20 Outfit Ideas That Girls Can Wear With Jordans


20 Outfit Ideas That Girls Can Wear With Jordans

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Originally posted on December 21, 2021 @ 6:00 am

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Have you ever wondered how you could style your female Jordans with some cute outfits? Then you are reading the right article. 

Usually, Jordan is styled in two different ways for girls – the girly way and Tomboy. However, you may see Jordan combined with outfits categorized as urban, street-style, and sporty. Regardless, there are several other ways you can wear them. 

As far as this sneaker trend is concerned, it is now at a point where it feels like everyone is wearing them. Although literally, not everybody wears Jordans, quite a majority do, which almost seems relevant and a basis for making it a subject of interest.

Why are they popular again now? Are people seeing something different? Their flat-soled, high-top shape lend a classic interest that feels very cool right now, but more grandly, the brand has been producing modernized Air Jordan 1’s in modern new color alternatives, and fashion girls have been all over them.

Not everybody understands how to wear and style Jordan. As the shoe proceeds to overpower the market and prominent fashion since it was first released thirty years ago, it is also one of the costliest to buy.

 Below are cool ways females can wear Jordans with style:

1. Go exquisite and girly by styling your Jordans with dresses and skirts


It can be a lot of pleasure to set side by side a traditionally sporty shoe with a girly article like a dress or skirt. They convey a unique look to a usual summer dress outfit, so why not give it a shot? Jordan’s land in a meadow of styles and colors, so no matter the category of dress or skirt, there is a Jordans shoe out there for you that matches it.

Attempt testing with different styles, but standard white Jordans won’t disappoint if you go for it. They match any dress, and they are charming and chic without being too flashy.

2. Style is super sporty, and style your Jordans with joggers, leggings, also sweatshirts


Exhibit your love of athletic wear and pop on some leggings to tone yourself with an athletic, tomboyish look. You can adorn this sort of outfit up or down by putting in earrings, lipstick, or other accessories that make you look stunning.

Sporty clothing is considerable for a long day shopping, buying coffee with friends, or attending your co-worker’s sports game on the weekend. You can make an effort with sweatshirts, hoodies, or skinny jeans as other preferences.

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3. Go informal and style your Jordans with your favorite pair of jeans and a colorful tee


Styling Jordans sneakers doesn’t have to be as difficult as some people make it seem. Care for them like any supplementary sneaker and pair them up with your favorite closet pieces to look as friendly as it is comfortable. The magic is in the accessories.

4. Rock them with baggy pants


Not talking about the ugly baggy pants – there are a lot of stylish baggy alternatives on the market, particularly now that the baggy look appears to be wholly back in vogue. The best part is, this is super inexpensive, too. Black or khaki Dickies work pants or generic army surplus cargo pants can easily be bought for as low as $35.

If you’re feeling bold, some contorted trousers like Virgil Abloh wore to the 2017 Met Gala could also be enough. Attempt it once if you haven’t, and you’ll appreciate it. More oversized pants are even more comfortable, too. It’s worth it.

5. Pair it up with shorts, but find the right pair of socks


Some people wear pants almost every day of the year. But a lot of us can barely afford to walk outside in the summertime without rocking some shorts. If you bring into the latter section, you understand that proper socks are a significant piece of the puzzle. It is very true with Air Jordan 1s. Get at some pairs with no brand logo at all.

If you like to wear something a bit more unusual, don’t get too crazy. You want the kicks to be the most notable of your dressing, right? The only absolute disadvantage of socks is not wearing another brand’s logo and avoiding revealing your ankles. 

When it comes to shorts, something simple that falls right at the knee is recommended. However, you should feel free to make your decisions on what to use it with.

6. Couple with leggings and a tank top for a sporty appearance


 It simply means you don’t have to go for a super sporty look to pull off Jordans. You are about to read a whole breakdown of non-sporty outfits assembled around Jordan.

So, beginning with the masterpiece – this athletic style can be worn to the gym, for your sunset jog around the city, or for hitting up target. Besides, it is awesome. Begin with your Jordans.

Do you have an attractive multi-colored pair with bold color? Then carve on that! Let your shoes do the talking, take center stage, and wear some cute shin-length leggings and your favorite tank.

Crown the look off with a matching grey beanie. And boom, this sharks up your look of a sporty athletic and maybe a gym’s masterpiece.

7. Style with a camouflage jacket and black leather pants


For an uncomfortable concert look, throw on a pair of black skinny leather pants and couple them with your favorite pictorial tee. Love a theme?  Accessorize with gold jewelry containing a thick ropey-style necklace, and grab your nicest Jordans. It is a simple look that you can modify for a diversity of occasions.

8. Pair with a grey sweatshirt and jeans for a college look


Every college girl has got to have a go-to Jordans look. Simply because It’s straightforward to throw together, it’s informal, and it’s cute. Also, you can tromp the college grounds effortlessly in some comfy sneakers.

9. Couple your Jordan with a leather mini skirt and a purse


Buy yourself some bright green-like neon Jordans and style them up with a leather miniskirt. It is awesome, delivering a flirty style. Indeed, it is fun as well as simple to assemble. You can also pair it with a long-sleeved top and a green purse.

10. Pair with an all-denim outfit


Therefore, if you wish to lift the envelope a bit in your fashion preferences, give this outfit a shot. This all-denim costume is classy, precise for a budding fashionista. Crown off this all-denim style look with a colorful pink statement handbag or purse.

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11. Mid Lightbulb sneakers & wrap dresses


These are true, rainbow-colored, mid-height Jordan sneakers that can be contested with almost any color, and employed to spark up black outfits, too. They look outstanding with a bright, lengthy, flowing summer wrap dress, particularly if you put on high socks that show the underside of your calf. You should pick out a color that matches your clothing and shoes.

They are multi-colored in this summer’s style colors, so that’s a variety of soft moss-green, lavender, mustard-yellow, pink, lilac, and white with a black tick, laces, and frontiers. And if you’re wearing a stylish plain shell-pink or all-white dress, these colors will put in a lively summer aura.

12. Pair your Jordan with a white shirt & neutral trousers


Besides, another look you can put on for a smart-casual daylight or evening look and even wear to the office is the chic blend of a long, white shirt swaddled over neutral-colored, loose-fitting pants with a ruffle up the front.

If you put in your black or other colored Jordans, you obtain that clue of color discrepancy that’s the signature appearance for modern fashion outfits. This big white-shirt look is one that everybody should possess in hoard as it’s such a classy look you can spruce up with heels but jazz up with Jordans.

Also, you will find trendy neutral trousers such as all tones of beige, light brown, camel, cream, and sand-like to match it with. They are highly stylish summer colors.

13. Couple your Jordan with light-grey & sweatpants suit


Styling your Jordan with a pale-grey sweatpants-suit outfit with grey and black accessories is also a prominent fashion look you can get a kick out of this year, with white and grey Jordan’s with black laces.

Begin with cropped black top and light-grey, slim-leg sweatpants and shroud with the sweat-suit top wrapped over your shoulders in a simple yet stylish way. Amplify color with silver or gold jewelry, for example, two different length necklace chains, rings, and earrings for a low-key but chic vibe.

14. Pair your Jordan with a tie-dye sweatshirt/straight jean


You can imagine this awesome combination, personally I will try this out. Are you joining friends for lunch at a pavement café? Then this is a super modern look to wear with your Jordan’s in white, black, grey, and red.

Tie-dye is back in trend again, but with several colors and dye patterns for this year’s fresh look. So, you could wear a tie-dye sweatshirt, with aqua and light, cocoa-brown dye colors with high-waisted, wide, straight jeans in a light wash.

Precisely, it is a fresh look, as each item is trend-setting and personal. And it’s an all-around outfit you can wear for any simple occasion. Also, all you require is to purchase two or three various tie-dyes tee-shirts to wear the look in numerous ways all through summer.

Hold up a cute, off-white, mini-shopping bag handbag or shoulder bag with fabric ruffles on the outer and admire the envy of your friends. It is a look to try out sometimes later if you haven’t.

15. Jordan’s with a worthy blazer & tan leather pants


If you’re searching for a date outfit, wear tan leather trousers with straight legs and black, grey, and white Jordans. Put in a fitted black blazer to conform with the size of your pants, which should be short sufficiently to reveal your high-tops shoes.

Wrap up this look with a light brown or tan handbag to conform to your leather trousers, and you’ve earned a classy, semi-formal look.

16. Pair with thick camouflage leggings and a baseball cap


If you want to obtain a girly street-style outfit, find no more. It would help to admire how this model whirls some Tomboy pieces while still appearing girly and beautiful. A red baseball hat flawlessly ties in with red lipstick, white and red Jordans! Hit on some camo leggings or pants and tank top, and yes, you are good to go.

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17. Jordan with ripped jeans & a sweater


Wear the navy and light-blue Nike Air Jordan 1 Mid Shoe, which wraps the top of your foot and finishes just below the ankle bone whenever you’re trying a casual style. And fit with an informal, short-sleeved, white tee and straight-leg jeans.

For extra street-edge, pick ripped jeans and then build a modern style discrepancy with a preppy, pink sweater covered casually over your shoulders. Put on your wrist a large statement watch and hold a rectangular, black shoulder bag.

18. Style your female Jordan with fitted jeans


Because of their commonly chunky outlook, female Jordan tends to look best when coupled with fitted jeans. A thin cut will obtain a complimentary image by generating a perception of balance between your shoes and your pants.

Of course, while fitted jeans are always best, they’re not your only choice. Straight-leg and slim styles can also function well so long as you equalize them with what you put on the top half of your body.

Several female Jordans have existed, and they were more than an ordinary pair of shoes. Jordans are fantastic because they can improve or break any outfit you aim to wear, particularly if you want to go with a simple, professional look for yourself. Conquering the fear of trying something different will lead you into a whole new world of female Jordan that are stylish and barely go out of style.

19. Style your female Jordan with a cute mini dress


One of the twenty female Jordan wear options you can also try out is the mini dress, adorned with any fun design you can lay your hands on. It is a considerable summer outfit for meetings with friends, coffee dates, or going to the movies. Complete your outfit by adding a clutch or little pouch and some sunglasses.

Jordans are big shoes, and if you find a pair that you love, as long as they fit, you should not be scared to wear them. Having a pair of these shoes in your wardrobe will have you looking just more in style the next time you go out.

Just be sure you don’t wear a pair that looks dirty. No one can look good with a pair of Jordans that were once immaculate white.

20. Test your Jordan with new outfit combos


It can be so much fun experimenting with the Jordan’s with clothes you never imagined would look incredible with them. So, devote an afternoon or two attempting them on with your girlish vogue clothes, like dresses and skirts.

Fitting sporty pieces with various fashion themes is the importance of current styling notions. However, the basic idea is to discover ways to coordinate colors and designs that weren’t ever worn concurrently before. It could be wearing Jordan’s with black, leather, pleated retro-skirts or short, plaid, tennis skirts.


It’s often desirable to break the rules and discovers new routes of doing things. And as Jordan’s appearance in such a great range of colors, you’ll discover that you can wear them in unique and flirty ways with everything from your summer shorts to your flowing evening dresses and skirts. And your mainstay, white, high-top Jordan’s, should always be there to up-scale any outfit to a different vogue level.

The versatility is a must-love. You can go from dressing in a rugged streetwear look to clothing up for a more conventional setting. Each model is an unusual design, and there’s diversity in colors. Indeed, it’s a brand that you can never get bored with.

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