What to wear with blue sneakers? Men’s Style Guide


What to wear with blue sneakers? Men’s Style Guide

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Last Updated on July 12, 2022 by inckredible

Sneakers are man’s best creations. Literally😄! They are comfortable to wear, easygoing, and stunning. 

Sneakers transcend all cultures. Everyone can wear sneakers, and it goes so well with everything from casual to corporate looks. The versatility sneakers offer and the numerous styles they come in stand them out among modern fashion trends. 

If you’re convinced about rocking a sneaker on your next romantic date or business meeting but don’t know what to wear with them, don’t worry. Here’s a list of some of the best clothes to match your blue sneakers. 

Hoodie on Jeans 

This is the perfect combo for winter. Pair your neutral-colored hoodie with either blue or black denim pants. Seal the deal with your gorgeous blue sneakers, and you are on your way to attracting stares all day long as you go about your daily activities.

This could also work in the latter stages of spring, when the mornings are usually chilly. So it doubles up as a protective cloth and as a fashion statement. If you feel risky, you can try out this combo with bright and exciting colors. Just make sure not to overdo it. 

Baseball Jacket on denim pants

Fortunately, this combination is timeless, so you can rock it in season and out of season. There’s no rule as to when you can or cannot rock this style. Choosing it for summer wouldn’t hurt too. Just take off the jacket and give us a full display of your awesome torso… 

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Depending on the color of your baseball jacket, you could wear a black, white, or neutral-colored polo shirt on top of any color of denim pants. Crown it all with a beautiful blue sneaker for a statement look. 

Sweater on shorts

We are unsure why we feel this way, but this combo gives us a “millionaire vibe .” You know how everything seems just perfect for a millionaire, right? That’s how this combo makes us feel. If you have invested enough time in the gym and given your 100 on your “leg days,” this style is the perfect outfit to show off your results. You can choose any color or style, as long as it goes well with your sneakers. 

T-shirt on shorts

 Another combination that gives us the “rich boyfriend” vibe. The thing with pairing T-shirt shorts is that as playful as it seems, they could still be worn for some corporate events. 

Picture yourself wearing a navy blue “Lacoste” polo shirt paired with neutral-colored shorts and navy blue sneakers to go sort some paperwork with a rich client over coffee. There’s a level of confidence and relaxed feel that this combo brings. It’s also perfect for a romantic date with your significant other.

Plain shirt on denim trousers

This is one of the oldest fashion combos available today. It works for everyone, irrespective of gender or personality. Imagine a plain shirt on denim pants as your bowl of plain vanilla ice cream, and you have a choice to choose whatever toppings you want 🤩🤩. 

Depending on how creative you want to be, you can fold up your pants an inch or two above your ankle to add extra style. This combination is, in fact, everything. All you need now is a perfect pair of blue sneakers, and you are ready to take on the world. Literally!

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Full suit

where is it written that a full-on, six-piece suit must go with boring, shiny, pointy shoes? Where? Nowhere! With or without a necktie, you can rock your suit with sneakers and still get heads turning. The versatility of sneakers always gets us excited. How can one dress item go so well with everything? So confidently rock those blue sneakers with your suit and go capture the hearts of many.

Overcoat on plain trousers

Whew! This is another look that exudes class! This is a perfect combination for winter. When the weather is freezing, you can walk around confidently because you have conquered the world of fashion. Asides from the advice we have given so far on shoe choices, we can also give one or two pieces of advice on how and what to wear under your overcoat. Depending on which side of the bed you woke up on, you can rock this combination to suit any style. Finish it up with a pair of designer glasses, and you’d love how it feels.

Hoodie on sweatpants

This is probably the easiest and most comfortable combination on our list. It gives warmth, gives vibes, gives confidence. Depending on where you work, this could be a good outfit to work, too, especially if there are no strict office policies. With the sleeves pulled back about two or three inches away from the wrist, this could be a great outfit for a simple evening dinner or movie date with that special someone. However or wherever you choose to wear this, remember, we are crowning it with the goodness of blue sneakers.

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Denim jacket on denim trousers

Imagine a man wearing this combo with a pair of glorious blue sneakers already has our votes. It doesn’t matter whether he’s contesting or not; he is already our winner. Denim has the same effects on us as sneakers. Another manifestation of the wonder of the human brain. Pure genius!!! 

Whatever color you choose to wear is already a hit. White pants with a blue jacket, black jacket with black pants, ripped denim jacket on ripped denim pants. Everything works, as long as you throw a pair of cool blue sneakers in the mix.

Check shirt on denim trousers

When last did your partner stare at you in amazement. That’s what this combo brings. Whatever color your check shirt comes in, paired with blue sneakers, we approve.

This combo gives off superstar vibes, and who wouldn’t approve of a superstar? Needless to say, this look can serve for any and every occasion.


There are a  few things sexier than a man who knows his way around his wardrobe, and if this wasn’t the case for you before you read this article, we hope it has helped you a great deal. There is no cause for alarm if you don’t own a pair of blue sneakers now. You can grab one now and begin to enjoy this timeless fashion piece.

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