59 Best Spring Nail Colors


59 Best Spring Nail Colors

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Whether it’s acrylic nails or a simple manicure, getting your nails done is a treat for women and men alike. But this spring, it is all about bright colors, graphic-designed nails, and pastel aesthetics to ease into the new season.

Down below, you will find a list of gorgeous shades that not only will bring in the spring season but it will also highlight the outfits you wear as we move on from the dreary weather of the winter season.

So, lose the big coat, make a nail appointment, and start exploring the many options that we have compiled for you!

1. Pink Nails

Pink nails, the staple look for the beginning of spring! With this bright and gleeful color, you can make pink work with any look! You can get a rosy pink to compliment your green attire, a blue dress, or just to enhance the complexion of your skin.

Pink is so universal that you will bring the new season in without any issues. So, go to the store, buy a shade of pink, or attend your next nail appointment looking for the brightest pink there is to put onto your nails.

2. White Nails

White nails have become more trendy within the last few months, and everyone can see why. It’s a simple color that can be manipulated into anything that is gorgeous, subtle, but attractive.

Many have paid for white toes and nails together, which shouldn’t be shocking because it is an amazing combination to have when you look at it.

Simply put, this basic, absent color is worth the rave, and you should totally embrace this color for how amazing it will look on you.

3. Red Nails

Red nails are extremely beautiful! This one color has been around for so long that it has become a staple for spring nails.

This color can be used in many designs such as roses, hearts, graphic designs, and so many more. Red nails are universal, and making the best out of this color will surely upgrade your outfit.

So choose how you want to go about doing red nails, matte or glossy, and embrace the spring season with this classic shade.

4. Black Nails

Shockingly enough, you can put it together for spring looks! Got a jean jacket, white pants, a black tote bag, gold jewelry, and a favorite hairstyle? Boom! You’ve got yourself an amazing look with even more amazing nails.

You don’t even have to do solid black nails with ghoulish designs. You can add jewelry, do French tip black nails, a mix of black and another color, anything really! Black is versatile, and you can add it to any style you want.

5. Blue Nails

Blue nails are quite literally the most adorable nails to have during the spring. You can have sky blue nails, dark blue nails, all kinds of blue, and anyone would fit the theme of spring. You can remind yourself of the beautiful expanse of the sky above or the deep marine of the sea below us.

Either way, blue nails are perfect for the spring season, and as this list continues, you will find that all the shades of blue are suitable for anyone.

6. Purple Nails

Now, purple nails are a statement to behold because this color screams new and improved. Purple nails can be light and pretty and dark and empowering during the spring simply because this color has held its meaning in the sun.

Whether you want a lilac purple or lavender, purple can become your new favorite color once you try it out and try to pair it with one of your all-time favorite outfits.

Purple goes with many different shades such as white, blue, red, and other shades that will complement its beauty.

7. Green Nails

If you want to embrace the floral side of spring, green is just for you. Green nails are worn year-round, but during the spring, it’s perfect.

You can go light and dark without interrupting your color scheme for the day and still have amazing nails that can literally go with any event, outfit, or special occasion.

Green nails also compliment many skin tones and also enhance the simple beauty of your hands and feet as you embrace the nature of spring as it continues to bloom and prepare for the summer.

8. Brown Nails

Now many might be surprised, but brown nails are very common around springtime! It’s one of those colors that you see take charge relatively often as everyone begins putting away their coats and finding clothes to put together for the warm months ahead.

Brown has become more popular recently, and wearing any shade of brown is sure to bring a spring look together without any problem.

9. Yellow Nails

As you continue to read this list, you will see another original color that is usually associated with the spring and summertime – yellow. Yellow is so bright, and because of the range that it offers as a nail color, you don’t want to miss out on trying this shade on your nails.

Yellow is bright and can be brighter if you try out pastel, neon, or basic yellow tones. Either way, yellow is for sure a must-have on the list.

10. Burgundy Nails

To start the list of colors, you should try, let’s begin with burgundy nails. It’s a shade of red and is bold in it own way simply because of how dark it is in comparison to other shades of red.

Regardless, this sexy and alluring color is more than satisfactory for the spring weather simply because you want to show off your greatest features. Burgundy nails have that effect on who you are and where you at during a nice and sunny spring day.

11. Rose Nails

Now whether it’s a rose design or rose-colored nails, either design or color is appropriate for the spring. Nails with a rose design can showcase the nail artist’s ability to create amazing roses as they bloom to the base of your nail.

Rose-colored nails are well-suited to show the beauty of a woman as this color is a softer tone of the shades pink and white.

12. Royal-Blue Nails

Again, blue nails are adorable during the spring – but royal blue nails? Prepare the ceremony because you are making moves the moment you step into the room with these nails!

This deep shade of blue has beauty in itself because it is similar to the expanse of the sea: Eye-catching, breathtaking, all of it. And as you choose a color for the spring, keep this color in mind because royal blue nails are beautiful for the upcoming months.

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13. Gold Nails

Golden nails for a golden time! If you’re all for the pizazz and extravagant look, these nails are right for you! Golden nails can either have a clear flake gold effect, a sheer holo effect or a simple glittery shine to the magic on your nails.

Golden nails are also perfect for the golden hours that will strike your face at the right time, with the right angle, and everything! Try these nails if you want that shiny glitter effect the next time you go for a manicure.

14. Lavender Nails

This shade of purple, lavender, has been around for quite a while. Its color is so vibrant and full of color, yet soft and pale as if it were in a powder form. Lavender sets off a look easily because of how it flows with every piece of you.

It’s refreshing, adoring, and gives a sense of peace when you wear it. Just like when you smell lavender, it reminds you of the peace that comes with the season of spring as it jumps into a new start.

15. Orange Nails

Orange nails are no shocker to anyone who has seen the growth that comes from the season of spring. Seeing the color orange on nails already gives a sense of vibrancy to the world around us, but seeing it on your nails? Gorgeous.

Pair this color with an orange sundress, and you’re well on your way to looking as if you just came from a garden full of oranges!

16. Gray Nails

If you’re looking for a neutral color, gray nails are honestly the way to go. Grey nails are also another universal color that can go with almost every outfit and color scheme that you may have out there. While many may believe that gray is a bland color, you can actually bring some value to the shade itself.

It’s a mix of white and black, so why not put the three shades together and create a monochromatic look on your hands to really build a design of your own? Or, add some gold flakes to the look and see how it’ll fit your own spring theme.

17. Jade Nails

Jade nails are one, if not the most beautiful nails go grace the internet since nails have become more extravagant in their nature. Jade nails?

If you have not seen or heard of them yet, they are simply green nails that have been manipulated with other colors, such as white, to give off a gem effect.

These sets of nails, in particular, are gorgeous because you can either get the theme glossed or leave the theme matte. Either way, you will have one of the gorgeous nails for springtime.

18. Ruby Nails

This shade of red, or the ruby gems, are beautiful for the springtime. Simple as that. Ruby-colored nails are such an easy choice because of how it explodes in color once you get them done.

Ruby nails as gems are also extremely fancy in their own way simply because it gives a look of importance – something many people try to achieve during the new season.

19. Aqua Nails

Aqua nails remind you of the bright expanse of a lake. This shade of blue reminds those who wear it just how beautiful the color blue is, like a light hue.

This mix of green and blue has made its way onto the shelves of nail polishes as many people search for this color due to its dazzling nature and the effectiveness of this hue. If aqua is one of your favorite colors, definitely try this one out.

20. Navy Blue Nails

One of the most beloved tones of blue, navy blue nails will surely put you in the mood to search for any spring outfit as the new season begins. Jeans, shorts, dresses, and navy blue nails go with it all.

This is because of how dark it is in comparison to the original shade of blue. Navy blue has a darker shade and draws out the undertones of any skin complexion. The beauty of blue is that once you find a shade like this, you’ll fall in love with it immediately.

21. Orchid Nails

Everseen orchid flowers on a nail? Or rather, the color? Orchid nails can go either way, you can either get a design of it or get the shade, which is a dark but light hue of purple.

It’s similar to the lavender nail polish but a lot more vibrant in color. So, if you’re looking for a purple nail polish that seems like lavender, but you want something that is more pigmented rather than a softer look, the orchid is the way to go.

22. Peach Nails

A mix of red and orange peach nails is one of the highlights of this list! Peach-colored nails are a fan favorite because of the looks that you can pull off with this one.

It is a pastel color, yes, but you can also add more shine to the look with a glossy topcoat and boom, you have a shiny new set of peach nails that will make your day even better. You won’t be able to look away from these spring-themed nails.

23. Silver Nails

Have you ever had silver nails and anticipated how they would look in the sun? Well, don’t think anymore because silver is in. Although it is fuller of blitz and shine, this shade of gray is pretty amazing to wear.

When you wear silver nails, they shine and shimmer in the sun as you take to continue on with your daily activities and enjoy the breezy spring air.

24. Coral Nails

Coral nails are a real treat for anyone who wants to wear a shade of orange that has a slight hint of red within its colors. Coral nails remind you of the coral reefs in the sea, but when you wear the color, it is so pigmented that you will be pleased to see this color on the beach or at the park.

Coral nails are also perfect for the spring because it is rather nice to see a shade of orange in the spring months.

25. Lime Green Nails

Lime green nails are bright. Very bright, actually. You would think you were getting neon-colored nails because of this color, but in fact, it is just the high contrast of this shade that makes this color pop so much.

Lime green is pretty good for the spring because of its bright color. Obviously, spring is all about more sun, more detail and high value. This shade of green is perfect for that, especially if you want to try something new!

26. Maroon Nails

Now, if you’re one to like the color red, maroon nails are also for you. It’s another dark shade of red, but it is not so dark that it will take away from the spring theme and fall into the season of autumn.

Maroon nails are universal for every season, especially if you choose to spice up the look and make designs for each nail. Maroon is beautiful on its own, but if you really want to make it a spring color, add a few details to the look!

27. Mint Green Nails

Mint green nails, a softer version of lime green nails, to put it simply. This color is suitable for those who want a more muted color of green but also desire a hint of blue in their nail color.

Mint green nails are very pleasing in their own way and are also flexible in their color scheme because you can pair this color with another shade and have an amazing spring color scheme on your hands and feet.

28. Teal Nails

Yet another shade of blue, this color is simply a lighter but brighter shade of blue. It’s stylish, it’s expressive, and it’s here to stay. Teal is a color that fits every skin tone there is and really makes an outfit a lot more impressive.

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You can wear teal nails as a basic color, pair them with a few gems, another color, or add some designs to make it more than just a simple color.

29. Turquoise Nails

Turquoise nails, another fan favorite and common nail color that many wear every day. In the spring, turquoise nails are beautiful because of their blue and green hue mixture that enhances the beauty of its own shade.

Turquoise nails have been made into many different designs as acrylic and basic manicures, so if you’re looking for a color to try, try out the color turquoise.

30. Beige Nails

This shade of brown is so light that you’ll think it’s a nude shade. Technically, it is, and you can wear this color however you want. In the spring, we all want those bright colors that make the boldest of statements, but what about the colors that are mellow and are adjustable to anything you do and wear?

Spring may be a fun season before the high of the summer, but nudes are still in and can be worn instead of bright hues of other colors.

31. Lilac Nails

Lilac nails are a bright shade of purple that many are in love with. This color is gorgeous. You will adore this look once you have it on your nails.

Many lilac nails are seen with more graphic designs due to new trendy nail designs, and honestly, that might just be for the best! Lilac nails are so pretty that you’ll want to add a little more flair to the nails when you wear them.

32. Mauve Nails

An attractive shade of purple, mauve has become a sexy, alluring and resourceful color since it has appeared on the shelves. Mauve is also a color that can be worn anywhere because of the beauty that it holds as a color.

This dark yet relatively light shade of purple is expressive in its own way and continues to be used for many designs in nail designs and clothing items.

33. Sapphire Nails

This impressive shade of blue will most likely take your breath away because of how speechless it will leave you. You can get this shade as a design, a color, anything really.

Sapphire is a blue that will shock the world when you get to choose this color. Whether your favorite color is blue or not, this is for sure a stunning choice for anyone looking to get a new set in the future!

34. Champagne Nails

As another set of glittery nails graces this list, it should be noted that champagne nails remain superior in terms of shine and beauty. This sparkly and elegant shade of gold is beautiful against the skin, outfits, really anything.

It glows in the sun, compliments many skin tones, and is effortlessly a lovely shade of gold that can shift light as you move your hand back and forth once the sun hits your fingers.

35. Magnolia Nails

Now, you may think of colors when you think of magnolia, and you can, but we’re talking about the shade magnolia, which is a pretty shade of pink.

Magnolia nails, flower design or shade is absolutely striking during the spring months because of how you can wear these nails with almost anything that you have in your closet.

36. Periwinkle Nails

This color is a mix of purple and blue. Periwinkle has become one of those nails that is either a matte or glossy design. Either way, this color is amazing as a pastel look for spring-themed photos, dresses, designs, and more.

Periwinkle is a beautiful mix of light blue and purple shades and would fit in with the springtime perfectly as the season continues on.

37. Platinum Nails

Another sparkly set of nails, platinum nails are a mix of gold and copper that come together and make a beautiful, solid shade of platinum. More suited for fancier events such as prom or graduation, this nail color is perfect for it all.

Many large events happen in the spring, and wearing platinum nails in the spring brings a look together effortlessly. If you’re looking for prom or graduation nails, or just shiny spring nails, this one is for you!

38. Sky Blue Nails

Another all-time favorite sky blue nails are so cute. Remember how it was mentioned that there are shades of blue that are quite adorable? Well, sky blue is one of them!

It’s perfect for the spring and absolutely stunning when you turn this shade of blue into a design that is extraordinary to look at. If you love the color blue, try out sky blue nails at your next appointment and try out a design with it if you’re looking to have some fun with the color!

39. Tan Nails

This basic but gorgeous color screams classy and effortless. Many spring outfits are full of colors that pop and contrast with each other.

So, having a nude color to set off the look not only eases the bright hues of a shirt, a pair of pants, or some shoes, it will be helpful in its own way. In addition to that, tan nails are easy on the eyes and give off that classy feel to a comfortable, expressive outfit.

40. Copper Nails

A shade that is typically turned into an ombre shade. Copper is another beautiful derivative of gold. This particular shade has been seen on many acrylic designs and has struck many with wonder as to how this copper look can shine so beautifully.

Its smooth application and seamless look can wow anyone who is looking for a new color to add to their own personal spring collection of nail colors or for their next nail appointment.

41. Forest Green Nails

Perfect for a forest, forest green nails have to be on the list. For one thing, this shade of green has specifically become one of those colors that shows royalty in its own way.

It is also bold and lovely in its own way due to the deep pigmentation of this color. Green is already a spring color in itself, but forest green? This color will for sure bring the spring season into full throttle because this color says it all

42. Olive Nails

Green has so much range, as you see. After a deep color like forest green, olive green nails are just as beautiful. This color is softer and more appreciative of the gorgeous nature that comes with the blossoming season of springtime.

Olive green nails are more pastel and enhance the pure attractiveness of springtime. What better way to show love for the season of spring than wearing olive green, a soft tone for, again, new beginnings?

43. Tomato Nails

A verybright hue of red, this color for sure looks like a tomato. And that’s okay! Tomato red nails are charming to look at simply because it’s a shade of red that shows off the lighter side of red in comparison to the deeper shades that have been discussed in this list.

Tomato red is especially good for the spring because it’s bright it’s refreshing, and it’s another great pick for all areas of design!

44. Violet Nails

A bold shade of purple, of course, violet nails hold a name of its own and has a space of its own as well. Though dark, violet nails are great for the warmer season because it’s a color of royalty.

Violet is a deep shade of purple that shows out unapologetically. When you wear this color, you will feel empowered because of how enriching this color is when you wear it and look at it in the bright sun in the early mornings, mid-afternoon, or the late evenings.

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45. Emerald Nails

If you ever wanted to hold a precious jewel in your hands, get it on your fingers. Seriously. Emerald nails can either be emerald green or a design with emerald green in it.

Many individuals typically get the emerald design with this shade of green and place gems on top to make their nails seem much more attractive and, well, expensive.

The sets that come with the color emerald green are usually very exciting to look at because of the allure that this shade of green gives off when wearing it.

46. Pumpkin Nails

Pumpkin orange nails? Wait! Hear us out! While the fall is no longer in full swing and the winter is ending, we don’t literally mean getting pumpkins on your nail – but rather the color of a pumpkin, you follow?

The orange of a pumpkin is very beautiful, and having a color like that on your nails will make your hands pop. You can use this color to make flowers on your nails, prepare for the beach, and a lot more because of how versatile this shade is as a derivative of the color orange.

47. Chocolate Nails

Brown nails for the spring? Yes. Yes, a thousand times because who said brown couldn’t be worn during the spring? It may be a dark color, but it is also one of the more neutral tones on the color chart.

Chocolate brown nails are specifically especially more neutral when it comes to having a nail color like this one. It goes with many looks and color schemes, so having this color as an option for spring is pretty nice to have.

48. Lemon Nails

A bright yellow for all your wants and needs, lemon yellow nails are probably one of the most underrated nails on the market. This shade of yellow is bright, vibrant, and exactly what you need for the spring.

If there’s one thing to take away from this is nail colors, yellow is the color for spring. It’s bright like the sun, brings life to the world around you, and will fit you even if you aren’t one for bright colors! You can even make the best designs out of yellow color nails, too!

49. Plum Nails

As another shade of purple, plum-colored nails are very beautiful in the springtime. Not only are they a beautiful shade, but they also fit just in time for a season change.

These nails are attractive in their own way and can pull together a look that you’ve been creating for some time. What better way to add purple into your own personal aesthetic than to try out a color that is already nice to look at on its own?

50. Auburn Nails

A shade of both red and orange, this color is an amazing combination of what the spring wants and what it needs. This color is similar to that of auburn hair, only a bit dark and a lot shinier.

If you choose to get auburn air that will shine in the sun, going from red to orange as you move your hand back and forth, then you for sure will be set for the spring season.

51. Crimson Nails

Yet, another shade of red. This deep shade of red has been worn in a more matte style in comparison to the glossy looks. This color is also great for the spring because, like the basic color of red, it is easy to adjust this color to anything you may be doing or wearing.

It is an easy color to adapt to and also looks beautiful on the hands once the color sets in and you walk around flaunting your hands to those around you proudly.

52. Magenta Nails

Magenta nails , glossy or matte, this color is a bomb! It’s a bright shade of purple and can pass off like a neon color if you really want to embrace the heat in all its glory.

Though more for the summer months, magenta can honestly be worn for the spring because of how bright it is. This color of purple plus an outfit that also has many bright colors? The choices that you can make with this shade of purple are endless.

53. Amethyst Nails

Now, if you have never seen an amethyst, simply think of it as a rock that has many intricate designs with a glowing aura of purple surrounding its nature. Now, if you have looked up what an amethyst is, and amethyst in the color purple, you would know that this is a stunning shade of purple.

This nail color is usually designed to be exactly as amethyst, but its shade of it is even more beautiful than, let’s say, lavender itself because of its breathtaking capabilities as a nail color.

54. Taupe Nails

A nude shade for those looking for a more classy look to their aesthetic, taupe nails. Taupe nails are like an opaque verse of the color white but are similar to the color beige.

It’s an in-between color that offers classic vibes despite the jumpy and exciting nature of the spring. Yet, this color can also be neutral for everything in your life because of how simple this nail color is.

55. Buff Nails

Now many might not know this, but buff nails are the cutest. They almost take the shade of your natural nail tone and highlight the pink undertone that sits underneath the base of your nail.

Buff nails are an easy choice for whenever you are having a tough time choosing a color or want something simple to wear. It’s perfect for spring because the season is just starting, and you will want to have a color that is cute and new for the spring!

56. Cream Nails

An offset to white nails, cream nails are a soft-looking alternative to the stark contrast of white nails. Though white is nice on its own, cream white nails are subtle and easy to wear as well. They are easy to maintain, go with any piece of clothing, and give off an air of innocence because of this pure shade.

So, if you’re looking for a shade of white that isn’t too bright, but it is still soft and subdued, this color might just be for you!

57. Indigo Nails

Indigo nails are a beautiful shade of purple that is similar to that of indigo plants. It is an attractive hue of purple that matches anything. For many, this can go for bridesmaids wearing lavender dresses and indigo nails or a white dress with purple flowers.

Indigo nails are a soft and slightly dark tone that can complement the season of spring as it takes to charge and brings in new beginnings.

58. Midnight Blue Nails

Midnight blue nails are one thing, and one thing only, breathtaking. These magnificent nails are perfect for late-night drives and the cool spring breeze as you watch the sky go from orange to a beautiful midnight blue.

This nail color is not only gorgeous for looks and style, but it also creates this aura of elegance as the blue can either be matte or gloss and still radiate a since of royalty once you wear this color.

59. Powder-Blue Nails

Powder nails are extremely adorable! But, in the shade of blue, it is ten times better. Comparable to baby blue nails, this mix of light blue and light purple is cute enough to pass for a spring look as the season warms up.

It’s soft, it’s easy on the eyes, and this color is great for seasonal changes, especially during spring fashion. Soft pastel looks are in, and as the last color on this list, you can guarantee new spring nail looks.

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