What to wear with green pants?


What to wear with green pants?

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Earth tones are considered to be fashion’s favorites. And green color is among them. It comes in a wide range of vibrant colors, including pistachio, mint, olive, pine, woodland, and emerald. This unique mood-boosting color evokes feelings of tranquility and serenity.

Increased focus on sustainability brought green color back to top and current trends are coming around matching green pants with different tops. If you’re not sure what to wear with green pants, here is how to wear them with a focus on new fashion trends for 2022.

Style green straight pants with a bright blue tones

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Green and blue are both vivid and striking colors on their own but together work absolutely beautifully. Green and blue complement each other because green is a mix of blue and yellow that belongs to the same color family. 

You can match a pastel blue with a cooler tone of green and bright blue pieces together with a warm green. If you want to make a statement, add some elegant accessories, shoes, and bags in light beige tones. If you want to get more creative, you can experiment with blue-green accessories as well and still look trendy.

Make a focus on a statement piece

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White and green are an excellent combo. Whatever shade of green you choose, it will look stylish with white. Combining a deeper or neutral shade of green with white-colored pieces will make you look casual, bright, and fresh. 

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If you choose a deep green hue, it will stand out even more together with white. The brighter color usually emphasizes the green pants’ severity and richness, making them a statement piece and bringing all focus on the green piece. Any colored item paired with white is always a simple, but good choice.

Add complementary colors to complete the look

“Orange is the new black” is not only the name of a popular TV series. It’s actually true, as orange is currently among the most popular fashion colors. Orange outfits are all over Instagram, on models and celebrities. You can use orange pieces to complete your green look. Orange then serves as an accent color. When such opposite colors are combined, they create a striking combination that makes your overall look interesting and memorable. 

When styling green jeans for a trendy look, choose red, orange, and purple. Don’t forget to add accessories with white sneakers and sunglasses to put an accent on the green and orange tones even more.

Play with green patterns 

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Patterns are everywhere! The simplest way to show off your style is to add a bright pattern or print to your casual look. A pattern is a series of repeated designs on an item of clothing, whereas a print is a fabric material. 

And don’t be afraid to experiment with patterns. Combine polka dots with stripes, leopard with plaid, or floral with plaid. Pair a neutral-colored shirt with a patterned green bottom for a more relaxed loof. Add some fun-looking accessories, like a purse that matches the pattern colors or massive sunglasses.

Simply go for a green monochrome look

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Monochrome outfits are easy to put together, fashionable and, most importantly, comfy. Wearing a completely green outfit was a bold statement, but it has become a casual everyday style choice. It’s actually not that simple to achieve a beautiful monochromatic look, but still, you can find many matching sets in stores or online.

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Adding accessories or switching between different colors can help to spice things up. Also, add some layers in the same color tones for cooler weather. 

Experiment with green leather pants 

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Leather pants are perfect for the fall and winter seasons. These are incredibly easy to style and combine with other pieces, as leather texture looks good in green. With vibrant pants, any plain blouse or sweater will look stunning. 

Layer some jackets or blazers and tuck in long or cropped sweaters. Depending on the weather, you can wear either simple black boots or basic sneakers. Stick to neutral and dark hues when styling green leather trousers so that the pants stay in the spotlight.

Put together a green suit look

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The Office look has never been brighter! If you want to play with your casual office looks, add a matching green blazer or shirt to your straight green pants. Even a total green suit can fit into any formal occasion when all pieces are carefully paired. With a statement that looks like these, you can establish your signature style that everyone will respect and admire. 

Wear the green suit with a plain white or black shirt underneath and white sneakers for a simple casual look. Or choose a blouse or matching top with gold accessories and heels for a more elegant look.

Just add a casual blazer

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Switch your navy blue or black straight pants for some green ones. To create a trendy office look, pair them with a jacket and a button-down shirt. 

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For a more relaxed casual look, add a white tee underneath the jacket and complete with white leather low-top sneakers. Complete with a blazer and green pants. For the most stylish ladies out there, pair with white ankle boots and a bright-colored purse.

Style with a leather jacket 

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When wearing green jeans or straight pants, try wearing a leather jacket over your shirt or top. This stylish combo will look stunning. Combine brown and green colors in your outfit for a unique yet simple look. Neutral tones like brown will complement green while keeping it the main focus of the look. While a black leather jacket will stand out, a brown leather jacket will provide a more balanced, effortless look.

Add a black overcoat

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A long black overcoat worn with green slacks adds a creative element to the overall look. Another fantastic method to create a stylish office look that’s ideal for cold winter and fall days. To complete the slick look, don’t forget to add elegant accessories, such as a colorful handbag, matching heels, and sunglasses.

A green sweatsuit

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A green sporty sweatsuit is an excellent choice if you want to get ready to go out quickly but still look trendy. Sweatsuits have become a must in everyone’s wardrobe, so why not experiment with colors other than black, gray, or white? You should definitely consider adding green sweatsuit to your closet.

An olive green sweatsuit with a beige coat looks cozy while still being elegant and trendy. You may have seen looks like that on many celebrity street-style images all over social media. Always keep in mind that accessories make a difference and complete your look! 

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