12 Top Flying Machines That Will Blow Your Mind


12 Top Flying Machines That Will Blow Your Mind

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Humanity has come a long way indeed. We’re able to fly along with birds and reach out to the stars. 

No one from the 1800s would have dreamt of flying in the sky. It’d have been just a joke if anyone had even considered flying once in their lifetime. 

Obviously, it was a gradual yet slow process. We had to understand the concept of aerodynamics and the likes. 

The first flying device to ever exist was made by the Wright Brothers. Slowly after this, mankind invented different devices which made it possible to reach out to the skies and even beyond. The human spirit was channeled and shown through the mechanical devices by doing amazing things. 

In recent times, using a flying machine has become a part of our lives. Traveling to different regions and continents has been made possible by airplanes. 

The study of space is made possible by rockets and spacecraft. Different countries boast their firepower by showing their fighter jets. We even use different varieties of flying machines for leisure and so on. 

You’ll be amazed to know the different types of flying machines that exist today. Let’s take a look at the 12 Top Flying Machines that not don’t simply exist but have made our lives super convenient and interesting. 

Most Interesting Flying Machines:

1. Airplanes

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The ability to travel anywhere has been made possible by Airplanes. Almost every location in the world can be accessed by it. 

We’re able to share ideas, culture, food, and much more. Every day, thousands of planes fly around the world, transporting travelers and goods to their destinations. 

Before airplanes, everyone would travel and transport goods by foot, horse, trains, or ships. It’d take weeks or months to travel across the country and to different countries. 

Back then, the scope of technology and its applications were extremely limited. People would write letters, and it’d take a long time to receive a reply. 

But with the introduction of airplanes, the US Postal Services started using planes to deliver mail across the country. 

Now over the past few decades, we’ve had different types of airplanes. You can find planes with different purposes. Commercial planes to carry passengers and goods, military transport planes, and so on.

Also, you can also find different sizes of airplanes. Planes such as the Airbus A380-800 and Boeng747-8 carry up to 500-800 passengers in one trip. 

2. Helicopter

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There exist some areas where airplanes cannot go. That’s when the helicopter comes in. It can travel to remote and harsh regions. 

A helicopter is an aircraft that uses its spinning blades to fly. Helicopters can achieve a variety of tasks that an airplane can’t. 

The flying machine can move around freely, straight up and down, and even move sideways. Helicopters can take off and land without a freeway. It can also hover at one spot while flying. 

The applications of a helicopter are many.

– Medical

Helicopters can be used as flying ambulances. When every second is crucial for the patient, medical personnel can count on Helicopters. 

– Military Forces

The military uses helicopters to move supplies and troops. The flying machine even serves as airborne command posts, helps in evacuating the wounded servicemen, among others. 

– Search and Rescue

There’s no substitute for helicopters when it comes to search and rescue. 

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Whether the police department is looking for someone or picking up an injured person from a stranded area, helicopters can make it easy and be useful.

– Fire Protection

Helicopters are also used by firefighters. 

Whenever there’s a fire outbreak, helicopters help in dumping water over the affected areas. Some helicopters have internal tanks to store water, while some carry a large bucket instead. 

3. Rockets

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Rockets have helped us in understanding and knowing more about outer space.

A rocket is a spacecraft that produces thrust, which pushes them upwards. The thrust and force provided are able to beat Newton’s Third Law of Motion. 

Aircraft aren’t built to beat gravity because the force coming out of them is not enough. The sky has no limits, and to go beyond the skies and to explore outer space, rockets were invented. 

Space Exploration allows us to understand, prove and disprove scientific theories which are developed on Earth. We’re able to gather more info about the Solar System, our moon, and our sun. 

It also has helped us in understanding concepts such as gravity, the atmosphere, rotation and revolution of Earth and of other planets. 

Innovations in the field of metals, alloys, medicine are the result of space exploration, which Rockets made possible. 

4. Drones

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Drones have been used by tech consumers and defense organizations for the past couple of years. The benefits of this technology go beyond what we can imagine.

A drone typically refers to an aircraft that’s pilotless and operates through technology. It requires someone to operate it with a remote. 

Drones have been used in the military for a while now. They are used for surveillance and can be used for offensive tactics as well. 

Modern problems require modern solutions. Drones are helping to tackle problems ranging from disease control to delivering pizzas.  

Drones are also used to deliver packages and food deliveries to your home. It can also be used to deliver medical facilities. 

These controlled flying machines are also used in agriculture. It helps in improving the efficiency of crops and makes the cultivation of crops much easier. 

Drones are used in filmmaking and commercials too. It provides you footage of an aerial view and to areas where cameras can’t reach. 

The flying machine is also used in sporting events. 

5. Flying Hoverboard

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The flying hoverboard was first seen in 2015. Alexandru Duru flew his flying machine to deliver the ball in a game packed with the audience. That made him set a Guinness World Record. 

So, sooner or later, you’ll be able to own one of the flying hoverboards. 

The built of a hoverboard is simple if you think about it. It consists of a frame, a pair of boots, a hand throttle, and eight underslung rotors. 

There are no gyros, no accelerometers, and no automatic stabilization. It’s your brain that does everything. It’s you who controls the speed and balance the flying machine on your own. 

The Flying Hoverboard, when and if it’s commercialized, will be a hit in the market. At the same time, it might not be available to everyone. 

As there still remains the potential danger to riding it, you’ll need to be trained and require a license to fly a hoverboard. We can only expect good things from it. 

6. Flyboard

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A flyboard is a device that makes the propulsion to make the device fly into the air. It allows the device to fly out of the water surface and be stable in the air. That has resulted in a sport known as Flyboarding. 

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Flyboard was invented by Frank Zapata in 2012. He broke Alexandru Duru’s hoverboard record. Later he commercialized the product. 

The Flyboard is a device that’s connected to personal watercraft. The flying machine is designed in such a way that lets the PWC follow the board. 

Even though the machine is connected, it still allows the rider to do whatever they want. You can even go underwater with it. 

The rider is secured by bindings. The flyboard allows the user to rest in the water because of its buoyancy for safety.

Now, there are certain Flyboard competitions all around the world. The first championship was held in Qatar. 

You can also enjoy Flyboarding as a sport. In many water recreational areas, they provide services for Flyboarding. 

7. Hot Air Balloon

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A hot air balloon is a flying machine or device that flies because of hot air. There are two types of hot air balloons. 

The balloons were both developed in the 18th century. The use of a hot air balloon is very common and has become quite a hit in recent times. 

The first type of hot air balloon simply runs by using hot air to lift the balloon. The next type of Hot air balloon is a hybrid type. 

The latter also uses hot air to lift up. At the same time, the flying machine has hydrogen or helium stored in its top compartment. 

The result is phenomenal! Because of the usage of helium/hydrogen, the machine requires less fuel and can stay up for a long time. 

The International Gordon Bennett Cup is a competition where pilots from all around the world compete in their Gas Hot Air Balloons. 

Hot Air Balloons are also used for pleasure rides, commercial and business purposes, advertisements and promotions. Some people even use it to propose to their significant others or even to get married on it. 

8. Glider

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A glider is a type of aircraft which doesn’t use any engine. It is supported and flown by the reaction of the air against the plane surface. 

Although most gliders don’t have any engines, the motor gliders have a small engine to extend their flight when necessary. In order for a glider to fly, the motor glider must move through the air to generate lift. 

The drag is generated through the motion of the glider in the air. The thrust from the engine resists drag in an electric glider. 

When the drag is not opposed, the glider slows down until it can generate lift to handle the weight. Ultimately, it falls to the ground. 

There are many types of Gliders. The simplest glider which anyone can make is a paper airplane. 

There are inexpensive glider toys for students made from Styrofoam or balsa wood. Students can learn the concept of aerodynamics while having fun playing it.

Hand gliders are aircraft that require a pilot. These flying machines have minimal structure and are made from cloth. Such gliders are used for sports such as Paragliding. 

Sailplanes are also piloted planes. At the same time, these machines have a standard airplane control system and construction. 

Space Shuttles returns as a glider since engines are only used to uplift them. 

9. Paramotor

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Paramotor is a combination of a parachute and an engine. It’s considered to be the most easily built light-engine aircraft. Paramotors are used in Paragliding because of their propeller and motor. 

The light airplane can fly with a motor on its back. The pilot is completely able to control the plane’s altitude. 

The flying machine can fly up to 5km from the ground. It’s much safer in comparison to gliders with no engine. 

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There’s a direct correlation between the wing, pilot weight and the weight of the engine. The motor weight of the paramotor is about 20-30kgs. Some models use engines that fall under 20 or above 30kgs.

Paramotors have become widespread in Turkey, especially over the past decade. The flying machine can be used for advertising and promotions. 

You can enjoy it as a sport. If you’re a photographer or a cinematographer, you can also use paramotors for video shooting and aerial photography. 

10. Flying Cars

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Flying cars are very much a reality now. You must’ve seen tons of news articles regarding flying cars too. In brief, a flying car is a roadable aircraft that can function both as an aircraft and a car. 

Many prototypes have been built since the 20th century. Although, in recent times, the prototypes of a flying car have become very practical. 

They seem to work just like a normal car. Soon enough, these flying cars will be commercialized, and you’ll be able to see them on the streets or in the skies above.

The rise of flying cars is very similar to the rise of manual driving cars. No one thought it was possible, but slowly, with time, it’s surely becoming a reality. 

This particular futuristic flying machine is creating a huge corporate competition, roping in multi-billion-dollar investments and whatnot. 

Companies like Google promised to make flying cars, but they failed to deliver them. Unfortunately, dreams pertaining to Robo taxis and flying cars were short-lived. 

But that hasn’t stopped transportation companies and investors from investing millions into this upcoming industry.

11. Jetpacks

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Jetpacks are very real, and you bet these flying machines exist outside movies and comics too.

A jetpack is a device that is worn on the back of a person. It uses a propeller powered by gas or liquid that makes the person fly into the air. 

Real jetpacks have been constructed using a variety of mechanisms. At the same time, their usage remains extremely limited to what you see in movies and comics. 

That’s simply because of Earth’s gravity, atmosphere, low energy of fuels, among other factors. Also, jetpacks aren’t practically legalized by the government to be freely used.

At the same time, jetpacks have been utilized as Rocket packs by Astronauts for spacewalks. 

In cities such as Dubai, the government has allowed the usage of jetpacks. These flying machines are used by firefighters. 

These water jetpacks are very responsive and fast. The machine uses water, so there is no need for a water tank or pipe. 

We can only expect good things for jetpacks in the future. 

12. Hoverbike

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As futuristic as it looks, you can get a hoverbike of your own. Yes, they are a real thing! 

A hoverbike is a vehicle that can hover or fly in the air. It resembles a bike in appearance. 

The development of Hoverbike started in 2014, and it has come a long way since. A hoverbike from Hoversurf was tested in Dubai.

Hoversurf isn’t the only company making these vehicles. Companies like Aerofex and EHang have all made progress. 

Recently, a Japanese startup launched a hoverboard, and it went on sale for a whopping $680000.

These hoverbikes will help in clearing congestion on the streets and cut greenhouse gas emissions.

Closing Thoughts

That concludes our article on the 12 Top Flying Machines.

All these flying machines have made our life easy and convenient. Anything futuristic we have seen in the movies like hoverbikes and jetpacks has become a reality. 

Travel and commuting have also become easier because of airplanes. We all can only look forward now to seeing what is in store for us.

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