What to wear to a hockey game?


What to wear to a hockey game?

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While watching a hockey game is all exciting and enjoyable, figuring out what to wear to a hockey game isn’t so pleasurable. It’s often quite confusing because of the temperature difference inside and outside the arena.

There are many factors in styling a hockey game outfit. Since the arena includes ice, it seems like it will be cold, but large and rowdy crowds can make the environment pretty hot. Your seating placement also plays a big role; the closer you are to the ice, the colder you will feel. 

It might be hard to put together an outfit that’s appropriate and follows the 2022 fashion trends, but we gathered multiple outfits to ensure you look stylish.  

Layering is a top choice for hockey games

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The most important guideline to remember when dressing for a hockey game is to layer. Yes, hockey arenas are frigid because the sport is played on ice, but the air can also be warmer than expected. Wearing layers allows you to add and remove layers as needed based on your mood. 

You can support your team by wearing a jersey with a long sleeve underneath and a jacket on top. Keep your pants as long as possible, and you can even carry a blanket to throw over your shoulders or fold and place over your seat as a seat cushion.

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Simple denim on denim style 

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While a hoodie and jeans may not be warm enough to survive, throw on a matching colored oversized jacket for a double denim ensemble. A very simple and trendy way to dress up for a high street look. 

Matching colored jeans and denim jacket give a perfect base for experimenting with your look. To give the outfit some style, wear the denim jacket unbuttoned so that a fun shirt or jersey that is underneaths peeks out. Wear some colorful or neutral shoes to balance the outfit, and add a shoulder bag or backpack. 

Stay casual in a leather or moto jacket

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To pull off a stylish stadium look, reach for a faux leather biker jacket. Depending on the arena type, the weather outside, and the seating spot, choose either a basic leather jacket or one lined with faux wool.

To boost the edgy vibes, rock some black combat boots and a black purse. Wear either a cute hoodie or knitted sweater underneath with some dark jeans. To make the look more classy, add some dainty jewelry and black sunglasses if needed. 

Stay warm in your favorite sweatsuit

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Sweatsuits had a big breakthrough in 2022, from being considered loungewear to becoming a staple wardrobe set. With the right fit and style choice, a sweatsuit can look classier than some jeans and shirt outfits.  

Style the sweatsuit with a black sleeveless puffer jacket and consider bringing a beanie or cap. As for the shoes, stick to some black sneakers or Chelsea-style boots if you need to keep warm. 

A hockey jersey is key

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Create an ultimate trendy look by adding some leather and denim to your outfit. For this outfit, pair your leather leggings with a team jersey and add an oversize denim jacket over it. To top it off, wear heeled ankle boots for the ideal street-style outfit; however, if heels seem too dangerous for a crowd, exchange them for simple ankle boots. 

The outfit is bold itself, but add some accessories to tie it all in. Add a beanie hat that matches the jersey merch, and bring a matching color purse. This fashionable outfit can indeed be worn outside of the ice arena. 

Wear some funky colorful pants

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Wearing a team jersey is a common outfit move to take. Yet if you are planning to visit an outdoor hockey game, wearing a simple jersey will get quite cold even with a long sleeve underneath. 

In this case, it’s great to wear merch printed pants. With the fun and extravagant colors of the pants, you can keep the top simple and warm with a neutral trendy puffer jacket. Add a layer of tights under the pants to keep warm, and wear some thick socks with boots. 

Main focus on massive shoes

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As for the footwear, if you want to be comfortable, wear some trendy boots such as combat, cowboy, Chelsea, or martin styles. These will keep you warm and for extra comfort, add a pair of high top or thick socks, especially if the game happens to be outside. 

No sandals or open-toe shoes are fitting to watch a hockey game. Even though you might be sure that you won’t get cold, your toes can get stamped. It’s a very high chance in a crowded stadium when people are walking by to their seats. 

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Stay cute and comfy

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If you are a true fan and are planning to cheer for your team, check to see if you are comfortable in the outfit you are planning to wear. Leggings are a lifesaver when it comes to keeping you warm and snug. 

Leggings might not seem like a very stylish option, but 2022 fashion has turned them into a staple wardrobe piece. Oversize clothing has also become a trend, and the combination of the two trends creates a harmonious look. Stick to two neutral colors that complement each other when putting together an outfit. 

Add a beanie to your outfit

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Hats are a great choice to keep your head warm and covered during a hockey game. It’s easy to wear a simple outfit and make it look stylish with a cute beanie or cap.

There are various knitted hats or caps, many of which are considered team apparel. Such merch can be a special way to show your support for the team you are rooting for. If you are not open to wearing a hat, choose a team scarf or gloves. 

Accessories are key

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Enhance a simple shirt and jeans outfit with some pumps, a classic bag, and a belt. This outfit choice is perfect for staying modest and looking classy. Build on with some delicate and light-weight jewelry pieces such as earrings, a necklace, bracelet or watch. 

Wear some statement pieces for an eye-catching effect, such as a cute hat, blingy belt, some pumps or silver shoes. Pay some attention to styling your hair and putting on an elegant yet simple make-up look. 

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