What to Wear to a Baptism


What to Wear to a Baptism

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Baptisms represent a unique occasion in the lives of a child and their family. It is a joyous occasion to celebrate a child’s birth formally, and some cultures refer to it as a naming ceremony. The nature of baptisms gives the event a lot more freedom than weddings or funerals. This freedom can often be a curse when looking for what to wear. Because most baptisms occur in the church, conservative clothing is appropriate. Looking for what to wear doesn’t have to be daunting and intimidating, and we will share some tips that will help you choose the perfect outfit to wear. 

1. Wear Fancy Outfits

Yes, we said baptisms are less strict than weddings or funerals, but you still have to dress up for the event. Formal outfits are a lot fancier than your everyday clothing and are suitable for such an occasion.

For the ladies, while a dress or a skirt and blouse are appropriate for such events, you can still switch up your style and go with a pantsuit. Men can wear a nice pair of slacks with a polo shirt or a dress shirt. If you want to look dressier, a fancy suit is the best choice.

2. Dress Modestly

Baptisms are a Christian event that can occur either inside the church or outside. You should remember this and dress accordingly. Several things you can look out for are the length of your outfit, and the generally accepted size is knee-length or longer.

Spaghetti straps may be tempting when the weather is hot, but you can replace that with short sleeves or thicker straps. Look out for dresses with high necklines and avoid tight-fitting clothing. Men should avoid wearing shorts or tank tops because they are inappropriate.

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3. Wear a Nice Pair of Shoes

When attending a fancy event, wearing a nice pair of shoes goes without saying. It would be egregious to pair a lovely evening dress with crocs or a nicely tailored suit with dirty sneakers. Nothing screams classy more than a pair of brogues or oxfords for men.

Baptisms are usually long days, and comfortable shoes will be the buffer between having a fun time or a miserable time. Women can go with a wedge or pair of block heels shoes. Generally, choose shoes appropriate for the weather and comfortable standing and walking for long periods.

4. Wear Bright Colors

Weddings or funerals do not give you the luxury to experiment with colors or patterns as baptisms do. For example, even though the baby getting baptized wears white, guests can also wear white outfits, unlike at weddings.

While solid colors like white or black are okay, patterns such as floral, polka dot, or pastels are perfect for baptisms because they reflect the nature of the occasion. The bustle and blend of colors and patterns add to the room’s ambiance, making the event more animated and less tedious.

5. Choose Baptism Friendly Fabrics

It would be best to take it a step further when choosing your outfit by looking out for the type of fabric. Here’s why, at baptisms, you will most likely be holding a baby, and there is a high chance of getting spit on or drooled over.

There will also be other children running around and spilling drinks. So, when choosing an outfit, consider a crease-resistant fabric or one that you can clean easily. Clothes with materials such as wool or cotton are your best bet.

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6. Carry a Cardigan/Sweater or a Wrap

Baptisms usually occur in the church, and churches can get chilly even in summer. It is always a good idea to come along with an extra layer of clothing for when it gets cold. Usually, a v-neck sweater is perfect for this gathering. It layers nicely with formal attire because it allows your outfit to be visible.

A woman’s wrap or shawl is a versatile garment that can serve as a scarf or a blanket. In the case of baptisms, it fits nicely as a covering for your shoulders when entering a church and a layer of warmth for when it gets chilly.

7. Wear a Hat

Although you still have to dress up, baptisms are a little less formal. While there are usually no rules for headgear at a baptism, some denominations require women to cover their heads. Aside from that, putting on a stylish hat can make your outfit come together.

Suppose you feel comfortable putting on a hat; you can put on a fascinator hat to add to their ensemble, while men can never go wrong with a fedora hat. 

8. Wear Minimal Accessories

Gaudy, large, and clunky accessories are too loud and distracting, taking away attention from the baby. It would be best to go for a look of understated elegance while remaining stylish and sophisticated. Men can go for a simple and timeless look with a sterling silver ring, cufflinks, wristwatch, and a nice pair of leather belts.

On the other hand, women can pair their outfits with a delicate necklace, bracelet, and a couple of statement earrings. You can also put on minimal hair accessories such as a headband that matches your outfit to give it more style.  

9. Groom your Hair

It might look obvious, but the type of hair you wear to a baptism matters. We mentioned earlier that baptisms are a less strict occasion, and you don’t have to wear your hair in a formal updo. However, you still have to consider styling it to look presentable.

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Curling your hair or sweeping it to the side is a good look. For men that wear a beard or mustache, consider grooming it correctly for the occasion to avoid looking unkempt.

10. Wear Comfortable Clothes for Children

The dress code for children is not that far off from adults. Girls can wear a dress or skirt/khakis with a blouse. Boys can wear a nice pair of khakis and a polo shirt or a suit (although that is not always necessary). You can layer these outfits nicely with a sweater or cardigan because of the chilly nature of the church.

Remember that you will be dealing with children, and as such, you don’t want them fidgeting or causing a stir. Pick out comfortable clothes and shoes that are not tight-fitting. Girls can put on dress shoes with socks, while a pair of dress loafers are okay for boys.


The less formal nature of baptisms means that one can get more creative with their attire. But this doesn’t mean that you get to put on just about anything, such as sportswear or slippers. The occasion still requires you to dress up in fancy and formal attire. Also, remember that baptisms are a Christian activity, and it will be appropriate to dress conservatively for it. But conservative wear doesn’t have to be boring. There are a lot of accessories you can add to make your outfit look more fashionable. The tips shared in this post will help you choose the perfect attire to attend a baptism while still staying true to your style.

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