblanc is a Singaporean street brand that has been a favorite amongst the street and skateboarding community since 2016. 

The brand’s motto is ‘The Bold Attitude, The Right Style,’ and we surely agree with their motto. The brand’s apparel comes in monochrome colors with unique graphics. 

Their fifth collection is all about the iconic religious artworks, which is enough to confuse the Roman Catholics at most negligible. 

The good thing about their collection is that it can get as minimalistic as possible, and the collection evolves with the season. The apparel is small but perfectly cool. 

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8. Onitsuka Tiger

If you’re looking for retro sneakers to up your streetwear fashion game, then Onitsuka Tiger is for you. 

The brand is often said to be the inventor of the first-ever running shoes for the needs of the athletic community of Tokyo in 1949.

Phil Knight, the founder of Nike, was the first to import the lightweight iconic sneakers into the United States in the 70s. 

It’s fair to say that every sports shoe has had a little Onitsuka Tiger DNA in its sole ever since that.

Onitsuka Tiger sneakers are an excellent example of a good quality retro product. And now, it comes in a variety of colorways, textured iterations, and collaborations. 

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9. 87mm Seoul

87mm Seoul was started by 3 fashion models in South Korea who are the same age. 

The brand was launched in 2013, and its collection is very urban, with many colors and tiny details. 

It is a trendy brand among South Korean university students as the store is based near Hongdae University. 

Their top-selling collections include oversized coats, sporty windbreakers, and candy-colored sweatshirts. You can style the collection to give yourself a trendy casual look. 

87mm Seoul has been so popular that South Korean celebrities have worn it on several occasions. That includes celebs like Nam Joo-Hyuk and Park Bo-Gum.

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10. and Wander

and Wander came out of Tokyo’s Shibuya in 2011 and was founded by Mihoko Mori and Keita Ikeuchi. 

The profitable brand has experienced rapid growth in popularity over the past few years, and the currents of the techwear revolution have carried them. 

The brand is best known for its craftsmanship and technical fabrics. Thanks to a collection of stylish outerwear, clothing, and practical accessories, they have impressed the fashion community. 

Imagine utility basics like GORE-TEX, taped seams, and toggles, then combining them with an earth tone color palette and explosive vivid colors. 

A deep love for nature inspires it.

Wander’s collection will rile you up, out into the wilderness. 

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11. Diafvine

When it comes to streetwear, leather jackets cannot be ignored. 

Diafvine is one of the best brands in South Korea to make leather jackets. It was founded in 2002 and has since focused on ‘wild action performance’ wear. 

Pairing cowhide leather outwears and luxe horsehair with vintage-inspired sleep fedoras and Hawaiian shirts. 

Diafvine has one of the most visit-worthy outlets in Gangnam, South Korea. It is located on the second floor of a building.

To get into the shop, you’ll have to ring the bell and be escorted into the world of Indian incense and hunter trophies.

Styling yourself in their collection will surely give you elegance and coolness.

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Shinsuke Takizawa founded NEIGHBORHOOD or NBHD in 1994. The brand is undoubtedly one of the OGs of streetwear in Japan. 

NBHD was part of the Harajuku streetwear scene of the early 90s. It was a Tokyo-based faction of peers and friends who adequately founded the Japanese streetwear fashion scene. 

WTAPS, BAPE, Undercover, GOODENOUGH, and Hysteric Enough were birthing labels. 

Takizawa’s deep passion for motorcycle subculture was responsible for NEIGHBORHOOD. Thus, creating American clothing such as shirts, sweats, leathers, headwear, and flannels, all with a biker gang twist. 

Recent collections have seen NBHD expand into Native American, prep, military, and early 20th-century industrial work outfits. 

At the same time, the brand is still best known for its denim, customized with natural distress washes that range from different fades.

So, if you’re into that, NEIGHBORHOOD is for you.

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13. Heritage Floss

Heritage Floss was started in 2013 and was inspired by old sportswear. 

One of the mottos for Heritage Floss is, ‘The best floss makes the best fabric, and the best fabric makes the best garment.’

The brand started with cotton clothing, and then they expanded to offer accessories and padded outerwear that combined created a casual look of the 90s. 

Heritage Floss has been popular among South Koreans. And in case you’re unaware, it exclusively dresses one of the most popular South Korean alternative-indie bands, Hyukoh. 

They are responsible and have shaped the street trends of the country. 

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In 1996, Tetsu Nishiyama started WTAPS, which is pronounced as ‘double taps,’ a military term for two shots at the same target. 

WTAPS is a fashion brand inspired by military designs. It has been infused into contemporary perspectives and streetwear sensibilities to produce some of the fresh apparel in Japanese streetwear. 

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The brand is considered the Supreme of Japan, as the products rapidly sell out and it gets massive long lines on release dates. 

Their M-65 jackets and Jungle Stock cargo pants are essential for streetwear royalty. Get one of each for yourself, but that’s only if you manage to get a hold of them in the first place.

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15. Blindness

South Korea’s streetwear brand, Blindness, started in 2015. It’s managed by millennials who express relevant, progressive worldviews through their exciting clothing. 

Blindness has no gender boundaries to its clothing. If you want to experiment with gender roles and androgyny in your clothing or elevate your fashion, this brand is for you. 

It has some of the best seasonal collections and day-to-day wear. 

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16. Syro

Syro is an Asian brand that emerged from New York City. 

Shaobo Han and Henry Bae are the founders. The duo aimed to establish an LGBTQ brand that encourages the message of inclusivity and acceptance. 

Both of the co-founders had an instant connection through how they identified themselves. That is, being an Asian American who is non-gender conforming and feminine. 

Syro aims to demolish the status quo by creating footwear worn by non-binary people and men. Moreover, they tend to open a market that is lacking. 

There are a variety of booties and platform heels, encouraging the use of heels as everyday wear rather than only for performances. 

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MIYAGIHIDETAKA is a Japanese brand founded by Miyagi Hidetaka. 

His approach to fashion had led him to keep a low profile, producing clothing that he and his friends wanted to wear while releasing spectacular seasonal collections.

The brand revels in Japanese street fashion’s flirtation with the bandanas. From shoes and sandals, MIYAGIHIDETAKA has applied the bandana print to pants, puffer jackets, shirts, vests, and everything you can think of. 

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18. Stereo Vinyls 

Stereo Vinyls is considered a beast among brands. The garments are designed in London and operated in Seoul, South Korea. 

The brand has made a mark everywhere and has popped up at the Beaker store various times and has been worn by multiple celebrities. The logo adds a fun side to every one of its garments.  

Its collection includes clothing like jackets, shirts, pants, tees, and accessories, including hats and tote bags. They all come in a palette of vibrant colors and attractive graphic prints, and you can wear them at any time of the day. 

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19. Wacko Maria

Two J-League professional footballers founded Wacko Maria, Keiji Ishijuka, and Nobuhiro Mori. 

It started as Rock Steady bar in Tokyo, Japan, and later evolved into Wacko Maria. It’s a menswear brand inspired by rockabilly subcultures and Latin American style.

They are known for their elegant outerwear and shirting, traditional artworks like classic Americana with massive slogans, and religious iconography. The brand is a niche with an addictively goofy twist, favoring fashionistas. 

Some of their collection holds psychobilly aesthetics and leopard prints, making them unique. The collection also gives a vintage vibe.

They have collaborated with the likes of Converse, Vans, Masterpiece Sounds, and more.

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These are the best Asian streetwear fashion brands for men that we’ve ever so carefully listed out for you. Even though the list is for men, fashion doesn’t need to be defined by any gender. Holding to that, regardless of your gender, you can definitely cop any existing apparel from these brands. So don’t be shy and don these brands like you mean it.

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