The Best Femboy Looks You Can Try


The Best Femboy Looks You Can Try

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Effeminacy is not a new phenomenon. It has been known and used throughout history, and it goes back to early Greece and Rome. However, the term “femboy” was first discovered in the 1990s to describe men who are known to be effeminate, that is, men who choose to dress and present themselves in a feminine fashion with clothing styles and items like high boots, tight dresses, crop tops, etc.

The rise of Femboys has consistently grown over the years both on and off social media. This is due to the influence of the wide acceptance and raves of Anime characters and the growing culture of inclusion and acceptance that has been going on in more recent years.

As the name suggests, the term femboy is a combination of ‘feminine’ and ‘boy,’ implying a peculiar fashion and lifestyle fashion that gives men enough allowance to live outside of the box of societal standards, expectations, and orientations—encouraging them to get out of their comfort zone and embrace their feminine tendencies.

If you are a Femboy or recognize your traits and are looking for the best way to curate the most fitting outfits, either as a beginner or someone who has been on the scene, we have something for you. Check below to find different kinds of Femboy dressing:

Femboy Outfit Ideas:

1. Crop Top With Boyfriend Jeans

One of the easiest and most seamless ways to feminize nay look or outfit is wearing a crop top. Combining the crop tops with whitewashed vintage jeans is always a killer look.

To achieve the ultimate Femboy look, get yourself a colorful crop top put on some retro-free jeans, which could be mummy or boyfriend jeans. Add a gorgeous pair of white sneakers, and you are good to go anywhere.

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2. A Skirt And Tee Casual Look

It is a grave sin to go through a Femboy’s wardrobe and not find a plaid miniskirt? Sounds mortifying! This is one of the best ways to achieve a newbie Femboy look.

So, if you do not already have one, get yourself a plaid miniskirt as soon as you can. You can choose to pair the skirt with a casual tee, a sweatshirt, or even a hoodie. This is a simple but classy and cute Femboy look.

You can combine this look with either knee or low boots, sneakers, or platforms. Any of these footwear types can work magic with this look.

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3. Crop Sweater With Loose Pants

Cropped sweaters are certainly the top five cutest fashion innovations ever made. They are super chic and adorable and a must-have for every Femboy!

They go easily with every, and any bottom clothe item including Pants, skirts, Jeans, leather. Of course, it’s up to you to decide what you would prefer to pair them with. However, one of the best fittings of a cropped sweater is paired with loose pants and chunky boots or sneakers. 

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4. The Dress And Boot Combo

This new trend amongst Femboys is to live for because who said only women could rock dresses beautifully? No, not so.

A slip dress is the most gorgeous and perfect for either a formal or casual Femboy look. It is simple, elegant, classy, and probably the easiest to create. All you need for this look is a plain colored slip-on dress and a pair of chunky black ankle boots. The boots add an extra edge to the entire look, and it’s fantastic.

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This is look speaks of simple elegance in the best way possible, and it’s something every Femboy should incorporate when deciding on outfits and style.

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5. Floral Pattern On Plain

Shirts with floral or fruity designs are not exclusively female. Some cis males can rock them beautifully well too. However, there is no denying the sweet feminine quality that makes them a fashion item that Femboys can explore.

The fruity shirt is probably the best fruit-pattered for the Femboys, especially those with strawberries on them. The Sunflower shirt design is another print design for shirts that seem to have won and is still winning with many Femboys.

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6. High-School Femboy

The high-school Femboy is a classic look that has started to make a new appearance in the virtual space recently. This look can be achieved with different styles, clothes, or colors.

However, it is generally a very easy look to curate and rock. You will need a shirt, preferably a buttoned-down white, that can be either long or short-sleeved for this look. You would also need a sweater, plaid or plain mini skirt, a pair of thigh or ankle socks.

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7. The Dramatic Sleeve Looks

This look is becoming a regular look among cis men, but the femininity in the look cannot be overlooked. This is a statement Femboy look.

Asides from the dramatic sleeve that you find in the shirt worn, this is an otherwise simple look. It requires a shirt with a puffy sleeve with just enough flair to raise brows and make the kind of statement necessary to everyone who looks.

You can choose to pair this look with a short pencil skirt, an A-line skirt, or some boyfriend jeans. This look gives enough room for drama if you want to be as dramatic as possible. You can combine this look with an equally dramatic skirt or trousers if the shirt is plain fabric.

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8. The Classy Suit And Skirt

This look is the perfect balance between masculine and feminine. The fine line balance lets a straight man explore a bit of his femineity while letting the straight woman explore the masculine part of her.

The skirt and suit jacket combination are common on the red carpets as celebrities like Billy Porter, who wore a black Tuxedo with a black ball skirt to the 2019 academy awards, Vin Diesel to an award show in Scotland, Diddy to a show in Glasgow, etc.

The beauty of the skirt and suit combination is classy and immediately eye-catching. It gives off an aura of regality and everything exotic. To make the look even more delicious, you can choose to add some simple dazzling jewelry, a fashionable hat, some cool dress shoes, or boots.

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9. The Mesh Look

Mesh tops are a thing of beauty, and every femboy needs one in their possession. They are classy, bougie, and just the right amount of sexy.

Sheer tops allow you to showcase your gorgeous body in the shadows, creating a mysterious and sexy silhouette that is very attractive. It’s a proven show stopper, regardless of wherever you choose to rock it too. It creates an undeniable enigmatic presence for you.

The mesh top look is heady when worn on pale, fair skin. You can rock it with heeled boots, sneakers, or dress shoes. You can also add some dazzling jewelry, hanging necklaces, drop-down earrings, some shiny bangles, and chain belts, if you will.

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10. The Jumpsuit Femboy Look

Jumpsuits are the most raving fashion on the scene right now, so what is a Femboy fashion without one or two jumpsuits? Jumpsuits have always been considered gender fluid and are perfect clothing outfits for Femboys.

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So take your eyes off the calm, cool, or dark-colored ones when looking to rock one. This is your time to put some shine on, so go for bright and colorful monochrome Jumpsuits.

You can decide to try one with bright, floral patterns or the classy retro jean styles that would always present classic aesthetics. Also, who said you had to wear the ones with traditional designs?

You can opt for jumpsuits with dramatic sleeve designs, a quirky neckline design, a flared hem, a unique waist design, etc. You can also try jumpsuits with flair bottoms or A-line-shaped ones.

To complete the Jumpsuit look, you can pair it with some low heels, dress shoes, or boots, and you are good to go! Add a belt to the waistline, put on a choker, some bracelets, and a lovely statement handbag if you want some extra drama. Then, go and steal the show!

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11. The See-Through Look

See-through outfits are in a special category when it comes to looking sensual and is definitely something every femboy should try. If you’re looking to show some skin, then there’s no better way of doing this.

You can experiment with bodysuits to mesh see-through dresses combined with seductive panties in girly colors. As a Femboy, this helps to express yourself in the most audacious way.

To finish the look, never forget your heels, either sandal heels or closed-heeled shoes; either should work.

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12. Tank Top And Heels

Tank tops are really a girl’s best friend; that’s why it’s a must-have for every Femboy. Get a tank top made of soft fabric and in soft colors too.

Whatever you choose to pair your tank top with, be it a skirt, skinny jeans, leggings, or pants, you must ensure that you have some bright-colored heels or boots that make you stand out in any crowd.

You do not have to worry about your figure when wearing this outfit, and this combination will do all the talking that you need to do.

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13. Large Shopping Bags

Aside from carrying designer bags with colors and busy designs, another stylish trend that you can explore is the shopping bag trend.

There are all kinds of designer shopping bags that you can rock with any kind of outfit these days; they come in all kinds of colors, shapes, and styles. When looking to try one with your outfit, you can shop for one that fits your style perfectly.

Shopping bags are no longer just for shopping, and they are now great for making chic and stylish fashion statements too.

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14. Hoodies

Hoodies are a girl’s best friends. That’s why it is essential for a Femboy to have as many of them as possible, and in as many colors too.

Not only are they quite stylish and chic, but they are also several kinds of ways you can choose to wear them. You can decide to pair them with a pair of jeans, shorts, and pantyhose.

You can opt for a pleated skirt, you can even decide to go with skinny jeans. Whatever way you choose to rock them, hoodies are always a good idea.

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15. Sweatshirts

The thing about sweatshirts in a Femboy’s closet is that they give the much-needed balance between chic and formal. There is not much that calls for sweatshirts to be casual.

One of the most common ways to rock a sweatshirt look is to pair the sweatshirt with a plain white collared shirt that you can button up. As with the hoodie look, there are several ways you can choose to rock this look. You can go in jeans, slacks or even formal skirts.

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16. A Cami Dress

One of the best things about summer is that it is always skin show off time! As a femboy, your options are just as much as any other time.

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Explore the beauty and sleekness of a silk cami dress. Not only does it hug your body and glides all over your skin with every step you take, but it is also the light fabric that allows you to show off your arms and torso in the most beautiful way.

To get the best of a cami dress, it is important that you find one in a color that fits your skin color perfectly.

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17. Pleated Skirt

Pleated skirts are one of the most underused items of clothing in Femboy’s aestheticism. Not only are they cute and make a classy statement, but they are also quite versatile and can be paired with a host of different top styles.

You can either choose to pair them with plain white shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts, or heavily designed tops that give you the very sweet and bougie look. One thing about the pleated skirts, however, is that they always go perfectly with boots and sneakers, so you might want to get some nice ones before trying this look.

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18. Shorts

Shorts were never considered as a part of the Femboy assemble of clothing, but who says you can’t be creative with your style?

Wearing shorts as a Femboy requires one very essential thing, and that’s high knee boots or very chunky sneakers. The shoes give you an elevated look for the legs instead of leaving them ordinary. You can either choose to do tight leather shorts, skinny jean shorts, or free slack shorts.

You can pair your shorts with your tank tops, crop hoodies, or sweatshirts for a perfect classy and cute femboy look.

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19. Blings

Even if the world is ending, one thing a Femboy must never forget to do is sparkle. It is part of the aesthetic, and it is part of the personality required to carry the femboy look.

Once you understand the concept of shining and standing out in the crowd, choosing your shine comes just as easy. You can make your shine a piece of jewelry, your eye-makeup, or the whole of your dress.

Whether for a show-up or shut down, a dress made of shiny sequins will always demand the kind of attention it requires, and it is worth a try, at least once for every femboy.

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20. The Colorful Look

As a member of the Femboy community, one of your best armor is color; bright, dull, bold, mellow, or cool, colors are to be used to your advantage and for as much communication as you wish.

When curation all the different kinds of outfits you would want to wear or explore, try your best to include as many colors as possible. Do not be afraid to try some pink, some orange, some royal purple, or some sunny yellow.

Not only would the use of colors help you feel good about yourself, but it is also sure to stand you out in any crowd.

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You can experiment with other items, such as maxi dresses, short dresses, ball gowns, etc. There is no ending to how great, beautiful, glamorous, and exotic you can choose to look. The only limit is yourself and your preferences.

While there is a limitless possibility of style, outfits, and statement look, one of the most important things to do for yourself is what works best for you, your body, and your skin.

If you have struggled with curating the best look for yourself or know a Femboy who might need some help, we have curated some of the easiest, cutest, and just a tad bit dramatic outfit styling for them.

Go through some of the styles above, and find what works best for you. Go forth and shine, bestie!

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