What To Wear To A Starbucks Interview?


What To Wear To A Starbucks Interview?

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Starbucks is the largest coffee franchise in all of America, with well over 15,000 stores across the country. It is also a home for a lot of our fun memories.

With its continuous growth, Starbucks ticks all the right boxes for people hunting for jobs. So it’s not surprising that you’ve applied for a position there.

But an interview can make you nervous because it’s an interview like no other.

The venue is at one of its outlets. This information can put you off balance because even though it’s an interview, it isn’t in a regular office.

Instead, it’s in a restaurant, and you don’t want to screw it up by how you appear.

Don’t worry; we have the perfect balance for you.

Simple gown

Considering the nature of the interview, a simple, knee-length gown would do. It could be an A-shaped gown with a fine waist accessory to compliment. This gives you a confident yet relaxed aura. It allows free movement, compliments your physical features, and makes you feel comfortable in yourself. Wearing an ill-fitted cloth will make you nervous. That’s not the first message you want to pass across.

Simple gown with jacket

If you prefer to go with a sleeveless gown, make sure to wear a jacket over it to cover your arms. This is not just to seem conservative but also to not give the wrong impression. You don’t want your interviewer to be distracted by your arms or maybe other things on your arms. Also, make sure the gown covers your sensitive parts too. You could choose a kimono, a denim jacket, or a blazer, depending on what suits you best and fits the fabric and color of your gown of choice.

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Denim pants and blouse 

Because it’s Starbucks and the name alone exudes fun, laughter, and happiness, you could incorporate that in your dressing. As long as it’s not ripped jeans or some other type with holes or cuts in them, denim pants and a blouse would be 85% your ideal outfit for an interview with Starbucks. It is fun, it is relaxed, and it is “Starbucks interview” appropriate. Yes, we said it! 😂

Pencil skirt and blouse 

If none of the ideas so far is doing it for you, then it’s time to try a traditional classic. A pencil skirt and a beautiful flowy top. Why flowy? Because it’s Starbucks, baby, and you shouldn’t look too serious. If you nail the role, you would probably have to become a jester to fit in with the other employees, so why so serious now? But if you must be serious, a lovely straight skirt and a good blouse. Remember, it should cover all your sensitive parts and tattoos if any… Be breezy.

Overcoat, top, and pants

At first glance, this outfit gives off “classy” vibes. Beautiful, classy, and confident. That’s exactly the kind of message you want to pass on. This outfit does it seamlessly and assuming the interview is on a chilly day, this fulfills all your desires. It gives off the right message and keeps you warm. Just like Starbucks. Beautiful, warm, and fuzzy

Shirt and slacks

Gentlemen, you don’t want to look shabby in an interview, irrespective of the location. Slacks fit almost any shirt, as long as the color is right. You could wear a polo T-shirt or a button-down shirt; all would still work. This outfit is very comfortable yet shows great confidence because not everyone can pull this look off as easily as you probably would. Make sure to wear nice shoes😉

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Denim pants, shirt, and jacket 

This outfit easily gives off a relaxed look. But beyond the vibe, it’s also cool. This is like the ultimate get-up for most men worldwide, and it can go for any occasion, including an interview in a coffee shop. So while you wow your interviewers with your choice of clothing, wow them with your charisma and intelligence.

Denim pants, shirt, and blazer

This is straight-up “alpha-male” vibes. Not everyone can wear a blazer and own it. If you manage to pull this look off, you could get a managerial position even if you didn’t apply for it. It is a typical example of “dress how you want to be addressed.” This look might not necessarily give off “cool” vibes but gives a confident, responsible yet relaxed look. This look alone would get you in favor with the interviewer if done rightly.

Denim pants and hoodie

Okay! Okay! Okay! We agree this might not give any strong impression about you, but hey, it’s Starbucks. Nobody wants you to be too serious because it’s a fun atmosphere. This outfit shows just that. It’s a playful outfit, as you can also play with your color combination. This exudes fun, relaxed, carefree, easygoing, and the likes, and boldly tells the interviewer that you’re the right fit. Most interviewers will want to hire you because your outfit represents all that Starbucks is.

Slacks, shirt, and waistcoat

So we are a bit too serious with this one, as even this outfit could get you the CEO at Starbucks if that position is open. The only thing lacking from a three-piece suit in this outfit is a suit and tie, and that’s because you don’t want to come off as overly serious. But we are not here to discourage you, as this is also a great choice of outfit if you can’t shake off all the seriousness in you. This outfit is an A….minus. but at least still an A 🤣

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Remember the famous quote, “dress how you want to be addressed?” This also applies when you’re going for a fun interview. A few more tips we have for you are; 

Make sure your hair is held back from your face if you have long hair.

Don’t get distracted by ordering food before or during the interview. That can come later. 

When going for interviews of this nature, be sure to bring with you the fun, carefree side of yourself.

Remember to have ample information about the company and its dealings too. Good luck!!!

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