What to wear to a pool party


What to wear to a pool party

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What is better than a regular party? A pool party!

A pool party is one of the coolest summer activities we all look forward to during summer breaks. Pool parties are a time to show off that hot summer body you have been working so hard on, and what makes it even cooler is the fact that it could be exclusive – just you and your friends. An opportunity to bond more with old and new friends. 

Perhaps you would like to appear better than average at this pool party; here are a few dress ideas for you. Go on, enjoy!

1. Bathing suit 

 This one’s probably the longest-reigning pool party outfit, and it has only gotten better with time. A bathing suit shows off everything you want us to see and more. With the recent evolution in the fashion world, everyone can now rock a bathing suit, regardless of body shape or size. It now comes in many styles to fit your body size and style. 

2. Bikini bra on shorts 

 Another timeless fashion piece on our list. Though the pool party might be exclusive, there might be some people who aren’t comfortable showing off their behinds, which is why we have this option here. You might fall into this category. Perhaps there are a few stretch marks or cellulite you aren’t comfortable exposing; his option comes in handy. While you show off that sweet upper body of yours, you could cover more and still look hot.

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3. Crop top on shorts 

Since the introduction of crop tops to the fashion world, it has taken over and is not planning to go anywhere, anytime soon. While crop tops can be worn on almost everything, they are also welcome here. At a pool party, a crop will do justice to your ripped denim shorts to add that extra zest needed for summer. Crop tops are quite playful but very chic, so for a more chic look, try this option instead.

4. Sleeveless top, shorts and kimono 

There are a few ways this dress could be worn. A sleeveless, button-down shirt tucked one side into the shorts, or both ends of the shirt could be tied in a knot. You could also leave your sleeveless tank top hanging by itself. Top the look up with either a full-length or knee-length kimono for a statement look. However, this wouldn’t be an ideal outfit for swimming, and you might need to change it before hitting the water. But it’s definitely a great idea for a pool party

5. Bikini bra shorts and kimono

You have been working on your abs lately and have been waiting for the right time to show them off; well, here’s your opportunity. With a variety of bikini bras to choose from, your options are limitless. From regular bikini bras with straps, or bikini bras with strings that can be tied at the back and around the neck, to strapless bikini bras, worn with a beautiful pair of denim or regular shorts. Finally, cap the look with a beautiful sheer kimono for an absolutely gorgeous look.

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6. Bathing suit sheer skirt

This look became popular around 2014/2015 and has captured the hearts of so many fashion enthusiasts. This is a beautiful and chic look that fits everyone. This allows you to show off your legs without going over. The sheer skirt is transparent, so whatever you’re wearing is clearly visible. You could wear your regular bikini bra and panties without showing off too much. The sheer skirt doesn’t judge but does justice to your bathing suit. 

7. Bikini bra, high waist pants and sheer gown 

 So many plus-sized women often miss out on pool parties because they are self-conscious, but we assure you, this look would help you get rid of that esteem issues. Wear your regular fitting bra with high waist panties to accentuate your waistline, and just cover all that up with a beautiful sheer gown. The idea that you have a gown on eliminates your fear of showing off too much. 

8. Flay top on shorts 

Maybe you are not feeling so fashionable but still want to attend a pool party, this would totally work for you. Of course, a pool party isn’t a place for full outfits, so wearing a complete outfit would displace you immediately. Try this look. A flay or free-flowing top worn with shorts. Your choice of flay top will make all the difference. So while others are showing off summer bodies, you could just chill and remain unbothered

9. Sunscreen 

While enjoying yourself, rocking different outfits and feeling fly, don’t forget the most important thing, your skin. Exposing your skin to the sun for a long time could be detrimental to your health. So while shopping for an outfit for a pool party, also shop for a good sunscreen. If you plan on swimming, a waterproof sunscreen would be a better option. We wouldn’t want to end up with burns and bruises after an awesome party.

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10. Wide brimmed hat

our eyes, like all parts of your body, need protection too. At pool parties, you’ll stand in the sun for prolonged periods, either catching up with friends, swimming in the pool, or just relaxing in the sun. Your eyes should be protected at all times, and that’s why a hat is recommended. Not just any hat, a hat with a wide brim. 


So here are 10 cool pool party outfits for you. Just find one that suits you best and go slay in it. Also why try on just one when you could try as many as possible. You might end up being the standard for all the ladies in the city. So as you bond, whine and dine with old and new friends, wear the right dress to make excellent memories.

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