49 Best Nail Design Ideas For 21st Birthday


49 Best Nail Design Ideas For 21st Birthday

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Are you turning 21 and want to match your best dress with the best 21st birthday nails? Don’t worry, and we got you!

Turning 21 is probably one of the exciting birthdays you’ll have after your debut. You want it to be special to celebrate your growth from being a teenager once and finally on your way to adulthood. Whether your birthday is around the corner or you’re planning it one month ahead, we know that you want it to be memorable.

There are a bunch of ways to make your 21sth birthday celebration extra special, like putting on your new dress, planning a party, getting a customized cake, and more. And if you love painting your nails, it’s the best day to paint them uniquely.

Painting your nails on your birthday with a particular design is the perfect way to remember the moments of the celebration once it’s done. As you put on the same nail polish design, the unforgettable memories of your 21st birthday will definitely flashback in your mind. You’ll remember the moment when you cut the cake or hold the balloon as your nails are beautifully matching the celebration.

However, one of the challenging parts of wanting to have the perfect nails on your birthday is finding the best 21st birthday nail designs. We know that you want it to be something unique and attractive that will complement the theme of your birthday and personality. It should be a nail design that can elevate your overall look during the celebration.

And we understood the assignment! So, in this article, we compile some of the most amazing 21st birthday nail ideas that you can do to make your special day extra special. Here, you can find the 10 best nail designs for your upcoming birthday.

1. Birth Year On Nails

One of the best ways to achieve a birthday-themed nail is to incorporate and paint your birth year on your nails. You can put each number of your birth year from your forefinger nail to the nail of your pinky on both hands.

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Actually, the arrangement is all up to you! It’s just a matter of running your imagination and creativity wild. You can even include your birth date on the left side to make it more fun. Moreover, you can use the glitters or rhinestones to form the numbers to make the design pop out.

However, don’t just paint the number on your nails without adding cute designs and colorful backgrounds to make them more attractive. But if you want it to look simple yet elegant, sprinkling some glitters can do the trick.

2. It’s My Birthday Bitch

If you don’t want anyone ruining your special day, it is best to say it through your nail polish. Paint your nails with a combination of shades like black and white or black and gold to be the backdrop for the slogan It’s my Birthday Bitch’. This is a perfect addition to long nails as you can add the text layout even on a single nail and match the other nails with glamorous designs.

On the other hand, you design your nails with nail art stickers that match the It’s My Birthday Bitch’ vibe. You can choose to combine crown stickers plus rhinestone to make your nails shout that you’re the queen of the night.

3. Glam And Glitters

Birthdays are mostly associated with fun and vibrant colors. Usually, it’s all shiny and glittery, starting from the balloons, backdrop, and dress. So, to match the glamorous vibe, you can paint your nails with neon colors combined with loose glitters. The design will surely stand out, especially if you choose the right nail polish shades.

For inspiration, you can either fill your nails with colorful glitters or draw a particular design using them, like your favorite flower. Be creative and make it look aesthetically pleasing by adding nail art stickers or beads. Moreover, you can also use the design of your dress to be your inspiration in designing your nails.

4. Simple And Sophisticated Pearls

Turning 21 is somehow the age when you want to celebrate your birthday in a simple yet elegant way. It’s like you want to finally feel that you’re slowly becoming an adult. So, you might want to spend your birthday in a fancy restaurant with your family and friends.

In this case, the ideal 21st birthday nail design is a plain nude color nail polish with a layer of fancy beads or pearls. You can also choose to do silver nails sprinkled with colorful glitters and shiny pearls to match your elegant dress. The dark green nail polish and silver pearls combination is perfect for this kind of birthday celebration.

5. Age Is Just A Number

As you’re turning 21, you can proudly tell everyone your age by simply designing it on your nails. You can write the numbers on only one nail of each hand and design the other nails with stunning nail art. For instance, you can draw balloons, candles, cakes, or confetti on other nails to indicate a birthday-themed nail art.

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Furthermore, another idea is to paint the 21 number on your nails using gold glitters or rhinestones to elevate the design. Your nails will also look perfect with alternating base colors to add aesthetic to your nails.

6. 21 Diamonds

Diamonds are precious and rare stones, and so are you. So, another ideal nail design that you can do on your 21st birthday is adding 21 diamonds to your nail polish. There are affordable diamond nail stickers that you can buy online to do this. However, if you want to go all out, you can even use real diamonds.

And since it’s for your birthday, you can choose to put birthstone rather than random diamonds. You can check out your birthstone on the internet. Additionally, you can include nude or suitable colors to make the stones stand out.

7. Glitters And Balloons

Usually, balloons are always part of birthdays or any kind of celebration. You can always see them hanging or placed on the wall to make the venue attractive. So, to compliment the birthday backdrop, you can draw some cute balloons on your nails. You can also elevate the design with glitters and other shiny additions.

If you’re artistic and good at drawing, you can even include party hats and a glass of margarita to complete the fun birthday nail polish. For inspiration, you can also put colorful banners on the upper part of your nails, and below them are some bright balloons. It’s up to you whether you will draw one balloon for each nail or fill them.

8. Cakes And Candles

Of course, if you have balloons on birthdays, you’ll also find cakes and candles to be the center of the event during the time when you have to make a wish. To cherish that moment, you can be playful with your nail art by drawing slices of cakes or making each nail look like a slice of cake.

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Then, on your other hand, draw colorful birthday candles to make the design complete. It’s also an excellent idea if you combine both cakes and candles on each nail for perfect birthday party nails. This design is also excellent by adding your birth year or birth date to one of the nails.

9. Calendar Birthday Nails

If you really want to show everyone that it’s your birthday, design your nails aesthetically and draw a calendar icon with your birth month and date on it. You can also combine this design with other previous ideas, such as drawing cakes, balloons, and candles. This design will also look perfect by adding cute nail stickers and dazzling rhinestones.

10. Zodiac Signs Inspired

Let the stars fulfill your birthday wish by incorporating your zodiac sign on your 21st birthday nail design. There are tons of cute, sophisticated, and glamorous nail polish design ideas out there that you can check out. But for quick inspiration, you can do the base of your nail polish and make it look like the night sky full of stars. Then, in the middle of your nail, you can either draw or put a zodiac sign to complete the design.

Additionally, you can add rhinestones and glitters to make your nail art more attractive. You can use them to represent the glimmering stars on your nail art. You can check out the photos below for inspiration.


Make your twentieth birthday unforgettable by painting and designing your nails with unique designs that match the celebration. There is no limit to what you can include in achieving the nail art you want on your special day. You can choose from the ideas above and combine them for a satisfying result.

If you’re having a hard time picking the best design, try to consider factors like your birthday theme, dress, venue, or your personality and base your decision on them. You can also depend on your best pick on the style you want to achieve, whether you want classic, dreamy, creative, fun, abstract, elegant, or glitter.

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