What to wear to a rodeo?


What to wear to a rodeo?

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Going to a rodeo soon? Here is a list of must-have fashion pieces and how to style them to look like a rodeo regular and impress those cowboys!

Rodeos provide a wide range of activities, such as horseback riding, mechanical bull riding, and archery, so it’s important to fit the style and be comfortable. If it’s going to be your first time visiting a rodeo, we can ensure you’ll have a great time and look gorgeous. 

All of your concerns about what to dress should vanish once you see the eye-catching outfits we’ve put together. These clothes will draw attention if you consider all of the fashion trends for 2022. 

Even if you’re not a country girl, you’ll find something on this list that fits the occasion while remaining inside your comfort.

Denim jumpsuit and overalls

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Jumpsuits and overalls date back to the days of the cowboy, making them an essential item of rodeo attire. Whether it’s an enormous overall suit or one with wide-leg pants, choose a jumpsuit style that fits all of the latest trends. 

Wear pointed cowgirl boots to stretch the leg, and add a purse and sunglasses to complete the ensemble. You can also wrap a satin handkerchief in your hair, around your waist, or on the bag handle.

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Fancy cowgirl boots are a must

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No rodeo is complete without a pair of flashy boots. Because you’ll be on your feet a lot, choose boots that fit you well and have a low heel. Even on hot days, stick to the boots you’ve chosen; rodeos are dusty and muddy, and you don’t want dirt between your toes. 

Choose a boot with a mid-calf length when it comes to style. They can be made of a variety of materials, including crocodile, lizard, goat, alligator, calf, caiman, and snakeskin, but the ones with the most embroideries are the best. Color is also a fantastic choice; choose brown or white booties that complement your outfit.

Don’t forget flared cowgirl jeans

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Men’s style is being brought into women’s fashion with the 2022 fashion trends. Taking a cue from the rodeo crowd, wear a pair of jeans that cover the boots. 

You can wear both blue and pastel-colored pants. If you have any jeans with embroidery or bling on the pant leg or front/back pockets, those will also go well.

Add more bulky accessories 

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When planning a rodeo, keep in mind that the greater and larger the jewelry, the better. You can get away with wearing a simple t-shirt and jeans if you add some horse or cow-themed earrings, pendants, or bracelets. 

A silver buckled rodeo belt is a must-have accessory. Depending on your attire, choose from wide or slim, chunky or elegant belts. Any girl’s hair can also be accessorized with voluminous curls that flutter in the breeze, as seen in rodeos.

Cute dresses with flower prints

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Consider wearing a dress to the rodeo if you prefer a more feminine look. It should be short, just like the skirt, so it doesn’t become twisted. From a bohemian dress with bell sleeves to one with bedazzles, every style of dress will look great with the proper accessories. 

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Wearing cowgirl boots and a hat with any piece of clothing instantly gives it a rodeo vibe, depending on the dress type and if you accessorize with neutral or dramatic colors. For bull rides, choose a dress that is simple to walk in, breathes well, and is comfortable. Here is a little tip: wear tight shorts underneath to feel more comfortable and avoid any slips.

Flared pants but with unique patterns

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Fabrics and textures give clothing a more expensive and well-thought-out appearance. Animal-textured pants are a terrific way to get some attention. Pants that are uniquely fitting or patterned can be worn with almost any shirt. 

Although many textiles are good for rodeo, not all are pleasant to wear. Silk and satin materials are easily soiled and damaged, and leather pants are excessively hot, whereas natural cotton is a great option for staying fresh and comfy.

Stetson western hats

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When it comes to headwear, go for a cowgirl hat that matches your face shape and haircut. Males can wear baseball caps, but if you want to make a fashion statement, a beautiful hat is a way to go. 

Even the most basic outfits or ones that don’t differ much from standard wear can be saved by a hat. Depending on your own preferences, choose a hat that is simple or embellished, neutral or vibrant in color.

Put on a traditional western shirt

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Regardless of the pattern, a true western shirt will always include a collar, long sleeves, and buttons. It should always be tucked in neatly and appear clean and polished, preferably made of cotton or linen rather than delicate silk or satin. 

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Cowgirl shirts are the key ensemble elements because of their unique and diverse styles. Combine them with a pair of jeans and boots, as well as a basic cowgirl hat for a full outfit.

Wear a fringe jacket or vest

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While rodeos are known for being hot and humid, carry some light overwear in case the night gets too long. Denim or suede-fringe jacket or vest is always a good choice. 

Wearing a pretty shirt under the jacket, such as an off-the-shoulder, bohemian, fitting crop top or corset, is a terrific idea. As the day progresses and the temperature drops, you can wear the jacket over your shoulder with the buttons open or half-closed, changing up your look.

Textured skirt with a print

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If you want to go to the rodeo with a long, flowy skirt, think twice since it will only get in the way. Short skirts are more flattering, and the shorter, the better. Choose from a variety of styles such as a denim mini, straight suede, fringes, or blingy metallic. 

Make sure it’s a style that you’ll be able to walk in and cheer in. Also, consider wearing some underwear shorts on all rides so that you may feel comfortable and not worry about slipping. If you prefer a longer skirt, choose something asymmetrical or a short skirt with long fringes to allow your legs to breathe.

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