17 Different Types of Pants Every Men Should Consider Wearing


17 Different Types of Pants Every Men Should Consider Wearing

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Men’s fashion has many options depending on the outfit or ensemble they intend to pull off. Regardless of these many options, some basics come together to constitute the finished look.

The basic man’s outfit parts are a hat, a shirt, pants, and shoes. This article will discuss the many types of pants for men and how they can be styled to make a great final look.

There are a healthy amount of options for you as a man when you shop for pants; the trick, however, is knowing the right ones to pick. Here are some of them.

  1. Chinos

Chinos pants are a popular choice for men and have been for quite a while now. It is made from a 100% lightweight cotton-blend fabric in a fairly tight weave. 

They come in a wide range of fancy and classic colors, which gives you more styling options regardless of the weather or season.

Chinos pants possess a more “tailored” and “streamlined” look, making them a unique choice for men.

Chinos are an excellent choice to style any outfit; it’s perfect for any ensemble, suit, jacket, or even a polo t-shirt. See here

  1. Cords

Corduroys or “Cords” are pants made from a very peculiar, sturdy, but soft fabric. Cords are made from textile with a distinct wale texture, consisting of raised “cords.” This textile is known as “Fustian” fabric. 

It also can have tufted cords, which allow for a “bare to the base” fabric channel between said cords. It looks like multiple cords arranged in parallel order next to each other. 

Cords are a great pick for men because they are tailored better than regular pants. They also go great with any plain shirt, t-shirt, and smart leather shoes. See here

  1. Cargo Pants

Cargo pants, also known as cargo trousers, are men’s fashion pants that are loosely cut and possess large pockets halfway down both sides of the pants.

Cargo pants were also called combat pants or combat trousers because they were initially made for military adornment. The numerous pockets and loose-fitting designs made it easy to carry many tools without hampering mobility. 

Even today, the same is true, but the design has shifted in a more fashionable direction. They are perfect for casual outfit combinations. See here

  1. Relaxed Fit Trousers

The idea behind relaxed-fit trousers is that they fit “just right.” The fabric for producing this kind of pant varies from khaki to polyester to silk. The main feature and most important is how it is sewn to fit.

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Relaxed-fit trousers are meant to not hug the thighs and legs but also not be baggy.

These pants are comfortable and very fashionable, able to fit with formal and casual wear. They go great with t-shirts, polos, and any choice of footwear. See here

  1. Slim-Fit Trousers

The slim-fit trousers are a popular and recurring feature of the modern man’s fashion catalog. They are tightly fitting trousers that offer your legs a rather snug fit and a tiny opening for your feet. 

Slim-fit trousers are also known as skinny jeans made from denim. They are quite the statement piece for your ensemble. It fits in with a simple jacket or blazer, with a plain white tee or a flannel shirt.

Skinny jeans go great with various footwear, such as leather shoes or sneakers. See here

  1. Wool Trousers

Wool pants are a wonderful alternative fabric choice for a man’s wardrobe. Depending on the brand’s discretion, they are primarily made from wool, 100% or synthetic. You know how corduroy is alternative winterwear? Wool is the normal choice.

It is comfortable, warm, and stylish. Wool trousers are snug, durable, and can go with any outfit ensemble you want to try.

You don’t have to worry yourself about it conflicting with textures in your wardrobe; wool is quite an agreeable fabric, regardless of your wardrobe. See here

  1. Drawstring Trousers

Drawstring pants are a trouser that, instead of belt holes or buttons, has a much different mode of tightening the fit on the waist. This is achieved by running a string through an opening. When both ends of the cord are pulled, the waistline gets tighter.

This style is common with sweatpants, but that is not all; you can find it in just about any pant design. Drawstring is arguably a more convenient option, especially if you consider belts too chaffing. See here 

  1. Joggers

When it comes to pants, they first serve function before style, even though the latter is often not too far away. Speaking of function, we need to talk about “joggers” who can be confused with sweatpants.

Joggers are primarily used for athletic purposes and are made with lighter fabric than sweatpants and come with drawstrings, of course. 

Joggers are comfortable and lightweight, so they never get in the way of your active lifestyle, especially when you are out on the run. See here

  1. Cropped Trousers

Cropped trousers are pants sewn to be much longer than a short but not quite as long as a trouser. They are, in effect, “cropped,” hence the name. A host knows them by other names such as Capris, flood pants, and three quarters.

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Capris offers you an aesthetic upgrade, giving the illusion that your legs are longer than they are. You can go a step further to accentuate it by wearing pointy or pointed-toe shoes. see here 

  1. High-Waisted Trousers

High-waisted trousers are similar to cropped trousers, but only in execution and look. Both of them have a finished look of trousers that barely touch the ankles of the wearer. High-waisted have a key distinction.

While cropped pants have adjustments to the pant leg length, the adjustments for high-waisted pants are in the waist area. 

These pants have a classic look and give you a swanky swagger, especially if paired with loafers. See here

  1. Khakis

Khakis are an absolute classic and a personal favorite. They are the definition of rugged quality and function. 

The term “Khaki” actually means “soil colored,” derived from the Urdu language. It was originally used for military uniforms for camouflage wear.

Khakis are generally made from twill cotton, corduroy, denim, and synthetic fibers. This means there are more modern interpretations of the fabric. You can match it with sneakers or even leather shoes.

Thanks to the original design and function of the fabric, it is very sturdy and durable, so you relax and worry less about wear and tear. See here

  1. Slim Jeans

When you hear “slim jeans,” you probably have a fairly difficult time figuring out what that is; well, do not fret; help is on the way. A slim jean is a pair of pants for men that are sewn to fit snuggly around the thighs and calves.

It is quite revealing but also fashionable as well. They are the perfect substitute for suit pants or regular cotton pants. They fit well to give a casual, official look as well.

Slim jeans also provide a swimwear effect, making the wearer appear slimmer. See here

  1. Pleated trousers

Think of pleated trousers the same way you would like any other regular cotton-blend trousers, but well, with a little twist. Or should I say fold? You see, pleated trousers are made slightly different than the normal pants.

The distinction lies in the waist and crotch area. They are characterized by “pleats.” A pleated pant consists of pleats which are folds; they could be double or multiple made by stitching the top or side of the pants around the waist, next to each pocket. see here

  1. Dress pants
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A dress pant is not so different from a regular one, except for their function. Dress pants are considered formal or semi-formal, depending on the occasion. As such, they are styled that way; official.

They are often made from either polyester or wool and are often sewn to fit and be worn with a matching suit and jacket. The “dress” suffix is because it makes up a complete dress suit outfit.

With the intentional tight-fitting design of the dress pant, it does well in combination with leather dress shoes. See here

  1. Linen trousers

Linen trousers for men are trousers made from a quick-drying, sustainable, and breathable fabric. The fabric is made of a fiber blend known as “flax,” which is biodegradable and needs little water to grow.

It is breathable, which is perfect for warm or warmer weather or destinations. The texture is pleasing to the eye and also to the touch as well. This means it works with pastel-colored shirts and shoes as well. See here

  1. Tracksuits bottoms

Tracksuit bottoms are a style of men’s trousers similar to joggers and are of a lighter fabric choice. They often come as a pair, as part of a two-piece sportswear set; a zip-up jacket and matching trousers.

These trousers are quite comfortable, they are breathable and do not get in the way when you are engaged in sporting activity.

You can also style tracksuit bottoms as casual or activewear without undertaking any of said activities. see here 

  1. Straight-leg jeans

Straight-leg jeans are men’s pants made from denim, and they are designed to have a straight up-and-down sewn-in cut along the entire pant leg. The straight cut is from the waist to the hem.

The “straight-leg” does not mean the pants have to be streamlined. It can be baggy jeans, relaxed-fit jeans, slim fit, or loose-fit jeans. 

Straight-leg jeans are an awesome addition to your wardrobe for that casual and trendy look. They go great with a pair of plain white sneakers. See here


Your wardrobe is how you announce yourself to the world. This announcement would be very wise to be bold, clear, and stylish. This is why it is very important just what you choose to wear.

A top, whether a shirt, jacket, or blazer, would not give a complete look without the addition of the right trousers to match. There is a choice selection in the article above, which can help spice up your outfit game and ramp it up to the next level.

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