What To Wear To A Drag Show?


What To Wear To A Drag Show?

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Hey Queens – It’s drag o’clock! A time to unleash your inner feminine side without fear. We all know that drag shows offer us the opportunity to unveil that side of us that we might be too afraid to show off on a regular day. 

We know how difficult selecting the right dress for a drag show can be, especially since you don’t want to disappoint the performer. Besides, there’s always that slim hope that you’ll be recognized and called out from the crowd. You want to make that dormant side of you shine for at least one night. 

Don’t you worry; we have you covered. And depending on how fabulous you would want to look, we have a few suggestions you’d like.

Sequined dress

Sequin fabrics are always fabulous and dazzle in the light. To get the type of attention you desire, show up in a sequin dress that dazzles all night. Who knows, you may even catch the attention of performers. A good suggestion would be to rock a red or black sequin dress. The whole idea of drag is to leave nothing to chance. So be brave, bold, fearless, and fabulous. This might seem over the top for an evening of entertainment, but this isn’t just any kind of entertainment, this is a drag show, and you are a Queen. 

Fishnet and leather pants

So maybe you are not up for a dress but still want the spotlight. A fishnet top and leather pants would do the trick. Depending on the weather, you could add a jacket covered in rhinestones or a shiny kimono to maintain your dazzle while maintaining warmth through the night. Yes, it takes guts to pull off an outfit in leather, but hey! You are Queen, so you got this.

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Glam makeup

This isn’t the icing on the cake; it’s the whole freaking cake. Your makeup game has to be at the top to attract the attention you want. If you can’t glam up on your own, you might want to get someone to do it for you. It might sound extreme, but this is a drag… It is meant to be extreme. The trick is to go all shades of crazy with your brows, eyeshadows, blush, and lipstick. Each of these should be able to make a statement on their own, and when combined on your face, it should be mind-blowing.


The bigger, the better. The brighter, the badder. The great thing with wigs is that though it’s on your head, it’s not your hair. So you can go buck wild on the color and style. Pink, red, and neon purple have always been colors of choice as these colors show brave, bold, and bougie. Drag queens have always been recognized first by how big their hair is. It’s a mark of honor, and if you want to feel the same honor, get the bigger, brightest wig you can find and wear it with pride. ????

False lashes

The eyes are the window to the soul, so you have to get it right when it comes to your eye makeup. You have your brows properly arched, your eyeshadow game on a 100, your eyeliner just where it is supposed to be, and maybe with some dazzling eye contact; the next big decision is your false lashes. These bad boys have to be as bad as they come. Full, long, mink by all means to add the exclamation point to all the razzle-dazzle drama you got on your face.

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Statement earrings

It’s a drag, Queen! So those teardrop diamond earrings simply don’t cut. They are cute, but they are not welcome here. At drag shows, we are all extra, so your earrings should be extra. Invest in some real dramatic earrings, fully studded and droopy, to draw all the attention you need. Big, bad, bold, and shiny. You want your earrings to show appreciation to the performers; you want them to draw everyone’s attention to you because you deserve it.

High heels 

How do you expect to be seen at a drag show if you are not standing tall? Your heels make you stand out literally from others. The more inches on your heels, the higher your chances of being called out. However, as much as it’s vital to have the time of your life at these shows, we also want you to be safe. So if regular heel shoes would hurt, you might want to consider boots instead. At least those have balanced heels, and you wouldn’t need to stand on your toes for too long. Be safe, Queen! 

Tons of bracelets

Bracelets make everything better. They serve as unavoidable accessories and add just the right drama to your ensemble. Depending on the type of bracelets you choose, they could make all the difference to your outfit. Choose anything from gold to silver and even the kind that Cleopatra wore (cos, why not). However it comes, make sure it is gorgeous, just like you.

Bold colored bodysuit

Bodysuits are not only comfortable, but they’re also very fitting. They serve as perfect base wears for anything you are willing to add to it. They’re also the go-to option for moments when you are unwilling to risk it all. It could be something safe but fabulous, so you don’t feel out of place. One suggestion we always recommend is an animal print bodysuit. You can style it anyhow you want to, as long as it keeps you fabulous throughout the show. 

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Simple casual denim pants and jacket

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This option works if you’re not up for any glamor, don’t want to dazzle anybody and would hate being called up on stage. It is safe and accepted at a drag show. The performers might feel disappointed you didn’t dress up for them, but at least they’d be grateful you showed up. Make sure you do appreciate them greatly and tip them heavily so you will receive a warm welcome next time you show up.


Drag shows could be a fun and wild experience if you loosen up and get into it. One way to get into it is by dressing the part and going with the flow. So in case you have always wanted to go to a drag show but aren’t sure what to wear, you can try any of the suggestions in this article. Remember, you only live once, so you should live it to the fullest; don’t hold back.

Be fabulous, Queens!

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