What to Wear Whitewater Rafting?


What to Wear Whitewater Rafting?

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We all should be “Dora the Explorer,” shouldn’t we? What’s the point of having to live all these long years on Earth without exploring all its wonders?

By exploring, we mean trying out dangerous things, and you’d agree that danger equals fun.

A few dangerous/fun things to do are skydiving, bungee jumping, a ride on a hot air balloon, and whitewater rafting. Yes, whitewater rafting. But well, you’ll need professionals at hand, the right equipment, and…the right clothing.

Don’t know what to wear for whitewater rafting? Here’s an article that highlights some of the things to wear if “whitewater rafting” is your wild adventure of choice.

Bathing suit

No, not your birthday suit. A bathing suit – the same one you’d wear to the pool. But not all. Experts advise that you avoid wearing cotton materials. So while in the market for a bathing suit, choose one made of polyester. Cotton gets cold when wet, and staying cold for an extended period could lead to lung or heart shock. 

Remember that the best bathing suits for whitewater rafting offer you comfort, flexibility, and warmth.

Layers of clothing

Yes, we talked about bathing suits, but they’re not the only clothes you should wear. Depending on the season, there are many other layers of clothing you can add to your bathing suit. So, if you go water rafting in the summer, your choice of clothing would be different from when you go water rafting in spring. If it’s spring, you might want to go for thicker clothes than in the summer.

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  • If it’s water rafting, avoid cotton (that’s the golden rule). You’d want to go for clothes that cover you completely and comfortably.
  • Go for water clothes, i.e., clothes that don’t get soaked easily (polyester or nylon).
  • Make sure they fit just right to allow free body movements and provide warmth at least.

Waterproof sunscreen 

While in the water, you’ll be exposed to direct sunlight, and in order not to come out of the water looking like a two-colored alien, waterproof sunscreen is your best friend.

Why should it be waterproof? Because, while in the river, you’ll be splashed with water from all sides or maybe fall overboard into the river. You wouldn’t want your sunscreen to wash off with water.

Protect that beautiful skin of yours with a good sunscreen, plus sunburn just hurts a lot for no good reason.


Our major concern here is having fun, taking risks, and living life. Well, we can’t get blind in the process. That is why sunglasses are so important. To protect those beautiful eyes from direct sunlight by forming a shade. Your sunglasses should have straps, so they don’t fly off one direction, and you fly out another when your raft hits rapids, lol. 

Water shoes 

For shoes, you should consider sandals. Sandals fit perfectly and do not retain water. Instead, the water will flow through your feet like it would your clothes. It is also a good choice because most sandals come with straps to keep them in place while you raft. Another type of shoes to consider is sneakers. An old pair of Sneakers you wouldn’t mind giving up because once the shoes go into the water, there’s no coming back from that. They’d be dead and gone. At Least, you could keep them in your personal museum and thank them for being there when you had a good time.

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This is essential because rafting is done in rivers, and rivers have rock beds. While rafting, there is a significant chance that you will go overboard. Would it be considered water rafting if you don’t fall overboard on your rafting trips? We’ve heard of people falling overboard and landing head first on a rock. And that’s why head protection matters. If your head is well protected, we can ensure that such stories won’t be told about you. Wear a helmet!!!

A Floating Device

In this case, your life jacket is your floating device. We are so sure you will fall overboard, so it is only appropriate that we advise you to have a life jacket on unless you want to swim long-distance through the tides. Life jackets are usually provided on commercial trips, but you’d want to get one yourself if you’re going on a private trip.


After your fantastic trip on mother nature’s ever-flowing tears, a towel would come in handy to dry yourself when you are back on dry land. You don’t want to start borrowing, and that’s why you must grab a towel before your whitewater rafting experience. 


This one is not a necessity, but it is recommended. Say you choose sneakers as your go-to water shoes; a wool sock will help keep your feet warm while you’re on the water. Remember our golden rule..? No cotton while on the water. The socks are there to keep you warm and make you look fabulous.

A set of dry clothes

You’d look ridiculous going back home in your wet rafting outfit. But do we need to say this part tho? Ok! You need a set of dry clothes to change into after your trip. Something nice to change into and take cute selfies before leaving the rafting area. You’d look at the memories you created several years later and smile. 

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Now that you have everything needed to take on the water; the right equipment, professionals at hand, and the right clothing. Go on, explore your way to all the good mother earth offers you.

Make good memories, make new friends, and take great pictures or some “not so good” ones cause life isn’t all about perfection. Take on life heads on, don’t be afraid of its obstacles, even when they come in the form of water rapids. 

After two or three rafting experiences, you can proudly call yourself a professional, and no one can stop you because experiences do, in fact, make you an expert.

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