20 Best Soft Boy Outfits You Should Check Out


20 Best Soft Boy Outfits You Should Check Out

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The term “soft” refers to something that its existence is in literal opposition to what is tough or strong. It categorizes things that wouldn’t typically be considered “too hard.” A drink, in colloquial terms, is that of the alcoholic persuasion and is usually quite strong. Thus, a soft drink would be a parallel, giving consumers a lighter, easier choice.

This is not to say either is bad or good or even better. Nature demands balance, and one cannot do without the other. For a fact, in some cases, the opposite will be based solely on the contrast to the other.

In the case of masculinity, which has become a fragile topic today, the usual expectation for its expression is tough, strong, and rigid. Fashion for men is tailored around these expectations, which leads to a lot of really stiff and sometimes bland outfit choices.

Men are encouraged to dress a certain way to enforce this perception of masculinity, and it does not even give room to experimentation or artistic expressions. But this does not always have to be the case, and I am sure this is good news if you are like me.

You see, as humans, creativity and a need to express it will always have us breaking the mold and skirting outside the realms of what is considered normal. However, not many people dare to give in to their creative side, at least not with men’s fashion.

So, if you are one of these men who does not subscribe to the stereotype, look for our kind, you are in luck. Below you will find the suitable medium to express your unique sense of style and a list of the 20 best soft boy outfit ideas to get you started.

What Is A Soft Boy Style Outfit?

A soft boy is a male who is not comfortable with the strict depiction of gender by the fashion industry and the media. He is the one who chooses to redefine what is expected, all while looking fashionable and sexy.

A soft boy outfit is the “uniform” he wears, a kind of visual protest to the norms. It is often marked by a few indicators that can easily identify a soft boy. These include:

  • Cardigans
  • Cozy crewneck sweaters
  • High-waisted or plaid pleated trousers
  • Light wash Levi’s jeans
  • Windbreakers
  • Bowling shirts

And lastly, a soft boy prioritizes hair care as well, so his hair is well-groomed at any time.

Best Soft Boy Outfit Colors

A soft boy’s outfit of choice is truly a thing of beauty, whichever the combination of choice. But as with all subcultures, a few rules serve as a foundation for the look. For example, the clothing combinations, those that form the basis for the soft boy look.

With this in mind, we can assume a select number of colors also form the foundations for the subculture. The essence of the soft boy aesthetic is shifting away from society’s expectation for masculinity, and as such, there is no color that they cannot incorporate.

Best Soft Boy Outfit Ideas

The soft boy look requires careful selection. Too much and you lose the essence, too little, and you are just wearing a really big sweater. Doing it right is essential. Thus, I have curated a list of the best outfit ideas for you.  

Outfit #1

If you want to pull off the soft boy look without using too much color, try wearing an oversized grey sweater over a plain white shirt, you can pair this combo with slim plaid pants and a pair of comfortable Nike sneakers.

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This is a very laidback look, and with the choice of outfit, the wearer seeks to be seen and invisible, a part of a silent crowd.

You can also add accessories to give more depth and individuality to the look. Consider steel rings, waist link chains, and chrome/steel neck chains. Image here.

Outfit #2

Are you looking for something with more vibrancy? Perhaps with more color, do not fret, this is made especially for you.

Pair an oversized pink T-shirt with crème chinos pants that either stop at the ankle or go beyond it. If the latter is the case, you should fold it so that it does not interfere with the contribution of the Nike air forces add to the overall look.

You can try making your outfit thematic, so, as the top is pink, you can also accessorize with items of the same color, pink laces, for example. Image here.

Outfit #3

This outfit is for those who wish to pull off a mostly casual look in the event that the regular aesthetic is a bit too much for you. There is no restriction on being a soft boy, so really, go wild!

This outfit idea is pairing an oversized chocolate brown top with light crème chinos shorts, high socks, and sole high sneakers.

You must remember that you can and always should accessorize with as much jewelry as possible. Chrome and silver make for pleasing contrast against the soft boy aesthetic. Image here.

Outfit #4

Still, in the same vein, the soft boy aesthetic can be strictly casual, but it can also be comfort-wear. Say you wanted to look like “a day on the beach” or dressed like you were spending the day at the mall, there is a look for you.

You need fairly loose white T-shirts, crème chinos, white high socks, and white sneakers and sunglasses for this look.

Accessorizing is a vital part of the subculture, and for this look, you can add a crème tote bag to complete the ensemble. Image here.

Outfit #5

Looking for that subtly punk yet soft look? That’s also possible. There is room to tweak and improve with whatever elements you think truly represent your fashion sense.

Pair short a sleeve print shirt with black shorts, high socks (optional), and chalk-white sneakers for this look. To give that extra air of nonconformity, you can choose to wear it unbuttoned, exposing a bright white vest inside.

This look is complete but can be improved when you throw in well-groomed hair, steel accessories, and a color switch. Image here.

Outfit #6

If your goal is to pull off the casual look using formal wear, then this is the one for you. It utilizes elements from formal and casual wear to produce a relatively comfortable look that is also easy on the eye.

For this look, you need a green plaid blazer, a plain white T-shirt, loose-fitting blue jeans, and classic white sneakers.

What gives this unique look is the boldness to play with texture, color, and style. This freedom to tweak is what makes the soft boy aesthetic so compelling. Image here.

Outfit #7

This is probably one of the classic and most recognizable looks for the soft boy aesthetic. It is a simple look, requiring not much to pull off, just let yourself go and become the soft boy.

For this look, you need just a plain white tee, not tight-fitting. Of course, it has to just sit perfectly but still be loose as well. Pair this white tee with plain brown pants and white sneakers.

This outfit combo is simple yet elegant. Images here.

Outfit #8

This look is for those that love a low-effort, high reward type of outfit. There isn’t too much going with the combination, but it rocks all the same.

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For this look, you need an oversized black hoodie, classic blue jeans that hang just above the ankles with a pair of white sneakers to match.

This outfit idea is one that anyone can pull off, and it does not have to put a hole in your pocket either. It is affordable and guaranteed to nail the soft boy aesthetic. Image here.

Outfit #9

This outfit idea truly challenges the color palette set for men to emulate. It is a style that is unafraid to tinker and accessorize with a bold color.

For this look, you need an oversized bright purple T-shirt worn on top of plain white long-sleeved t-shirts. This look requires white high socks and classic Nike air force ones with a hint of purple to match. You can choose to wear it with blue jeans or brown chinos.

And lastly, don’t be afraid to accessorize with as much jewelry as you are comfortable with. image here.

Outfit #10

There are quite a number of ways to pull off the soft boy look, as long as you do not follow any laid down laws for the preferred or acceptable look for masculinity. Once you free your mind of such restrictions, you are on your way to becoming a soft boy.

For this look, you need a blue sleeveless vest, a black baseball cap, loose-fitting white T-shirt, baggy stonewash jeans, stopping just over the ankle, to rest on plain white Nike air force ones. The baseball cap is, of course, worn to the back, unironically. Image here.

Outfit #11

The great thing about the soft boy aesthetic is that you can emulate it with pretty much the most random pieces of clothing. The trick is finding which works perfectly for you.

This look is quite interesting, and I am sure you have probably seen this combination before, but not like this. To pull it off, you need a green sweatshirt, brown chinos dungarees, high white socks with print, and green all-star sneakers.

You can add accessories such as rings and necklaces to complete the look. Image here.

Outfit #12

The soft boy look can sometimes find inspiration in other subcultures, for example, the bad boy aesthetics. This isn’t to say that the latter overshadows the former, but rather, it is a glorious combination.

One that genuinely embodies the constant disregard for standards and norms. After all, a soft boy is a rebel of sorts.

To make this look work, you need a grey hoodie, deep green military jacket, blue jeans, high black socks, and a pair of black converse sneakers. The jeans can stop right before the ankles or go over them. If the latter is the case, you can fold them to add a retro vibe. Image here.

Outfit #13

The whole point of the soft boy aesthetic is a twist on the perceived image of masculinity by using non-traditional fashion elements paired with traditional ones to execute a look unlike both. It is often cathartic.

You need a brown sleeveless vest with skull print, worn over a light brown T-shirt, black denim pants, and black converse sneakers for this outfit combo.

This very casual combo is easy to pull off. It also goes a long way to complement a messy head of hair. Image here.

Outfit #14

Are you more of a chill vibe person? Opting for looks that are not “loud” but do not stray from the soft boy aesthetic altogether is a genuine need and believe me, when I say you are not alone.

To pull off this “chill” soft boy look, you need a brown face cap, deep brown sweatshirt, chinos pant the same color as the cap, and baby blue sneakers.

When done right, this look is a standout and artistic look, the perfect expression of the soft boy aesthetic. And with this color palette choice, it is just the right amount of non-threatening. Image here.

Outfit #15

Oversized sweatshirts are a very important part of this soft boy subculture. They help complete and define whatever outfit variation you want to throw together. When in doubt, get yourself some loose-fitting sweatshirts.

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With that said, this look requires oversized olive-green sweatshirts, plaid pants, high white socks, and a pair of new white balance kicks. The outfit selection does little to burden the wearer, so you are assured of a comfortable fit.

As is the tradition with the soft boy subculture, you also expect to accessorize with jewelry to complete the look. Image here.

Outfit #16

The soft boy look can often swing from casual to streetwear and back to simply “comfort wear.” This allows for a variety of possible looks to emerge, and lucky for us, that means everyone can find an avenue for their expression.

On the topic of streetwear, the look requires effortless combinations. You’d need a flannel shirt, worn over a white T-shirt, baggy jeans, and classic white sneakers.

You don’t have to button the shirt. Leaving it open to expose the white T-shirt is part of the look itself, plus it looks cool. Image here.

Outfit #17

The soft boy look is not exempt from the monochromatic fashion fad either. While the subculture tries to distance itself from the norms of male fashion trends, it can also use certain elements from it, unironically.

Consider this all-black look, if done wrong, can just pass for a typical, boring male outfit. But with the soft boy aesthetic in mind, it is a whole other thing entirely.

To pull it off, you need an oversized black sweatshirt, black chinos pants, and black converse sneakers. The look is completed with a brown Dickies crossbody bag. Image here.

Outfit #18

Perhaps you are into high fashion and are worried about pulling off the soft boy look with these established high-end brands. Seeing as many outfits on display are often from thrift shops or look rather retro, it is easy to feel this way. Fret not, we have got you covered.

You need a bucket hat, plaid knitted cardigan, plain white T-shirt, beige pants, and Gucci herald printed loafers for this high fashion soft boy look.

With this combo, you can exude the soft boy vibe while still maintaining your rather rich sense of style. Image here.

Outfit #19

The soft boy look, also known as the e-boy look, draws a lot from south Korean streetwear, with a lot of visible intersects and parallels if you look hard enough. So it would make sense for there to be a soft boy look wholly resembling the subculture it was inspired by.

For this look, you need an oversized red sweatshirt worn over a white long sleeve shirt, brown chinos pants folded at the ankles and white air force ones. The look is complete with accessories such as a retro-punk pocket chain. Image here.

Outfit #20

For this look, you need a simple checkered shirt, a white T-shirt, brown baggy combat pants, and white sneakers.

This look is meant to exude warmth and a non-threatening vibe, which this color combination does so perfectly well. Image here.


The soft boy movement seeks to rectify a wrong, fix a misconception and establish the truth. It does all these through a form of visual protest, with clothing. It takes what is normally considered not manly and uses it to redefine what masculinity can be instead.

It refuses to conform and, as such, opens up multiple avenues for men and boys who have felt a bit restricted by the regular style. Now you can dress up in a way that allows you to express yourself outside the standards set by society.

It is important to pull it off the right way. Hopefully, you find the right one that suits you here.

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