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15 Of The Best Streetwear Pants For Men

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Last Updated on July 2, 2022 by inckredible

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Everybody is styling up their wardrobe, and so should you. Today we will be talking about the best streetwear pants for men.

It’s never been a better time to get into the street-style movement than now. It’s taking the clothing world by storm so, learn now or get left behind.

These best streetwear pants will change your confidence and mood. It’s so much more than dressing up and putting on regular pants.

Many people believe that streetwear is only for teens, but this is not the truth. They’re worn by major celebrities such as Jay-Z, Kanye West, and Chris Brown. 

Brands like Supreme, Nike, Gucci, Luis Vuitton, etc., have all invested in it. As a result, the demands have skyrocketed. 

Some of these pants have even collaborated with major Japanese streetwear labels. It is safe to say that this is a worldwide trend.

Everyone is on the hype train, and they’re all looking dapper. From your Cargo to your Techwear, this list will not let you down.

It’s not only comfy to wear, but it’s also a lot of fun. By the end, we’re sure you’d want to open up Amazon and start copping some.

Streetwear Pants For Men

1. Cargo Pants

When it comes to different styles of pants, cargo pants are an absolute classic. They give you a gritty, trendy look that’s connected with street life. 

Full projecting pockets and a sleek helm are very appealing. They’re manufactured of durable material to endure longer.

Cargo pants for men are ideal for any situation because of their loose fit. You can’t blame modern menswear for still loving them.

They’re no longer a fashion faux pas, and they’ve made a sleek and fashionable comeback. Besides, all those pockets are helpful.

Confidence is the key to pulling off this swerve, as it is with so many others. But, finding the right fit is important too.

Sweaters and hoodies all look excellent with this outfit. Cargo pants are the epitome of street style.

2. Black Denim Pants

Whether you’re a superstar, platinum-selling rapper, or a regular guy, black types of denim are a wardrobe must-have. 

They are currently one of the most versatile pairs of pants available, and it goes with any ensemble and is also aesthetic.

If you’re wearing them, you’ve got the option of going for a monochrome or all-black look. You might contrast with a lighter hue if you are feeling confident. 

Streetwear aficionados love this because of its versatility, style, and comfort, and it goes well with their hoodies, shackets, or jackets.

Everyone can now enjoy the dark side of denim. No matter what your own is, the best black denim is an excellent addition to any outfit.

Black denim will never go out of style. Whether you’ll wear them today or in ten years, they’ll be timeless.

3. Straight Legged Pants

Straight-leg jeans or pants are popular. This vintage style is making a comeback on the streetwear scene.

The legs of these pants are often sliced from top to bottom, and they do not taper below the knees. 

Straight-leg pants are pretty comfortable and sporty too. It is a style that looks great on a variety of body types.

It results in a neat, fitting look above the knee but a looser fit below the knee. If you don’t like slim pants, this is the cut for you. 

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These pants go well with an oversized t-shirt or a baggy hoody. You can pull off this look wherever you go because it’s always a good fit.

These pants rarely look out of place, and their popularity stems from their ability to be versatile. 

4. Joggers

Joggers may make you look relaxed, put-together, and on-trend when worn right. They’ve made the switch from classic streetwear to athleisure.

These streetwear pants are not only for exercising. Despite their uber-casual feel, they also make a style statement on designer runways. 

They’ve clawed back to the top as a work-at-home business casual staple: comfortable, thanks to the drawstring waist. But this style of pants is still imparting a sense of normalcy thanks to the twill blend.

If you dress up nice and find the perfect shoes, joggers will always look good. 

A weekend style that consists of a casual t-shirt and joggers is uncomplicated and straightforward. It also keeps you street-ready when worn in a slimmer fit. 

Add a denim jacket to your joggers to take your look to the next level. Denim jackets are casual, but they give your outfit structure and style. 

5. Stonewashed types of Denim

The ever-popular faded look of stonewashed denim has found a home in our hearts. A remarkable fashion style started in the mid-twentieth century is still going strong.

The best part about stonewashed pants is that you can wear them all year round. Stonewashed denim never goes out of style.

Their distinct patterns and features create apparel that is both stylish and comfortable.

Stonewashed pieces of denim are so versatile that they can go with anything. With this denim, the styling possibilities are limitless.

Put on a pair of high-top chucks and a white tee for a casual look. If the temperature gets a bit chilly, you can even throw on a flannel.

Sometimes it’s excellent dressing up simple now and then. And yes, the minimalism vibe it exudes is also quite appealing.

6. Sweatpants

Sweatpants, often misconstrued with joggers, have always had thick interiors. When opposed to joggers, it helps to keep you warmer.

These days, sweatpants are as popular as ever. Every few years, a slew of new sweatpants gets released.

For so many people, it’s become a form of streetwear. It goes so well with the right sneakers, hoodies, or even t-shirts.

Sweats from BAPE, Yeezy, and Off-White have gone from casual to luxurious. Everyone on social media now wears them.

At the same time, as streetwear grew in popularity, athleisure grew in appeal. Sweatpants have become a regular in the community.

If they fit well, they may be the only universally flattering item of clothing.  

The nights wouldn’t be as chilly with those warm yet trendy sweatpants on. Make sure you get one for yourself.

7. Drawstring Sweatpants

These are some of the most frequent sweatpant styles. It’s a sweatpant to consider if you prefer something with character and convenience.

Drawstring sweatpants have the same style as all the other sweatpants. The difference, though, is the string that helps you set your pants right.

The drawstring becomes handy from time to time. When you have items to keep in your pocket, tighten the knot, and you’re good to go.

Some people wear it with a tucked-in T-shirt, which adds a lot of personality to it.

The ankles of several of these pants aren’t tapered, and they make them an excellent choice for a lunch date that is both classy and comfy.

Drawstring sweatpants are always worn everywhere because the ankles aren’t tapered. Untuck your shirt, cover the string, sit with comfort at your 9-5 while still looking good.

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8. Chinos

Chinos are usually made from a fabric that’s designed to be comfortable. It’s constructed of a light cotton twill fabric that’s perfect for everyday use.

The diversity of styles, cuts, and colors available are endless. 

They’re looser and more relaxed, which is fantastic for bending and flexibility. Chinos function well in both informal and formal settings. 

Drawing inspiration from khakis, they’re a more fitted version of their tan-colored predecessors. They’re proving to be a great complement to both fashionable and everyday men’s ensembles.

For a more street-style approach, pair them with some bright-colored sneakers and a tee. You can change it up by replacing it with a printed t-shirt and a jacket. 

Chinos are a must-have for any man looking to upgrade their wardrobe.

9. Wide-Legged Pants

We can thank two main phenomena for the wide leg pant’s resurgence in menswear—the infatuation with the 1970s and wide-bottomed trousers and Harry Styles.  

Wider legs have long been the go-to for the streetwear set. Rather than anything else, choose the one made of sturdy cotton twills and denim.

Unlike the 70’s jeans, these one’s keep a structural design that falls to the ankle. The streetwear community has gone all out on it since then.

Yohji Yamamoto and Junya Watanabe, two major Japanese influencers, are both seen wearing it. There are labels like FACETASM and Auralee from Tokyo that make amazing wide-leg pants. 

Make sure the pants or jeans you are wearing hit you right about the waist. Make sure you stay away from shoes that are a little pointier or narrower. 

10. Camo Cargo Pants

Coming from the same category as Cargo’s, these ones, they’re camouflaged. It’s got a different style to it making you feel and look like a stand-out among the crowd.

The streetwear scene has always followed the latest trends in fashion. The likes of Kanye West, Jay-Z, or even Khloe Kardashian have worn these pants.

Camo cargo pants set you apart from the masses right away. It’s one-of-a-kind, yet it’s also quite comfy and good to look at.

A flannel, black tee, and camo cargo are always a good choice. A pair of Yeezy’s would elevate you to another level.

Yet, with nights like these, the black tee and flannels won’t do the trick. A black puffer jacket would be the best choice, along with your camo cargo pants.

Always make sure you’ve got the right fit.

11. Corduroy Pants

When you think you’ve seen enough of them over the years, they always come back. Corduroy pants have always been consistent since day one.

These textured pants are rich in deep hues such as forest green and burgundy. They are always ideal for the colder months. 

Corduroys are versatile, and they’re for any occasion. They can accommodate a casual date as well as a mundane office meeting.

The most important thing is the fibers of these pants. They are quite soft and aerated.

The corduroy industry has had a huge upturn over time. The streetwear culture has had a taste of it, and they’re not shy about expressing themselves.

There have been many different types of corduroy designs ever since. Their options in color give you a range of outfits you can experiment with.

12. Track Pants

This is the ideal time to style your track pants. The combination of chilly evenings and freezing nights is always difficult to beat. 

They are currently fashionable cool and will enhance your appearance. Plus, these pants have established themselves as a staple of modern streetwear.

Track pants are available in a variety of styles, but comfort is the most crucial factor. It’s a luxury to have a decent fit and stay warm.

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You can rock your tracks with an athletic aesthetic or your traditional streetwear style. It’s impossible to go wrong with this.

They appear quite proper with a couple of running footwear or slip-on sneakers. Don’t put them on too thin or too baggy; search for an exquisite fit.

Brands like Gucci and Louis Vuitton have since launched their line of cool track pants.

13. Tech Wear Pants

While athleisure straddles the road among aesthetics and utility, Techwear chooses to disregard it altogether. 

They’re conceived out of the improbable hybrid among fashion and the outdoor industry. Urban techwear is arising in the streetwear scene. 

Military design towards the start, they’ve kept every characteristic. These streetwear pants also become slender for street-style use. 

The pants are vigorously changed by imaginative futurist styles like cyberpunk.

Almost everyone walking about on the streets adorn this style. They go well with oversized hoodies, sneakers, and a bucket hat. 

It looks like standard clothing at first glance. Yet, the pants developed from innovative textures and are often intended for extreme usefulness. 

Through astute fitting and a hug of vanguard feel, Techwear is materials science innovation. They’re appropriate enough for the high streets.

Be useful and techy while looking good. 

14. Cropped Trousers

Trousers have made a significant comeback, thanks to streetwear. They’re now often matched with hoodies and tees for a street-style look.

Brands such as Gucci, Prada, and Holzweiler are all launching new collections. The community’s interest in them is only growing.

These streetwear pants have a mid-rise and sit a bit higher above the ankle than ordinary trousers. It exudes a laid-back elegance that is ideal for enhancing your personal style. 

They’re adaptable, so you can wear them with anything. The combination of a T-shirt and a leather jacket evokes a biker vibe.

Cropped trousers, like many other streetwear pieces, feature a gender-neutral aesthetic. A good reason why everybody seems to be wearing them.

Time to debut the funky pair of socks that’s been languishing in the drawer. It’s the perfect time to flaunt them while wearing these cropped trousers. 

15. Wool Trousers

Say hello to wool trousers if you’re seeking a versatile pair of pants. 

This timeless style is appropriate for any occasion. From the office to a get-together with your mates, while still feeling comfortable.

Plus, this winter, wool trousers are becoming the go-to pant. They are comfortable to wear and have a pleasing appearance.

The look is now embraced by the streetwear community. They take it to the nth degree when it comes to this.

The pleasant aspect is well enhanced by the simplicity of the fabric and textures.

With your brogues or oxfords, you may dress them up. You can even pair them with your white Air Force 1s if you’re feeling adventurous.

Pair them well with a roll neck or sweatshirt and a jacket. It is a given that you’ll attract attention wherever you go.


Having the right pants for the right situation is always healthy. Everybody loves a well-organized person, and these pants sure will help the cause. Having the versatility and the aesthetic to match your mood is a great option. You can always look elegant when paired with these pants. You can never go wrong, and they can never go out of style.

It’s absolute bliss to have a luxury quite like this. Now that we’re here, we hope you’ve enjoyed our list of the best streetwear pants. And we hope your wardrobe revamp around the corner. It’s time to begin shopping and getting your perfect fit.

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