20 Best Goth Clothing Brands


20 Best Goth Clothing Brands

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Dark, mysterious, and gender-neutral – welcome to the world of Goths!

Goth fashion is one of the most iconic fashions around the world. It is spooky, vibrant, and loud. No matter how silent and intimidating the Goths may look, they make sure to create noise with their attire and attitude. 

To all the up and budding Goths, do you ever wonder where your clan source their mysterious looks from? The clothes they wear and the accessories they sport are not readily available in malls or markets around the neighborhood. However, there is a wide variety of Goth fashion available online – so much that it may feel overwhelming at times. Therefore, we bring you a guide to the 20 Best Goth Clothing Brands that have other accessories too!


When you’re looking for dark fashion with chic and minimal designs – Killstar.com should be one of your options.

Killstar features various men’s and women’s Goth clothing and lifestyle options. The highlight of the website is its clean and white interface that makes shopping much more convenient. Even though it contradicts the Goth color scheme, it is a smart way to highlight the dark items without any distractions. 

No worries if you’ve got a wedding to attend, or a festival to be a part of, or just looking to upgrade your summer wardrobe – Killstar has you sorted.

Tragic Beautiful

The Tragic Beautiful website is not just a fashion solution; it is a one-stop-shop for all Gothic needs. 

TragicBeautiful.com amazed us with its huge collection that covered most aspects of life – and we’re sure it will be a pleasant (or dark) surprise for you too! From Goth clothes, beauty, home, lifestyle, and accessories, to witchcraft supplies and gifting items. You’ll want to grab everything from this online store. 

The best part about this store is that it features many Gothic brands under one roof, saving you an ample amount of browse time.

Attitude Clothing

True to its name, Attitude Clothing truly portrays how a Goth should look and act like in this world of naive humans. 

If you’re Goth and vegan, look no further. Attitude Clothing has multiple vegan options for the environment cautious amongst us. Its vegan line includes vegan leather clothing, shoes, accessories and also vegan hair dyes. 

Its multiple brand and style options will prove handy for beginner Goths that are just figuring out their preferences. 

Spiral Direct

When graphic tees enter the world of Goth fashion, the onlookers will make sure to keep their distance. 

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Seriously though, Spiraldirect.com has some extravagant graphic tees and dresses that scream all things dark, mysterious, scary, and vampirical! If that sounds like you, check this Goth clothing website to find your next spooky tee, dress, or both.

And oh, Spiral Direct also features collections based on dark movies. So, if you’re a fan of those, you’re definitely in for a treat!

Punk Rave Store

When Goth and vintage mix, Punk Rave is created. 

The unique and edgy clothing line of the Punk Rave is surely going to give you a tough time deciding which piece to purchase and which one to leave. Punk rave store consists of high-quality vampiric articles with that Goth edge to them. The touch of vintage that this store hints at is what makes Punk Rave stand out on this list. With the unique accessories available there, you can choose to be either a Goth queen or a vintage fashionista.

If you are looking for some classic Goth articles, you should definitely check out punk rave.


Gothicat makes all your feline dreams come true! 

This brand draws its inspiration from our furry little friends – cats. We all know how cats can be; dramatic, mysterious, and above all, extremely cool. Gothicat represents everything a feline is.

If you want to be the mysterious, cat-devoted Goth queen, Gothicat is the place you shouldn’t sleep on. 

Vampire Freaks

Vampire Freaks is what every die-hard vampire fan’s fantasy consists of. 

The statement clothing pieces of vampirefreaks.com manage to capture the true essence of vampire and Goth fashion. From leather ruffles to sweaters, you are going to find a wide array of clothing articles here that not only look extremely cool but also manage to understand what Goth fashion is all about.

If you are a vampire fan on the hunt for some colorful yet Goth/vampire clothing, your search ends here.

Dracula Clothing

As the name suggests, Dracula clothing is the epitome of dark folklore. This is where you can channel your inner abstruse personality into your clothing. 

If you wish to portray mysterious vibes and shadowy aesthetics, Dracula clothing will surely satisfy your fashion cravings. After all, the website itself is the embodiment of the word Dracula.

From corsets to ruffles and lace, Goth makes home here in all its essence! Dracula clothing is not going to leave you disappointed.

Black Craft

Anyone who says that Goth stops at ruffles and laces does not know any better.

Black craft has given Goth a whole new meaning with its Goth-inspired swimsuits and slides. This brand is all voodoo vibes with its exquisite designs and phenomenal cuts. True to its name, you get everything related to dark magic and witchcraft here. The clothes at Black Craft are surely going to make you feel like a modern sorceress.

Die With Your Boots On

The brand name is as funky as its articles! 

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Die with your boots on has introduced a cross between original Goth and the modern dressing, an amalgam which we can’t help loving. If Goth clothing inspired by today’s fashion is your thing – this place is going to meet all your requirements.

With punk designs made with a hint of Goth fashion, Die With Your Boots On is a brand that is amazing for people who want to try their hand at Goth without having to dive headfirst into Goth fashion.

Demonia Cult

Goth lovers can understand what a struggle it is to find the footwear that complements your outfit yet manage to perfectly capture the ‘Goth essence’ as well. If you’ve been struggling for the same, Demonia cult is here to save the day. With rows and rows of boots and shoes which perfectly fit under the title of ‘Goth’, you will surely find the boots that directly speak to your heart.

Demonia Cult has every type of footwear – from dramatic buckled platforms to fancy knee-length boots – this brand has got you covered. The accessories it offers with its footwear range are a cherry on top!


No worries if you’re not much into Goth fashion, you can always enjoy Helvak articles. 

The clothes at Helvak are minimalistic in design. The products here cannot be categorized as true Goth fashion, even though the colors and designs might indicate otherwise. However, you can always upstyle it to a classic Goth outfit with accessories and makeup. 

What makes this brand worth a mention is its vision. Helvak has proved itself as a cruelty-free, slow fashion brand that not only cares about the environment. It offers some classic, timeless articles that you can wear anywhere and everywhere.

Creepy Co.

If you are on the lookout for anything ghost-related, this is the site you need to check out.

Creepy company has spooky and sinister clothing items that you’ll love if you are a fan of ghostbusters. Dark and eerie, with a touch of playfulness, Creepy Co. has you sorted for the next Halloween season.

The best part about Creepy Co definitely has to be its witty captions and humorous graphics on their tees. The accessories they offer compliments the vibes of their articles and are sure to bring out a chuckle even from the gloomiest of people.

Veras Eye Candy

An amalgam of teenage drama, punk culture, and a lot of Gothness, Vera’s eye candy is the brand for a person with an edge. 

The graphic designs of their shirts and dresses are surely going to make anyone look twice. This brand not only caters to Goth culture but also includes a lot of horrors and spooky stuff. From ghosts to cats to pumpkins, Vera’s Eye Candy is a brand where you’ll find everything related to punk and Goth.


Your search for a killer Goth outfit ends here. 

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If you are long searching for something mainstream yet original, Restyle is the first place you should head towards. They have everything ranging from trendy Gothic dresses to all the accessories that will truly make you look dark and mysterious, as a Goth should be.

Just a foreword – this site is definitely not for the fainthearted. Visit at your own risk!

In Control Clothing

Imagine the girl next door meets Goth – interesting, no? This is the best description we could think of this store. 

Unlike traditional Goth fashion, in control clothing is not just limited to dark colors. Instead, this site offers a variety of colors (including pastels). The brand has really quirky ways of expressing Goth, and we are diggin’ it!

If cool and trendy colors incorporated into Gothic designs is your style, you will have fun navigating this site.

Church of Sanctus

Church of Sanctus is heaven for any Goth lover. 

Here, you’ll find the ruffles, corsets, laces, and capes of your dreams. If classic Goth is what makes you jump with glee, the Church of Sanctus is going to be one amazing experience for you. The site itself is developed keeping Gothic culture in mind, and the articles are something you just can’t get enough of.

Also, how casually classy is the name? Imagine the confusion when someone asks you the brand of your clothes. 

Dark in Closet

If you want your closet to be as dark as night, filled with the Gothic articles of your dreams, you’ve come to the right place.

Dark in Closet gives laces and ruffles a whole new meaning by incorporating them into outfits that you won’t stop obsessing over. With a whole lot of vampiric punk vibes, dark in closet is a brand you’ll keep coming back to. 


Who says you can’t wear Gothic clothes in everyday life? Disturbia is here to break away from all the stereotypes! 

This site has dresses and casual outfits curated with Gothic designs. Clothes that you can wear for everyday chores without looking out of place, without compromising on your Gothic style. Disturbia gives the Goth lifestyle a new meaning with its comfortable clothing which you can effortlessly sport on any occasion.

Jungle Tribe

Many Goth can relate to the struggle of finding cool Gothic accessories that has the potential to elevate their outfits. If you’re one of those, your search ends here. 

Jungle tribe has the best, I repeat best, Gothic accessories ranging from bags to jewelry to belts and whatnot. If you are on the hunt for some stand-out pieces, you’ve got to the right place. From phone cases to laptop covers, belt bags to back bags, rings to bracelets, chokers to cuff, hats to techwear – Jungle Tribe has redefined themed accessory shopping!

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