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20 Best Goth Outfit Ideas For Girls

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Last Updated on July 22, 2022 by inckredible

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In its simplest form, goth fashion is a style of dressing characterized by goth-like accessories like black, homogeny, and mystery that are often worn by the goth subculture dressers. Some of the most popular gothic styles or dressing items include dyed black hair, exaggerated headpieces, dark clothes, dark lipsticks, etc.

While several other colors can achieve the gothic look, black is the dominant color. One of the most interesting things about the goth fashion style is that men and women can wear the same things like skirts, nail polish, lipstick, etc.

According to Cintra Wilson, goth fashion was inspired by the Victorian cult of mourning characters. In full expression, the goth fashion aims to be as mysterious, complex, and scary type of clothing that Ted Polhemus described as a “profusion of black velvets, lace, fishnets, and leather tinged with scarlet or purple, accessorized with tightly laced corsets, gloves, precarious stilettos and silver jewelry depicting religious or occult themes.”

As a member of the goth subculture, whether or not it’s intentional, any outfit that comprises black items is considered gothic. Other subtle features make gothic look what are not shared beyond their community. An illustration of this is that some goth subculture members can dress in a Victorian-era-themed style with redesigned and repurposed macabre accessories or anachronistic clothing fabric.

On the other hand, the modern style of goth dressers can have the hippest and most bizarre clothing style. Some people go as far as only using dark synthetic fabric with zips and contemporary styling like boots, leather pants, sweatshirts, hoodies, etc.

The whole goth fashion style is done in monochrome colors of black and silver, both in clothing and jewelry. Items like hats, belts, straps, whips, etc., are all part of the goth fashion style, even when most of these accessories are not actively functional.

One of the most common phenomena of goth fashion is its relation to death and everything that has to do with it. Usually, you will have drawings or illustrations of death-related ideas like coffins, skeletons, bones, spikes, spiders, etc. While fashion items like leggings, fishnets, lace, etc., are considered feminine, men can explore some of these as gothic dressing.

Suppose you desire to curate a gothic look for a costume party, themed events, etc. Here are a few gothic styles of dressing you can experiment with:

1. The Cybergoth Look

People who care considered cybergoths are not just interested In the Victorian era kind of goth look. They also like futuristic music dark and steampunk styles of dressing.

You are likely to find cybergoths finding a fine balance in mixing the old and the new, also introducing elements and items that are not typically gothic into their look. This can range from bright-colored wigs to their love for electronic music.

The easiest way to identify a cybergoth is its use of bright colors. While they remain faithful to the monochromatic theme, they normally switch the silver for more brilliant colors. The most popular color used by cybergoths is Neon. However, you can also find some of them using colors like red and purple, etc.

To complete this look, wear a synthetic wig in a bright color, fully gloved shirts, and add masks and chain belts if you feel very expressive.

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2. The Lace Dressers

There is an atom of regality and vintage that one can get from lace in dresses. If you are the type that wants to look gothic but not downright scary or like a death freak, you can wear a simple black lace dress.

Pulling off a gothic lace dressing might sound easy, but other little things would add to the complex ideal that gothic looks are made of. These things can come in the form of accessories or the way your hair is done.

For example, if you wear a simple lace dress and looking to make it gothic, you can try adding sheer lace gloves, some dark or silver pearls, dark-themed makeup, and leggings if necessary.

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While a lace dress is a great way to go, the dress has to be fashioned after certain styles to achieve this look. These styles include corsets, high-neck, exaggerated designs around the chest or waist, or the dress’s hem.

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3. Aesthetic Gothic Style

The aesthetic goth look is not an everyday look. They are reserved for costume days, students” day out, Halloween, etc. This look comes with everything you don’t see in the lacy goth styles or even the cybergoth look.

One of the most important ideals of the gothic aesthetic style is its loudness, the boldness of the look, and the great confidence that it inspires in those who are bold enough to rock them. This look doesn’t require anything but black. There is no need for a mixture of colors, not even highlights or accessories.

A major and important item in achieving the aesthetic look is a hoodie. This hoodie can then be paired with shorts or miniskirts with fishnet leggings that can be completed with knee boots. Another look combines the hoodie with leader pants, low boots, chain belts, and a full black bag.

The best thing about curating an aesthetic gothic look is that the clothing items you need are things you probably already own, so you wouldn’t have to go shopping for anything extra or outrageously expensive. This is a look that can be created completely from your wardrobe.

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4. Pastel Gothic Style

Modernity has a way of affecting what already exists, taking it away from what it used to be, redesigning and rearranging while still achieving the same effect. For gothic looks, this would be the pastel color-themed gothic look.

The pastel gothic fashion style was inspired by the Japanese Kawaii fashion, a break from the gloomy black known with gothic style. It’s cuter and easy to pull off. A simple combination of dusty purple and pink skirt and top, finished with knee boots, and voila! You are an adorable gothic queen.

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5. Halloween Gothic Style

Halloween is probably the easiest look for a goth to pull off. Coming to the party as a with would only require you to wear a lacy skirt, a top, or a big black coverall.

Pair your skirt and top with heeled knee boots, a choker, black or silver bracelets, and a hat. Alternatively, you can choose to pair your black coverall with a tank top, black leather pants, or shorts paired with fishnet leggings, and completed with the heeled boots. But, of course, the look wouldn’t be complete without your black hat.

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6. College Girl Gothic Style

Unlike most gothic looks, this is one look that can be rocked on a regular day, as it doesn’t require much, nor does it look too outrageous.

The college girl goth is a look curated from your everyday wear. The most common dressing in this fashion would only require a white shirt, a tie, a sweatshirt to wear over the white, your miniskirt, or shorts paired with fishnets leggings.

Combine all of this with a high boot and slightly dark makeup, and you are good to go. Of course, if you feel somewhat bold, you can switch the white shirt for a darker shirt.

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7. Street Gothic Style

There is no better way to stand out in the crowd or switch up your everyday look is to add a bit of goth to it.

To manage a gothic street look, you can choose to wear black jeans, a tee shirt with some graphic illustrations of bones, or graphic inscriptions. Pair all that with black shoes, straight colored hair, bold, colorful lipstick, and leather gloves. You are certain to turn heads or raise eyebrows with this look!

The street look can be casual with a dash of exotic or class that gives the entire casual look a face-lift.

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8. Corset Gothic Style 

Corsets are one of the most beautiful and effective ways of achieving the look. They are everything feminine, everything sexy, and there’s one for every kind of shape.

The corset was used in the Victorian era with long dresses and royal looks. However, as a newbie goth, you can choose to wear a black corset over a white shirt, paired with a skirt and some fishnet stockings to complete your goth look. You don’t have to go overboard with accessories for this look. A simple neckpiece would work magic.

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A corset is every girl’s best friend because not only does it give off a classy look, it also highlights your waist and hugs your shape most beautifully.

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9. All Black Combo

While it is common knowledge that fabrics like leather, net, and silk are all great goth materials, a combination of all would be perfect.

You can either rock this look to a friend’s party, a semi-casual event, or even a party at your house. It gives a classy, compelling look that commands attention by its sheer mystery. Boots would look good on this dress.

However, heeled Lolitas would be perfect. You can pair this look with minimal jewelry and a colorful hairdo. This look gives off a very bold aura, and it’s a look that says I can be dangerous, sexy, wild, and free. A very intoxicating look.

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10. Alice-Inspired Gothic Style

This is the gothic style for all the cool kids and the chic boss who wants to add mystery and goth depth to their looks.

A frock looks combined with your colored or bleached socks, some fishnet leggings, and leather gloves. All of this is to be worn on a pleated mini skirt, with a graphic shirt on the top. Finish the look with some dark smoky eye shadow, dark lips a choker. You can also choose to add a beanie to the look.

This look can be perfect for Halloween or a costume day out. It takes the edginess off the mysterious goth look, making it a bit more approachable than the edgy gothic style.

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11. Plus-Sized Gothic Look

There is a gothic for every kind of woman, regardless of their shape, form, or size. No one Is left out of looking dangerously sexy and mysterious.

The best way to rock the gothic look like a plus-sized woman is to wear a small dark top, and you can wear one that is revealing or one with a high neckline. Combine that with a flowy skirt that accentuates your hips and highlights your shape in the most flattering way.

You can also choose to wear an A-line black dress, accentuate your hips with a belt, and slap on some heeled knee boots. Who said goth look is for one body type? They should see you dress up!

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12. Summer Goth Style

Seasons come, and the season goes, but the goth girls stay true to their one favorite color, black. Come summer, winter, or spring. There’s a goth style for each season.

For summer, it is a consensus that black absorbs it. Therefore, a mix of black and white will be more practical than an all-black outfit. One of the dress styles you can try is wearing a buttoned-down white shirt, a leather or lacy miniskirt, some hot boots, and choker necklaces.

You can add accessories like bling necklaces, bangles, earrings, chain belts, and perhaps some scarf for your hair. You can top this with slightly dark makeup or a particularly dyed lipstick to get that summer goth going.

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13. Gypsy Goth Style

The most distinct feature of the gypsy goth girls is their rather baggy attires, from their wide flamenco dresses with complex styles to their maxi skirts and blouses with bogus sleeves.

Some of the most common fabrics used by gypsy girls are lace, velvet, and the unavoidable corsets made of leather. Their preferred colors are dark and dull like purple, burgundy, black, scarlet, and dark blue.

The gypsy style is mostly inspired by the general idea of vampires gotten from movies like Lestat de Lioncourt and Dracula. This look emphasizes their sexuality by adding being dramatic with their makeup, including extra pale skin blood-red lipstick. This contrast is used to signify and draw attention to blood.

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14. Military Goth Style

There is still a lot of controversy surrounding the military goths because they do not seem to symbolize or appeal to anything ethereal, charismatic, or otherworldly. They exude an aura of aesthetic power and authority, which contradicts the individualistic and Indulging philosophy of the goths.

Military goths are likely to wear knee-high military boots and trousers, usually wide at the hips and narrow along with the calves. They combine these with jackets and coats that are fashioned after military style.

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The military goths also happen to have something similar to cyber goths in that they also make use of masks and gloves.

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15. Androgynous Goth Style

There is no particular style that characterizes androgynous goths. It is more of a general description for a certain kind of aesthetic—androgyny talks of the absence of sex and not asexuality.

Androgynous goths dress not to be easily identified as either male or female. The most common cloth item worn by androgynous goths is skirts, long or short, latex and vinyl materials, and mesh tops.

It isn’t uncommon to find a male androgynous goth wearing skirts with a fishnet and some latex.

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16. Glam Gothic Style

The glam gothic fashion trend is specially made for the spotlight and the red carpet. This fashion trend requires every bit of showgirl/show-boy look that you can imagine.

One of the important things to take note of while trying to rock a glam goth look is the complete look, starting from the makeup. First, the makeup must be dark and loud: smoky black eyes, eyeshadow, black eyeliner, brown or black lipstick, etc.

Then, for the outfit, you can try the goth garbs, dresses that are particularly designed for the spotlight, and some boots. Do not also forget the hanging necklaces, bangles, earrings, and chain belts.

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17. Winter Goth Style

Winter is a season that demands the coats, the gloves, the boots, the earmuffs, the neck scarves, and there is nothing that says goth better than all of this together.

Goth fashion is at best during the winter season. With your leather jacket, inner dress, boots, neck scarves, and coat, you can do as much layering as you want. Lastly, you can also add classy accessories like gloves and jewelry with your dark makeup.

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18. Fishnets

Fishnets are essential parts of the goth look. They are very quick to add the gypsy effect to your outfit in no time, and they can be worn on any and everything.

Fishnets are perfect for shorts, pants, dresses, and every other kind of look that you choose to rock. You can combine them with heels, boots, or simple sandals. If you are not the type to go all out for your goth look, you can add a fishnet to your outfit to hint at the gothic fashion style.

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19. Hair/Wigs

Your hairstyle is another important determinant in just how gothic your entire look is.

The best hairstyle for a gothic look is the bleached kind of hair. Whether you want it to remain black or with some color, the wig has a dense color effect.

Another important effect your hair must have is a slight roughness. The roughness adds an edginess to the look that gives an overall mysterious effect to your entire outfit.

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20. Makeup

There is no gothic look without a befitting makeup look. This is the best finishing to add to your outfit. A gothic makeup can vary according to the degree of intensity of your look.

You can choose to go simple with your makeup if you are going for a simple basic look, but if you are going for a glam gothic or stream punk look, your makeup must represent that. However, one common thing in every kind of goth makeup is the black theme, that’s what makes it gothic.

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Generally, goths are usually the outcasts of society, who choose to use their authentic voice, especially in fashion, and refuse to drown in the standards or opinion of others. They take a loud stand against being told what to do and how they can do these things. This is why the goth style is not something anyone can pull off, and you have to have a certain kind of personality to carry the look.

Goths are not always witches. Neither are they vampires. They are regular people who have chosen not to be quiet about their style.

If you want to try the goth look but are unsure of where to start for varying reasons, you can start small by incorporating gothic items into your regular outfit. You can begin with knee boots, graphic tee shirts, etc.

Whatever type of goth you know attracts you more, read up and find what works for you!

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