50 Royal Blue Nail Design Ideas


50 Royal Blue Nail Design Ideas

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Are you looking for royal blue nail designs? If so, you might be stunned to know that many folks hunt for these nails. The truth is the current fashion era warrants something new. It’s characterized by innovation and sophistication. So, people (especially ladies) look for items that can render a fresh look to their persona.

Although accessories come in handy, they can be monotonous. Not to forget, the rising prices of bags, hats, and other products can dent your wallet substantially. In such a scenario, nail designs turn out to be an innovative choice.

Royal blue nails explained

They’re what they sound. In simple words, nails that feature royal blue as the main color can be considered royal blue nails. They can be simple hues of royal blue or include intricate details. Users get to play with their imagination and creativity for their situation.

Why choose royal blue ombre nails?

As far as nail designs go, ladies have a host of choices, from green to red and black to yellow. Despite the variety, blue stands as a much better choice. Why? Let’s figure out the perks of royal blue nails before arriving at a conclusion.


There’s nothing more inviting than royal blue. The color can make you a focal point of attraction on any occasion. If accentuated with a proper outfit, blue nails can compel others to give you a warm welcome.


Tweaking your looks can be a pricey proposition, thanks to the rising cost of beauty products. Even if you’ve enough money, you’d like to spend it sensibly. Royal blue nails come in handy here. They attract an affordable price tag. You may even seek discounts by placing a bulk order. In return for a small sum, you can buy a product that can enhance your dressing and personality on the go.


Blue shades are trendy and suit any person. Whether you have a slim profile or a plus-size body contour, royal blue designs can match your situation. Essentially, you get a fair degree of flexibility to adjust nail designs to suit your specific occasion.


No one wants to stick to a single design. On the contrary, people love to try something new each time they get dressed up for a new event. Royal blue designs give you the opportunity to try newer designs and styles. They come in such a big range that you won’t run out of options anytime.

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Top 10 Royal Blue Nail Designs

By this point, you’re familiar with the perks of royal blue nails. Now, you’d like to test your options. Here are your choices:

1. Blue And Yellow Nails

Enjoy a lovely color combination with this superb manicure! The lemon shade along with royal blue is a stunning choice for folks who prefer something new. For an enriching effect, toss some graphic lines. How about using abstract art with this color combination?

Just let your imagination go wild. You never know what kind of mix you may come up with. No matter what you choose, the result will be astonishing and magnificent. Yellow and blue also make the best choice for those who love to balance light and dark colors.

2. Royal Blue Lines On Nails

You might have seen line art in logos and other graphics. You may use these lines in royal blue nails too. Simple bluish lines running all over your nail will give an intriguing look. What’s more convincing is the fact that blue lines can beautify any base.

Whether you choose a nude base or a dark base, blue lines will highlight the ornamentation in a much better manner. For enriched effects, you may use zigzag or uneven lines. You can either use a single line or multiple lines. The choice is yours. No matter what you pick, you’ll pat yourself for choosing the option.

3. Royal Blue Nails With Design Art

Just like lines, design art can do wonders for your nails. Here, you get to play with unlimited choices. The reason – the number of designs that you may find is limitless. If you work out your options, you can come up with unique artwork every time.

Add a taste of decadence to the manicure with this perfect mix. For a balanced effect, you may choose an outfit in floral or similar designs. Buy a handbag in a matching print. Believe it or not, your combination will be a point of attraction at the said event.

4. Royal Blue Ombre Nails With Glitter

Some ladies love to shine. They buy a shining dress and choose appropriate accessories. They like to grab attention through their shiny outfit. If you’re one such lady, consider throwing glitter on your nails. The color you choose for glitter may vary according to your liking.

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For instance, you may choose golden glitter with dark blue nails. That should have a deep contrast. On the other side, you may go for royal blue nails with white or silver glitter. Both options just work fine. Just be creative, and you can find a suitable match for your shiny outfit.

5. Royal Blue, Dark Blue Nails With Gold

Gold is a sign of wealth and success. The color has been cherished for ages and, it still rules the hearts of people. This point is even more correct in the case of women who prefer gold jewelry. However, gold is no longer restricted to jewelry pieces. So, bring them on your nails and show your liking for this yellow metal.

Gold and blue nails make a perfect blend for any occasion, from casual to formal events. Gold color dress, gold jewelry, and blue and gold nails can make you a guest of honor at any party. People will applaud you for your choice.

6. Long Royal Blue, Dark Blue Nails

Some ladies don’t want to invest too much time in getting ready. Yet, they wish to be dressed in the best possible manner. If you come into this category, choose long nails. They can attract the attention of anyone and draw their focus on your manicure.

As far as color combinations go, you may work with a single blue color. Alternatively, you may choose two or three colors. Lengthy nails give you more space to add multiple colors and intricate artwork. So, you may include as many details as possible for a better impression.

7. Royal Blue And Black Nails

Do you wish to highlight your nails? Are you seeking a color contrast for your nail designs? If so, look no further than the blue and black nails. The beauty of this combination is you can play around with a host of choices. For instance, you can color the nail blue and have a black tip.

You may also divide the nail into two halves. Here, you may color the first half in black and the other half in blue. Take another scenario! You may color the nail in blue and add geometric designs in black.

8. White And Royal Blue Ombre Nails

White is a timeless color, so is royal blue. Even kings used to love them. The tradition prevails even today. People of all ages and genders prefer this lovely combination. So, why not test it on your manicure? How about working on a white ground with blue designs?

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Adding white lines to the blue ground is another option. You may also add a whitish tip to your blue-colored nails. Having matte blue on nails with glowing whitish designs can do wonders too. A little bit of time and imagination should help you come up with multiple possibilities.

9. Royal Blue Nail Designs With Tips

Do you know why french manicure garners more attention than others? It’s the lovely tip that adds to the beauty of the design. So, why not use french tips with royal blue? The outcome will be gratifying as well as accomplishing. Ask an expert about using french tips on nail designs.

He’ll tell you how amazing the final result will be. The best part of royal blue nails with french tips is they go well with any outfit. A small dark tip on your nail draws the attention of others from a distant place. Best of all, you have a plethora of options concerning tips, from light to dark.

10. Royal Blue And Red Nails

If you want your nails to get spotted by everyone at a given function, consider the blue and red design. Blue and red complement each other. So, their combination accentuates your manicure elegantly. The beauty of this option is it suits ladies of all profiles.

Also, both colors are readily available without any issue. Little legwork is involved in the design process. Above all, the combination works for all types of events. Embrace bold colors or throw glitters and pearls to make your nails stand out.

Closing Thoughts

Royal blue shades are gaining immense popularity today, whether it’s a dress or home interior, blue rules the hearts of people. So, why not use the color for your manicure?

Well-thought-out royal blue, dark blue nails can uplift your looks and tender exclusivity even in a crowded function. Just explore popular options to make the most out of your nails.

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