E-boy Look and Outfit Ideas For 2022


E-boy Look and Outfit Ideas For 2022

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There are so many new trends, styles, and general lifestyle inspirations from one TikTok movement or the other. There is always something to see, a new challenge to participate in, or a unique fashion style to explore. But, in all of this, one of the most enduring ones is the E-boy men’s fashion and lifestyle trend. 

E-boy style is an exciting aesthetic primarily viral among the Gen-Z teen boys and young male adults. Although E-boy describes a young man with an edgy, alternative, and peculiar fashion style, most of these guys are most social media sensations or influencers with a large following. 

While the E-boy lifestyle and fashion trend appear to be gathering new fans and audiences in the virtual space, it’s a fashion phenomenon that has been around for some time. The style was first seen online around 2018. It then became a Tiktok rave in 2019, gaining millions and millions of views, fans, and followership. You might notice that some of the outfits seem to take inspiration from Goth, 90s skateboarders’ look, Punk, and Pop. 

The style is regarded as progressive and gender fluid in that it allows men to explore and express the feminine part of them so boldly and in public. It will enable non-conformity, freedom of expression and style, and, most importantly, the ability to exist outside of societal standards and applaud it. 

If you are searching for some Femboy look inspirations and outfit combinations, here are some ideas for you to try out:

Eboy Outfits:


Cuffed slacks or jeans are a seamless way to show off your ankles. Cuffing your pants always looks better and more stylish when combined with long socks. 

When wondering what top to combine this look with cuffed trousers, try a loose t-shirt or sweater that you can tuck carelessly into the jeans while holding with a black belt. If you pair it with a shirt, you can switch your chunky sneakers for some boots, and you are good to go. This look also works with slacks and joggers. 


It is a look most people consider to be the trickiest to curate or even pull off when it is pretty easy. We all do it during the winter—this is just a different set of clothing items to layer. 

The best time to try on more layering is when the weather is cool, and then you have a valid reason for wearing multiple clothes at once. Although, layering can be done at any time. When exploring layering, one of the easiest combos that you can try is the long sleeve and tee shirt outfit. This look takes inspiration from the early 90s grunge look, skateboarders of the early 2000s. 

If you so desire, you can choose to add some jewelry, a drop chain, and a beanie for a complete look. This would be a stylish way of keeping warm and looking deliciously good in cold weather. 


This is a style that will have you both looking and feeling like a Popstar, particularly K-Pop, or Harry Styles. The contrast of the vertical stripe on a plain black tee short or a shirt of any dark color is such a fantastic sight. 

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There are no limits to colors that you can try on this looking, ranging from red to green, purple, etc. To make the outfit look a lot more classic than a regular dressing, adding a fresh twist to the look, you can add a pair of black jeans or any dark color. Put on some chunky boots or sneakers, and you are ready to take on the world with your cuteness. 


These glamorous chains and lock neckpieces are statement pieces that Keep your heart secured and safe, away from negativity and heartbreaks. The best way to rock these is to lay them on the other thick chunky chains. 

The necklace layering gives your outfit a high-fashion look and adds extra sparkle to your eyes. They are attention-grabbing and can take your outfit from regular to classic instantly. You can pick neckpieces in bronze, gold, silver, or other bold colors. Wearing chains and neckpieces as a Femboy is a thing of beauty and class. 


One of the timeless items from the retro grunge era was the Black and white sneakers common among high school students. Some of the popular options to try are Vans or Chuck Taylor products. Between this two, you would find a vast choice of comfortable and chic black and white sneakers to wear.

Irrespective of the color your sneakers come in, white shoelaces will always be perfect for your sneakers. The Black and White sneakers are no exception. So, ensure that you use white shoelaces on them, although you can take a bold step by using a different bright color shoelace. But, of course, this has to be done properly. Otherwise, it would easily look out of place. 

Sneakers are a major part of a Femboy’s outfit, and the Black and White converse is the Holy grail of a Femboy’s sneaker collection. 


The E-boy fashion and style lifestyle draws inspiration from different fashion trends and the large variety of available fashion items, assembling them in the best possible way for anyone to try. 

One of the best and most glamorous trends that have been copied is the belt chain look. Some people also refer to them as the wallet chain, even if they are not attached to the wallet. One end of the chain is hooked to a belt hole in a belt hole positioned in the front of the trouser, while the other hook is secured at the back of the same trouser. 

 You can also try to find the perfect size for you, because while some people love to wear it long, others prefer shorter ones, while they are yet others who like medium height. There is no hard fast route when it comes to picking a good and befitting stylist/client. 


The classic jean jacket is one trend that has remained at the top of the fashion ladder, irrespective of the sect. It is effortlessly classy and can function as outerwear for almost any outfit. This is why it is a total and complete must-have for every -boy. 

When styling your outfit with a jean jacket, regardless of the type of jean jacket it is, you must wear it on top of a simple outfit, like a high neck top, worn over a pair of loose jeans or slacks, and some drop chains. The high neck top can be substituted for a tee shirt depending on your preference and the weather. 

Jean jackets are good for any outing, including indoor and outdoor events, fashion shows, or simple casual looks. 


One common and easy-to-curate E-boy outfit is the oversized jumper or sweater over a plain white shirt, combined with pants that can be grey or any other neutral color.

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While most of the other outfit styles tend towards the cool and laid-back look, the oversized jumper outfit is a fine balance between a formal and casual look, and it’s the best of both worlds. In addition, you can choose to finish it up with a skull cap and some black and white sneakers for the perfect semi-formal E-boy look. 


One thing about layering that E-boys seem to have hacked is the ability to add anything on anything and still look gorgeous with it. 

This is an unconventional layered look that always comes out looking great if you get it just right. To achieve this look, you need to have a slightly bulky hoodie. Add a blue or black jean jacket to it. Next, you put on some jeans, socks, and sneakers, and look at you! a gorgeous-looking E-boy!


When most people see the term E-boy, all they can think about is young GEN-Z boys, looking a bit shabby and doing one silly thing or the other on Tiktok. However, there is so much more to the trend. 

True, the E-boy fashion trend did start on Tiktok, but who says it has to end there? Want to try something new to work or meet? Try on some checkered suit, a black tee-shirt as innerwear, some shades, and your sneakers. Now look in the mirror and pray to tell if you don’t look like you’re going to rule the table? That’s it!


Winter is the best season for the E-boy look because you have a legitimate reason to try as much layering as you want. 

Another item that you add to your layering is a long coat. So, once you’ve put on your tee shirt, slacks, socks, and sneakers, you can add a jacket and then put on some long coat. Then, for a change, you can switch your sneakers for a classy pair of boots, and you are the perfect winter boy!


In direct contrast with the winter season, the summer requires less clothing. That is less layering and more pastel colors instead of dark ones. 

Many people get confused about maintaining the E-boy look when it’s summer because they believe layering makes the look. To achieve a cool summer E-boy look, you can wear a pastel-colored tee-shirt, with grey slacks—next, your socks and sneakers for a complete look. You can also choose to add a chain belt for extra spice. 


Something about a plain pair of socks speaks of class and elegance. They are an excellent addition to your outfit, helping you achieve the classy E-boy look as easily as you put them on. 

You can also choose to try some patterned socks, especially ones with graphic paintings when deciding the kind of socks to go with your shoes. For example, if you wear cuffed trousers, pants or sweats, you should wear patterned socks. They serve as a sharp contrast to your plain pants. 


In achieving the coolest and most laid-back trendy E-boy look, you must consider adding the cool touch of a skullcap to your outfit. 

It would be easy to admonish that you stick to black, brown, or neutral colors. However, the whole point of the E-boy trend is to command as much attention as you want. This is why you can try bright colored-skullcaps like Red, Yellow, Blue, etc. The skullcap can be worn on layered or simple looks that can use a bit of dramatic splash. 


Colors are most likely to be considered an essential part of the E-boy dressing. You can go with the easy colors or try to be daring with your choice of them. 

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The easy colors to start with would be Brown, Black, Blue, Burgundy. Then, when you feel confident enough to have those basic colors conquered, you can try brighter colors like yellow tee shirts, pink skullcaps, bright-colored socks, and a vast array of combinations. 


The most beautiful things about plain shirts in the E-boy look are the items under the layers, the buttoned-down shirt being on top of the list. 

It is uncommon for you to see an E-boy wearing a plain buttoned shirt without another layer of a jean jacket, leather jacket, sweater, hoodie, or even a coat. A simple shirt, mostly white, gives the best foundation to a layered look. If you are unsure how to start layering, try starting with a plain shirt, it gets easy from thereon. 


Shorts are not the most common form of bottoms for E-boys. They prefer their joggers, their slacks and long jeans. 

Shorts are also very good choices when choosing a layered look. You can choose to rock your shorts in a layered look and can decide to enjoy a casual day while serving legs. With shorts, you have the chance to showcase all the graphic socks you have bought in full. Then, you combine the socks with chunky sneakers to give you the best hip look you can provide.


One of the first and most noticeably common things amongst all the internet Femboys is that they all have their nails polished. Black nail polish seems to be the crowd favorite. 

Black nails go with any and everything. It is also an indication that you are creative and love style. Finally, it’s a show of deference and defiance to a society that frowns at any feminine quality in men. While black nails are the most popular, you can also try out other dark colors like Burgundy, Brown, etc. If you feel bold, you can try even brighter colors like Red, Yellow, Green, etc. 


This is a really cute and adorable trend by the E-boys loved by all, especially their equivalent of the opposite gender, e-girls. It is internet popular and is slowly becoming a favorite with the E-boys. 

This facial stamp is very easily replicated. It is a simple drawing of a tiny heart on your face. You can place them anywhere on your face, according to your preference. Some of the places this symbol has been found on E-boys are on their cheekbones, under their eyes, or at the tail end of their eyebrows. 


A hairstyle in the 90s popularly known as the Curtain hairstyle is the most common trend for the new Gen-Z E-boys. The hairstyle is characterized by sharp pixie-like cuts, with a long mid parting, so the hair falls on either side of their faces. 

On the days you are too lazy to wash, you can add some shampoo to give the hair some volume and sleekness. 


The ‘E’ in E-boy stands for exotic. This is why being exotic is one characteristic every Femboy must have, learn and exhibit. Being a non-conformist takes a lot of gut, and sometimes you might not feel like that because of all the work that goes into planning and curating an outfit, especially if you still have to deal with self-doubts, but honey,,, you are the standard!

Pull out that camera, dig into the core of your being, and express yourself in the most beautiful and enigmatic way you can manage. The world is watching anyway, and you might as well give them a spectacular show! Shine on!

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