What To Wear To A Nursing Interview


What To Wear To A Nursing Interview

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Do you have a nursing interview coming up, and you are struggling to find the perfect outfit, something that speaks professionalism and confidence? Leave a lasting impression with the style guide ahead.

Besides speaking confidently and preparing for the right questions, wearing the right clothes might land you the job.

Dealing with a nursing interview systematically and calmly is crucial for applicants to secure a nursing job.

After all, there exists fierce competition in the nursing field where everything matters, from how you carry yourself to what to say and, most importantly, how to dress. 

Wear Professionalism, Confidence and The Perfect Outfit

Professionalism and confidence are the two most important traits that you bring to an interview, but so is a well-put outfit. It won’t make you more of a nurse but would speak highly of a decent personality and would leave an everlasting good first impression. 

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So, on that note, listed below are a few clothing combinations that women can wear to their nursing interviews. This list will allow you to learn which clothing items are the best to wear during your nursing interview!


There is no doubt that wearing a suit to an interview, let alone a nursing interview, is the best option for men and women. However, the type of suit to wear to your nursing interview totally depends on you.

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Opt for darker colors for the suit and light hues or neutrals for the shirt to create a balanced blend of colors. Don’t forget to remove any creases from your suit by ironing it the night before and storing it safely. 

Shirt And Slacks/Trousers

If you’re not comfortable wearing a suit, you can always wear slacks with your choice of shirt. After all, dress slacks go pretty well with a nice dress shirt. 

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To give it a professional vibe, consider wearing darker colors for the slacks and neutral or light colors such as black, blue, grey, or white to complete your look. That said, if you don’t like slacks, you can always replace them with a pair of trousers. 

Skirt And Shirt

A skirt with a button-down shirt is the best possible clothing combination for a nursing interview. It shows that you’re willing to be at your best to get your nursing dream job!

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Furthermore, ensure that you wear a dark or neutral-colored skirt and shirt combo to look professional. Moreover, you can also rock a matching blazer on top of your shirt for that perfect interview look!

How To Maintain Your Look During Your Interview

Besides the clothes you wear to your interview, other aspects such as your shoes, accessories, and hair are also important. In fact, they will allow you to ensure that you get the job! 

Furthermore, when combined with the right clothing choices, these aspects will allow you to look professional and organized! However, these components differ for both males and females. So, on that note, let’s begin!

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In the end, the nursing interview is a platform to let people know about your nursing skills and professionalism. In fact, wearing the right amount of accessories will make or break your interview. 

For example, wearing too much will show your interviewer that you care more about your appearance than the interview itself. On the other hand, wear too little, and the interviewer will think that you don’t care about your dressing. 

Try to keep accessories down to an absolute minimum. For instance, rings, watches, bracelets, and earrings are acceptable. 

As for the piercings, wear small minimalist earrings to keep the professional element. 


Rocking an appropriate hairstyle is as important as wearing the right clothes to your interview. For instance, if your hair looks messy, your clothes probably will look the same. 

For a presentable and professional look, it’s always better to tie your hair in a bun or an updo; try and keep the hair away from the face. 

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If you have long hair, tie your locks with a hairband or push them back using hair gel or hair cream.

What Not To Wear

Regardless of the industry you work in, consider avoiding the following:

Perfume Or Heavy Makeup

Try to wear as little perfume as possible to your nursing interview. If you don’t, you risk causing unintentional allergic reactions or overpowering your interviewers. Furthermore, avoid putting on heavy makeup to have a neutral look. 

After all, you’re going to an interview, not a casual party. Therefore, maintaining a professional look should be your topmost priority. Ideally, it would be wise to avoid layered, heavy foundations and bold eye or lip colors. 

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Clothes That Don’t Fit Well

Whatever happens, avoid wearing loosely or tightly fitting clothes. Before heading out for your interview, examine the clothing items you’ve shortlisted to identify low V-necks or short hemlines. 

However, if you’re running late for your interview and don’t have any substitute clothing, consider layering up to hide the looseness or tightness of your clothing. 

Wrinkled Clothing

Wrinkled clothes are a big no when going to a nursing interview. After all, if you wear wrinkled clothes, it will leave the impression that you’re not a professional and did not give importance to the nursing interview.  

So, ensure that you nicely press all your clothes the night before your nursing interview, so you don’t have to run around in the morning trying to get it done!

Wrapping Up

The impression you leave on your interviewers will be the deciding factor as far as getting accepted or rejected is concerned. Therefore, you must ensure that you control the interview before the interviewers even get to the first question. 

So, while some outfits might suit the nursing interview well, you have to ensure that you look your best on interview day. To accomplish that, read this article thoroughly, and you will get a better idea of what outfit can go well for you. 

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