The Best 19 Gender Neutral Clothing Brands Of 2022


The Best 19 Gender Neutral Clothing Brands Of 2022

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One of the first things most people need to understand is that clothing has no gender. Therefore, no article of clothing cannot be made ender fluid. Another essential fact you need to hold dear is that there aren’t any rules. There isn’t anything more fun than breaking existing laws.

For a long time, society has built a straight line between what can be a woman, man or both in fashion, but more and more society is evolving, and the bar keeps fading every year. With humanity now, gender fluidity is a concept that is being embraced and is now being encouraged and praised.

There are different advantages to gender-neutral clothes, one that stands out is how it helps avoid stereotyping and boxing. Most brands that focus on gender-neutral clothes go to great lengths to make them comfortable for any and every gender to wear. 

Before now, it would be easy to pick out androgynous clothes because they were merely specially tailored suits, loose shirts, non-fitting jeans. However, today there is something for everyone, and both men and women can wear all kinds of designs, clothing articles, colors, or general styles.

In the same wave, gender-neutral labels also allow wearers to identify with their gender regardless of the clothes they choose to wear. So, for example, a woman can choose to purchase an item from a gender-fluid brand and still identify as a woman.

If you are the type of person who occasionally loves to change your look, someone who likes to be dynamic with their identity and doesn’t want to feel boxed or tied to either being masculine or feminine.

But there are gender-free clothing labels that allow the wearer to showcase where they see themselves on the spectrum of gender identification.

Whether you are looking for women’s clothes with masculine colors or cuts, or men’s clothes with faltering colors, or you are just searching for a brand that combines enough style and design to fit into any gender and person, we have compiled a list of top 20 brands where you can shop.

1. Wales Bonner

Wales Bonner is the brainchild of the British designer with the same name who graduated from Central St. Martins. The brand was launched in 2014 with a menswear line and eventually grew and expanded into incorporating women’s clothing.

However, in an interview with the British Elle, she envisioned her brand as a complete enterprise rather than the idea of men’s and women’s clothing. She said, “The designer embraces a diversity of design perspectives with lenses from critical theory, musical compositions, literature, and history.”

This thought process made her build a luxury fashion brand that combines modern and Afro-Atlantic traditions in a perfect blend of style. The Wales Bonner’s international franchise also includes, Net-A-Porter, Dover Street Market, Barneys, Browns, Boon the Shop, Ssense, Galeries Lafayette, and Farfetch.

2. Telfar

Long before gender fluidity became a fashion trend, Telfar Clemens was designing androgynous clothes styles in New York City. He is an independent designer and didn’t get to display his admirable genderless clothes till 2005. Telfar has become a significant fashion brand widely loved by an enthusiastic crowd.

Living up to its motto “not for you, for everyone,” the Telfar brand has carved out its coveted platform that has been doing so well that its signature IT toted bag is widely referred to as “Bushwick Birkin.”

The Telfar brand is consistent with its dedication to building and championing an inclusive, gender-fluid, and neutral brand that accommodates everyone regardless of their color, size and gender identity. Telfar has grown to such a level that their pieces sell out in minutes after their release.

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3. Eckhaus Latta

The Eckhaus Latta brand is a New York fashion brand created by duo designers Mike Eckhaus and Zoe Latta. The goal of the brand is to create a brand for gender fluid to feel free from the shackles of branding or marketing techniques that are designed to make people think invalid and small.

According to Zoe Latta, the designers have built Eckhaus Latta to offer a substitute platform for their image, body orientation, sexual identity, race and color. They are showing this inclusive diversity in their designs and on the runway.

An Eckhaus Latta runway show is arguably one of the best to watch in new. The dynamic fashion brand creates a runway show that allows all kinds of talents and people to walk and display their designs.

4. One DNA

The one DNA fashion brand is owned by a black and queer designer from New York City. This fact accounts for why it used to be described as a rebel brand that defies social construct.

The One DNA brand is centered around offering stylish designs that break the limitations of sexual difference and stereotyping without compromising the quality of their designs.

In addition to being gender fluid, the brand also makes sustainable and environmental friend clothes like Tees, sweatshirts, and slacks that carry powerful inscriptions like “We Should All Be Them.”

The One DNA brand has built a quality platform in that their collections were featured in the WWD. Their collections are specially designed to accommodate everyone regardless of their age, gender, race or size.

5. Wildfang

The name Wildfang itself means ‘Tomboy’ in the German language. The brand is the brainchild of two Nike executive staff that observed the scarcity of men-styled-like clothes for women to wear.

As a result, the Wildfang fashion brand offers a variety of dresses for women, including suits, office wears, and tees specially designed after men’s structured and pared-down styles.

This gender-fluid brand was built to center on creating and styling eco-friendly clothes from natural materials that erase the gender lines society started long ago.

The Wildfang fashion label was built in 2013 with the rebellious belief that any woman that so desires should be able to wear whatever she wants and feels comfortable in.

Stepping up to their orientation beyond clothing and style, the Wildfang label has donated over $500,000 to schemes and organizations that champion queer rights. So if you are a woman looking for fashionable unconventional wear, you are sure to find something suitable from the Wildfang brand.

6. Riley Studio

Riley Studio is a fashion label brand built to reject the restrictions that come with separating male and female wear. The brand is created essentially as a way to say no to gender-specific clothes and conventional fashion trends.

All of their clothes are minimalist designs with a classic feeling that will stay with you for a long, long time.

In creating their beautiful and eco-friendly designs, the brand uses a vast range of recycled materials from things that would have gone to waste otherwise. An example of the materials they use is recycled cashmere. Riley Studio is a UK brand that ships all over the world.

7. Kirrin Finch

The Kirrin Finch brand is making a host of clothing designs that take inspiration from the conventional men’s style. But it can, however, be worn by both male, female, and gender-neutral individuals who do not identify as one gender or the other.

Items that you would find from this brand include fun and formal shirts, plain and statement suits, sweats, jackets and all kinds of accessories to go with all the clothes. All of their clothes are made with eco-friendly materials that are good for the earth.

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While they ship worldwide, their price may vary from country to country, and most of the fees for locations outside of Canada are on the higher side. 

8. TomboyX

Clothes are fancy and fabulous, but coming down to the fundamental aspects of dressing, the underwear, what does gender fluidity say on it?

The TomboyX fashion brand creates and sells a range of underwear designs that are not labeled as gender-specific. So, for example, their bras can be worn by anyone who simply fancies it, and they also offer a host of period underwear available to every and any gender.

TomboyX ensures that all their items are eco-friendly by paying careful attention to details in the production, development, packaging and the end of the item’s lifespan. TomboyX is an American brand that ships all over the world.

9. Lonely Kids Club

The Lonely Kids Club fashion label is complete with its wide range of non-binary items and products. The sustainability and individuality you can find with this brand are based on the same principle and logic as sow fashion.

Beyond the use of local materials in creating their sustainable fashion pieces, the Lonely Kids Club is also a safe space for advocating mental health, gender equality, and the end of gender lines and stereotyping.

10. Olivia Blanc

The Olivia Blanc fashion label is where you can find eco-friendly wear of all shapes, designs, and forms. Most of their clothing items are inspired by both street and formal wear. In creating their gender-fluid wear, they use both recycled and upcycled materials.

As is typical with most gender-fluid brands, Olivia Blanc uses materials you would never imagine can be on a clothing rack, including recycled tarpaulin.

11. Nudie Jeans

Although Nudie Jeans has now grown to the point where it accommodates and offers a women’s collection, the brand started is still predominantly a gender-fluid fashion brand. Their denim collections are an array of affordable, sustainable and genderless clothes that can be worn by just about anyone.

As expected, Nudie jeans are made from organic cotton, and they have amassed accolades, certifications, and awards from bodies like Fairtrade, PEFC, FSC, USDA organic, and so many others. In addition, the brand has an excellent transparency tradition that allows for things like repair kits when ordered.

12. Cosmos Studio

The kick about the Cosmos studio is how any gender can wear their shirts. For example, if you need to borrow a tee from your partner, no one would ever know that because of the basic design that the brand uses.

Beyond the quality of clothes they offer, they also ensure that there is no use of heavy chemicals. Cosmos studios are also into pioneering sustainability, which can even be seen in their choice of dye and process, using 95% less water.

13. Black Crane

Black Crane built a gender-fluid fashion brand that designs comfortable daily wear, inspired by the saying “clothes are a tool for living.” Amongst all the other great qualities associated with the brand, comfort is one significant aspect where they show up and show out.

The gorgeous silhouette designs they make are comfortable and stylish that people refer to them as great streetwear or pajamas. In addition, all their garments are made out of eco-friendly, biodegradable and renewable materials.

14. Tibi

The Tibi fashion brand was created by a family of artists from a town in off coast Georgia. They offer amazing clothes like redesigned jackets and slacks with high waist. The brand is generally promoted as a womenswear brand, but it has also become a leading brand for stylists and editors of gender-fluid designers worldwide.

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Being an independent brand, Tibi’s designs and styles are unique and rare. This is also due to the numerous collaborations with other artists and creatives of varying fields.

Amy Smilovic, the creative director of the brand, mentioned how the brand is mainly about creating unconventional designs that fight social norms and the lines between old, young, masculine, feminine, bold, or sophisticated.

15. Rad Hourani

The Rad Hourani brand is the brainchild of a Canadian fashion designer born in Jordan and happens to be a well-rounded creative activist and a believer that neutrality is a defining human trait.

Every fashion item that she designs is centered around the theme of neutrality as inspired by so many different things, including videos, painting, photography, etc.

All of her gender-fluid clothes have elements that expose and go against the fundamental ideas of religion, sex, economy and politics, putting forth gender-fluidity as the ideal universal vision.

16. Bode

The Bode fashion label is a gender-fluid brand generally marketed as a high menswear fashion. The founder, Emily Adams Bode, is the first woman to feature in the 2016 NYFW for men. This single act created a bigger space for more women in the menswear field.

The Bode brand has a sentimental attachment to vintage designs and historical narratives. This sentimental attachment is palpable in the brand’s first collection of unique clothes designed with antique fabrics.

In addition, every single piece of clothing from the Bode brand is tailor-made and a step further in the advocacy of gender-neutral fashion.

17. Official Rebrand

The Official Rebrand fashion label was created by MI Legget, a genderless artist who makes his unique gender-fluid clothes from the use of unwanted and wasted materials. The brand was built in 2017 when Legget decided to consolidate all his advocacy and orientation into a fashion brand that became an immediate hit.

Being an advocate for food justice, it’s no surprise that the rand uses recycled and upcycled materials to create their cloth designs. The brand aims to create an alternative community where cultural and industrial gender norms are discarded, and anyone can wear what they want.

18. Cilium

Cilium, also known as Tilly and William, is a gender-fluid brand that promotes inclusivity, transformability and uniqueness. The brand was created by Tilly d Wolfe Lapidos and Thom Barranca, who started questioning the concept of gender lines in clothing designs.

However, in 2018, the pair decided to launch a new gender-free clothing label, Cilium, as the name of the old brand wasn’t supposed to be about them but Cilium – a protective layer around cells.

Like Cilium, a membrane of ever-changing nature, the brand’s superb clothing pieces follow a constant transformative process.

19. Androgyny

The Androgyny fashion label is a gender-fluid fashion brand by Peter Bevan, who believes that genderless clothes are a powerful self-identification tool.

The brand logo itself is inspired by the moon, in the context of Plato’s description of androgynes as children of the moon. The triangle symbolizes the end of conventional feminine and masculine stereotypes.

Devan believes in gender fluidity being a state of mind and desires to create a safe space for people to express themselves any way they want. Therefore, the clothes from this brand are made from certified natural cotton, and they are all hand-made in this brand’s studio based in the UK.


If there is one defining factor about fashion, there will always be room for everyone. It doesn’t matter that you are the majority, minority, rebel, conventional, etc. You will always find something for yourself.

If you are someone who identifies with the gender-fluid community and has been having some challenges figuring out where to shop, we hope that this list has given you some great options to explore. Happy shopping!

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