What Color Shoes to Wear with Red Dress


What Color Shoes to Wear with Red Dress

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You cannot wear red and hide in the crowd- it draws people to you.

Red is a vibrant and intense color that demands attention, and the shoes you pair with a red dress can either make or break your outfit. You would be surprised to see that red pairs nicely with many colors.

The sweet thing about red is the styling options it offers.

Do you have a beautiful red dress that you have been dying to put on but have no idea what color of shoes to wear? Or are you afraid it may not match your skin tone and wash you out?

This post will show you the right shoes to match any shade of red. 

Red Dress and a Gold Shoe

Crimson and gold are a match made in heaven. The two colors complement each other so well, and wearing gold color shoes will make your dress stand out elegantly. Metallic shoes are notorious for making different colors pop. For example, burgundy and gold have the same color saturation, so the two colors pair nicely together. Put your cocktail dress with gold strappy heeled sandals for a dressier option. Or you can go for a more laid-back option by pairing a pair of gold sneakers with a red dress.

Red Dress with a Black Shoe

The most exciting thing about black as a color is that it works for everyone. Black is a foolproof color, and pairing a red dress with a black shoe is no different. And you can wear the red and black combo for any occasion. A black stiletto and a formal red dress are an elegant combination. You can also go for simple black sneakers with a little red skirt for a party or pair them with chunky boots for an edgier look. Whatever your style, a black shoe and red dress combo are failsafe.

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Red Dress with a Red Shoe

It might seem counterintuitive, but a red dress/red shoe combo is sexy. It takes a little bit more creativity and courage to pull off a monochrome look. Still, the outcome is a bold and elegant outfit that exudes style and confidence when you do. When doing the red dress/red shoe combo, you need to look for identical colors. For example, when putting on a burgundy dress, the color of the shoes should also be burgundy. The shoe you wear is essential to pull off a red dress/red shoe combo. You will want to wear dainty red shoes like strappy sandals to complement your attire. Chunky or thigh-high boots will overshadow your dress and make it appear tacky.

Red Dress with a Blue Shoe

The red dress/blue shoe combination may push the limits of fashion. But when you pull it off, you get a daring variety that can become obsessive. Blue high-heeled court shoes are perfect for such an outfit. The contrasting colors add more statement to your attire and exude confidence. However, the right tone of blue is the difference that would make or break your outfit. I always go for cobalt blue because the hue doesn’t overpower the dress. Since both colors are bold and vibrant, always pair the attire with understated jewelry and accessories to give off a look of understated elegance.

Red Dress with an Animal print or Patterned Shoe

One of my favorite shoes to pair with a red dress is an animal print, like a tiger skin print. Animal prints shoes give your outfit more depth in an elegant and classy way. Animal print heeled pumps are perfect for a red dress if you are looking for a way to look trendy but stylish.

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Red Dress with a Silver Shoe

The Red and silver combination has been the go-to look since time immemorial. It works for formal and casual occasions. So, whether you go with strappy heel sandals for fancier events or sporty silver sneakers, the color blend is a great fashion look. You can choose metallic or matte silver, depending on how shiny you want your shoe to be. However, when putting on a silver shoe, you must select matching accessories like a silver bag and simple silver jewelry to avoid appearing tacky.

Red Dress with a Nude Shoes

It is impossible to talk about colors that blend with red and not mention nude. It doesn’t matter what style you wear nude shoes; the result is always a classy and sophisticated look. If you are at a loss for what color shoe to pair with a red dress, always go for nude shoes. Nude boots, pumps, strappy sandals, or heels always pair nicely with a red dress. Nude color creates a lean form and elongates the legs, so choose hues that match your skin tone when wearing nude shoes. 

Red Dress with a Pink Shoes

You will be surprised by the color of shoes that match a red dress perfectly, and pink is one of such colors. Like the other colors, the hue you choose makes your outfit come together. When pairing a pink shoe with a red dress, the perfect shade is a light pink shoe and a bright red dress. This combination makes you look exotic while adding a softer edge to your look. Strappy pink heels or pink sneakers are an excellent match for a red dress.

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Red Dress with a White Shoe

White shoes and a red dress are a sight for sore eyes. The lovely contrast between white and red adds a pop to your outfit. It is always easier to pair white and red because there’s no shortage of accessories to match. For example, white sneakers and a red dress create the most sophisticated casual look you can pull off. Whether formal or informal, white lets you experiment easily with other colors when choosing accessories. You can select any nude, brown, or metallic color purse to pair your dress.

Red Dress with a Green Shoe

Red and green are Christmas colors, but did you know that a red dress and green shoes can make you look sexy? An emerald green shoe with a natural red color dress hints at something other than the season’s festivities. It hints at sophistication and class. It hints at an effortlessly chic fashion style that makes you look sexy and stand out. 


There’s no shortage of options when looking for shoe colors that match perfectly with a red dress. And each color of those shoes can make its statement and give off an effortlessly chic look. Red is a color of sophistication, and black, pink, white, green, blue, gold, silver, prints, nude, and red shoes are a daring and sexy combination with your red dress.

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