What to wear with gray sweatpants?


What to wear with gray sweatpants?

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Gray sweatpants are one of the comfiest clothes you can wear. Now one of the most fashionable. 

Old gray sweatpants are actually in style in 2022, according to fashion trends. They’re increasingly showing up in celebrity and influencer street-style images we see on social media. 

Don’t just combine gray sweatpants with a similar hoodie or sweater if you’re looking for something to wear with them; be creative with our suggestions below.

You’ll also find out more about what tops to wear and which accessories to pair with them to make your ensembles more fashionable and stylish.

Pair gray sweatpants with a tight top

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Wearing a pair of gray sweatpants with a tight top creates a balanced silhouette that emphasizes your curves. This outfit, which includes a long-sleeved tight top, will give the appearance of a small waist and beautiful hips. 

Pair your sweatpants with a fitted white or black shirt and some tennis shoes for a simple casual look. Give a colorful purse or tiny backpack with matching accents to your sneakers to add some extra flair to your look. Gray is a neutral color that goes well with a wide range of other hues.

Combine your sweatpants with a crop top

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Pairing a loose pair of grey sweatpants with a crop top is another way to balance things out. It will not increase the volume of your lower body. You can wear your sweatpants with a tube top, a crop top, or a classic sweatsuit with a cropped sweatshirt. 

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The combination of gray sweatpants and a white crop top will make your skin appear even tanner. With a slim waist and broad hips, the tank top helps you create the perfect figure. 

Don’t forget to complete your ensemble with some gold jewelry that complements your skin tone. Also, to balance out the little top, wear some high-top sneakers, and for a personalized touch, add a bright-colored bag as a statement detail.

Go with a sweater look

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If you want to stay comfy while yet stylish, try wearing a gray sweater with sweatpants. An oversized sweatshirt may be more comfy and easy to style, but a knit sweater is a better choice, as it gives you a more polished, classy appearance. 

Choose a gray or black chunky-knit sweater that is either cropped or which you can tuck in, and pair it with black or dark brown boots. Don’t forget to add accessories, such as a black backpack and black sunglasses, to complete the look.

Rock a gray sweatsuit with white shoes

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Wear a gray sweatsuit for a relaxed, effortless look. It literally suits any occasion. It looks even better with white sneakers or trainers. If you want to look trendy, though, avoid wearing a plain sweatsuit, as it may appear monotonous and boring. 

Only appropriate accessories which complement the sweatsuit style will make you look fashionable and well-thought-out. 

For example, wearing a white turtleneck underneath your gray sweater, as seen above, is a daring style option. Wear white ankle socks with white sneakers for footwear. Finally, one of the most important details in a stylish look with grey sweatpants is the hairstyle. Make sure your hair is styled accordingly to complete your comfy sweatsuit look.

Add some fun texture to your look

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A simple way to boost the look of a basic sweatsuit or sweatpants is to choose a detail that adds some fun texture to the overall outfit. You can find gray sweatpants that come in different materials such as velvet, synthetic silk, and knitted material, all of which are suitable for different weather. 

Washed-out denim material is also very trendy in 2022, so your sweatsuit in this fabric will definitely catch some looks. Mixing and matching various patterns is a certified fashion trend of 2022, so don’t be afraid to combine different textures and patterns within one look. 

You can also try adding a sleek turtleneck underneath the hoodie and a fuzzy purse to complete the look, as seen in the photo above. 

Add a flannel to your simple look

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Many may think that flannels are already out of style, but it’s definitely not the case. A great casual everyday outfit actually needs a flannel. It makes the look interesting and adds some unique detail. 

Besides being stylish, it’s also extremely comfortable, so you will look not only good but also feel good. Choose a flannel that includes the color scheme of the outfit, for example, a flannel that has gray and white lines. You can wear a flannel alone or use it to layer over a top or hoodie. 

Get cozy in a bomber jacket

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When wearing sweatpants, there is a very fine line that’s simple to cross, between being casual but trendy and looking too comfortable to leave the house. To stay comfy but still look in style, you need to pair sweatpants with some statement pieces. 

When it’s cold outside, wear a bold puffer jacket and some bulkier sneakers. Don’t forget to add bold, colorful accessories like a bright color bag, some interesting-looking sunglasses, a hat or a beanie.  

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Style your sweatpants with a long overcoat

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An easy, one-step way to dress up a sweatsuit is to throw over a long topcoat – a crisp, neutral coat that makes any outfit feel complete. A gray-colored long coat will give the outfit a sleek monochrome feel. 

To go even further, add a trendy belt, a small black or white bag, and put on a pair of dark boots or just simple white sneakers. 

Add some edge with a leather jacket

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Even a regular pair of sweatpants look good when paired with a leather jacket. A leather blazer has an edgy street-style feel and, paired with sweatpants, creates a whole new vibe. Sleek hair under a hat and fitted crop top balance out the oversize pants and blazer and make a stylish look. 

This bold outfit includes all the current street-style fashion trends combined. Some gray wide-leg sweatpants combined with high-top Converse is a great look for every day, unlike the leather blazer combined with a thick gold chain which is extra edgy and suits best for going out. 

Classy look a blazer and heels

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Business on top, comfort – on the bottom. Even those who prefer to dress up fancier need to try out wearing some comfy sweatpants with a classy jacket and top. 

Wearing a wide-shoulder blazer with a basic top and elegant accessories will elevate your outfit to the top. The trend with heels tied up on the pants we’ve seen a lot recently, especially during fashion week street-style, so it’s definitely a good detail to add to your classy look. 

So don’t be afraid to experiment and wear a pair of tie-up heels and tie them up on the sweatpants. It looks cool and adds some uniqueness to the overall outfit.

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