How to Wear Nike Blazers


How to Wear Nike Blazers

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Any sneakerhead can tell you the importance of the classic Blazers in Nike’s shoe history. The clean, white design with Nike’s signature checkmark is a staple in any shoe lover’s closet. It’s the epitome of comfort and supports all in one, so it’s no surprise that it’s much-loved all around the world.

Nike Blazers were first launched in the 70s when they became a popular basketball shoe. Over the years, people from all walks of life started using it, from skateboarders and even to people who work out at the gym. Today, it’s also a popular shoe for fashion lovers.

But how does one wear Nike Blazers for casual wear and still make it look cute? Here are eight ways to do so.

How to wear Nike Blazers with shorts

Although Nike Blazers are often used as an athletic shoes, it’s also perfect for loungewear. Super comfy outfits like crop tops paired with shorts will look cute with these shoes.

Take a look at this chill outfit. The black racerback crop top and loose, cream-colored shorts are awesome for lounging and relaxing at home. The Nike Blazers are the cherry on top of this look, making you look put together even with such a simple, casual, low-maintenance get-up.

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How to wear Nike Blazers with jeans

If there’s anything Nike Blazers look great with, it’s a good old pair of jeans. It’s a versatile shoe style, so it goes great with light, medium, and dark wash jeans style. 

To really show off your shoes, go for jeans that cut off right above the ankle, like in this outfit. This cut is very flattering and makes you look tall, but it also gives your clean and pristine Nike Blazers the spotlight they deserve. Pair it with a nude trenchcoat, and you’re off to work looking fab!

How to wear Nike Blazers with leggings

When it comes to streetwear and athleisure clothing, leggings are always a favorite among fashion lovers. Not only do they feel comfy and give you a ride range of motion, but they’re so simple that the shoes you wear really stand out.

That’s why they look so good paired with Nike Blazers. In this outfit, you’ll see how flattering they look together. A comfy, cropped sweater, snug leggings, and crisp, white Blazers are all you need to nail this trendy outfit.

How to wear Nike Blazers with skinny jeans

Not every look needs to be aligned with street fashion and loungewear. Nike Blazers are versatile enough to look great on other fashion styles, too. That includes your everyday girl-next-door outfit, like this one.

As you can see, even when paired with a soft pink cardigan, white shirt, and dark wash ripped skinny jeans, Blazers still look fab. It gives an ordinary look like this a sporty touch as well, giving an otherwise plain look a bit more attitude and style.

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How to wear socks with Nike Blazers

Your feet are sure to feel comfy no matter what socks you pair with Nike Blazers. If you want to hide them, you can opt for ankle socks. But you can also wear higher, crew-length socks to match the rest of your outfit as well.

Take a look at this fall outfit. It’s super cozy and warm because of the leggings and loose, nude sweater. But the crew-length socks paired with the Blazers make it look even more comfortable, which is perfect for autumn weather when it’s only starting to get chilly.

How to wear Nike Blazers laces

Just because Nike Blazers have laces doesn’t mean they match only sporty outfits and long pants. Strike a balance between grungy laces and soft and romantic femininity by pairing your shoes with laces with a pastel-colored skirt on a hot, sunny day.

This look is unique because people might expect you to wear something different when you’re in a skirt—maybe some heels or flats. The laces and tough look of Nike Blazers will be a bold, surprising touch.

How to wear pants with Nike Blazers

Jeans aren’t the only type of pants your Nike Blazers will look good with. They’ll also look fabulous in looser trousers, which are becoming more trendy with the younger generation today.

Just look at this outfit that comprises of long, loose pants and a tiny white crop top. This is a simple, no-brainer outfit for casual walks or lunches. But with the Blazers, the whole look ends up being more fashionable and stylish.

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How to wear Nike Blazers with joggers

Another piece of loungewear clothing that won’t go out of style any time soon are joggers. They’re loose and comfy, so even people who aren’t into sports or working out love wearing them.

Check out this get-up that pairs a big sweater and leather joggers with white Nike Blazers. While the clothes themselves may look slouchy and laidback, the fact that they’re worn with Blazers makes it feel like they put a lot of effort into getting their outfit together—when in reality, it was quite effortless.

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