What to Wear to a Winery


What to Wear to a Winery

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Nothing compares to spending a day at a winery enjoying some good wine with great people and breathtaking views. Wineries are often in the countryside, with picturesque sights and old-world aesthetics. Even if you are not a wine enthusiast, you are still up for amazing views. Although wineries have no dress codes, they are sophisticated and elegant. As a result, your outfit should reflect this. We will share some tips to help you dress appropriately no matter the season.

1. Stay off the High Heels

First, the most important thing you should look out for is your shoes. You have to avoid wearing high heels to a winery because you will be doing a lot of standing and walking around. Most wineries have uneven terrains such as cobblestones, gravel, and grass as you are going through their vineyards, fields, and caves. Always go for sturdy and comfortable shoes like loafers or low-inch block heels. You may even go as far as wearing boots if you are going in the winter.

2. Dress Simple but Fancy

You might assume (wrongly) that wineries are just some laid-back establishments set in the countryside. However, wineries are sophisticated with a rich history. Even though it will be much simpler to throw on a t-shirt with leggings, simple can still be fancy. Wine tasting is a classy and sophisticated activity, and you have to give a lot more than casual wear. Opt for a dressier option, such as a floral gown layered with a denim jacket.

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3. Style your Hair

Yes, your hair is part of your attire, and what you do with it makes or breaks your final look. Wine tasting is a hands-free activity, and you don’t want your hair coming in that way. You will be touring the vineyards and fields for a significant part of the day, so your hair is better up in a chic ponytail or a bun. Putting your hair up will remove any worries about it getting messy or time spent trying to stop it from getting in your face.

4. Put on Soft Smelling Fragrances

Your nose is the most important thing you need to carry when going on a wine tasting. Wine tasting involves many smelling to figure out the different notes and flavors. Putting on perfume will interfere with your sense of smell and taste buds. Consider that other people will be present, and a strong fragrance will interfere with their experience. Skip putting on a perfume altogether, and go with deodorant.

5. Choose your Colors

The good news about going to a winery is that you are free to choose your colors. While solid colors are great, prints and patterns like floral, stripes, and tartans are great. This brings me to my next suggestion, which is white. Might you be thinking white at a wine tasting? Yes. There’s just something unique about the way white blends with the countryside. If you easily spill, you should avoid wearing white, or you can choose to layer white with other colors. An example will be pairing a white blouse with denim trousers.

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6. Wear Outfits Made with Classic Fabrics

If you want to rock a classy style, your fabric choice should be high up your list. Think cotton, silk, wool, and linen. These fabrics also come in elegant variations such as denim and chinos from cotton or cashmere from wool. A gentle reminder, you will need to handle classic materials differently than how you would handle regular fabrics. So, read the labels carefully when washing. A silk blouse will pair nicely with silk pants or cotton pants. 

7. Use Chapstick

Instead of putting on lipstick, chapstick is the better option for your visit to a winery. The selling point of visiting a winery involves a lot of wine tasting. You don’t want to keep checking to see if your lipstick has smudged and spend time reapplying. Chapstick will leave your lips feeling supple while also doubling as protection from the harsh summer sun or frigid winter temperatures.

8. Carry a Small Purse

Wine tasting requires your hands to be free. You will be holding different wine glasses, reading brochures, and eating a lot of cheese and chocolate while walking around. The perfect purse for this activity is a cross-body bag. This allows you to look stylish and classy while still giving you the freedom to move around. Another benefit of the cross-body bag is that you avoid the risk of setting it down and forgetting it. 

9. Wear Simple and Less Restrictive Clothing

You will indulge too much in wine and food, and tight-fitting clothes will become restrictive. What happens if you need to use the restroom and your clothes are too tight? Or when you get so full, your button pops? Since we are going for a classy and sophisticated look, wide leg pants and a blouse are an okay fit. It would be best to avoid clothes that are difficult to take off or clothes that blow around. An example of a high maintenance outfit is a romper or a wrap dress.

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10. Accessories should be Minimal

A posh look involves simple accessories rather than large, clunky pieces. Earrings, necklaces, rings, and bracelets should be simple and elegant. For example, choose diamond studs for your ears, thin bands for your finger, a long pendant for your neck, and a leather watch for your wrist. A bright scarf with floral, paisley, and stripe patterns adds a great deal of color and aesthetic to your outfit. 


Our outfits reflect who we are and the occasion we are attending. Your outfit should reflect the atmosphere and aesthetic of a winery. Most wineries are establishments with rich and sophisticated history, and it would be great to dress appropriately. The good news is that you can still wear casual outfits and still maintain a classy and elegant look. Use the tips in this post to choose any comfortable clothing that suits your mood.

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