20+ German Clothing Brands You Need to Follow


20+ German Clothing Brands You Need to Follow

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There is no doubt that the fashion industries of New York, London, and Milan have taken the world by storm. And probably due to that we have believed that only the aforementioned countries have the best-known fashion brands. 

Also, whenever we hear about any fashion week, our mind automatically starts assuming the best fashion brands and designers from the aforementioned counties.

But the moment of truth for you and for us is that there are many other countries like Germany where the fashion brands speak for themselves with their high-end fashionable and trendsetting apparel. 

No matter whether it is about fashion weeks, professional suiting, or sports apparel, German clothing brands have become our center of attention. And these Germany-based fashion hubs or clothing brands are all you need to check, and you’ll be amazed. That’s our promise to you. 

Hugo Boss

Hugo Boss, aka BOSS, is truly a boss of the fashion industry. It’s not just a clothing brand but an ultimate German luxury fashion house with a diverse variety of clothing, footwear, fashion accessories and much more. 

In 2019, it gained the honor of having the highest global sales of around €3 billion in its respective industry. Also, the company is all set to celebrate its 100th anniversary in the coming year – 2023. 


Puma is arguably the best German clothing brand that will make you a shopping lunatic with its beautiful clothing collections. It is a German brand worldwide known for its finest quality apparel, footwear, and accessories. Note that it manufactures casual and athletic products. 

Puma has gained immense recognition for manufacturing the best sports apparel. In fact, the brand is known to be the land of games for providing ultra-company sports apparel and footwear. According to a survey conducted in 2019, the net income of this German clothing brand is around €0.262 billion. 

Tom Tailor

When we hear the name of the Tom Tailor fashion brand, our first assumption would be that it’s a UK or USA brand. But to our absolute surprise, the company was established in Hamburg, Germany. 

Tom Tailor is now about to complete its seven decades of serving devotedly in the fashion industry. Particularly, Tom Tailor is currently the best-loved clothing brand png teenagers. The company excels in manufacturing premium quality and beautiful clothes for all genders. 


Another powerhouse of the fashion industry is Acronym. It has not just remained a clothing brand but gracefully evolved as the largest hub of the fashion industry. 

Acronym holds an irrefutable recognition in the world for its beautiful fusion of style and high-end gears.

Born as an innovator, the technical apparel brand has emerged as the leader in manufacturing multipurpose apparel combined with breakthrough technology. 


We are assured that you all must have heard about this one of the most iconic German clothing brands. That’s because; it’s Escada – the most trusted fashion brand for women’s clothing. 

Founded in 1976, the brand has proudly and successfully outgrown its fashion accessories and become one of the leading hubs of not just luxury clothing but all the fashion accessories. 

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Falke and Burlington

Founded in 1895, Falke holds immense recognition in the fashion industry. It has earned an eminent global presence by providing quality and versatility in its products. 

Plus, the company is known for providing premium quality products and ultra-luxury fashionable clothing that is not just of top quality but also finished with handcrafted perfection. There is no doubt that the premium quality and exclusive designs are the decisive factors of Falke. 

Also, these factors propel it to maintain its leading position among the big names in the fashion industry. And now, it has glorified Burlington to be included in the Falke family. 


JOOP is a clothing brand that needs no long narrated introductions. Typically speaking, it’s a German clothing brand that has made the world crazy with its exclusively designed and comfy clothes. 

Please note that JOOP was initially founded in the city of Germany – Hamburg, in 1986. Ever since, this German clothing brand has earned its global presence no less than the ultimate fashion house. 

Lala Berlin

Established nearly a decade ago, Lala Berlin has taken the fashion industry by storm. Ever since its launch, this German clothing brand has been ruling over the billions of hearts with its innovation, quality, and exclusivity. 

Notably, the brand’s clothing idea is inspired by the landscape of Berlin, Germany. That we can even witness in the brand’s name and clothing collections as well, this unique aspect of the brand has acclaimed great recognition and paved the way to appear among the biggest fashion shows. 


The next German clothing brand we have on the list needs no introduction. It’s Adidas. In fact, it won’t be a lie to entitle this German brand as an ultimate powerhouse of fashion items. 

Famed for providing luxury clothing to footwear for both men and women, Adidas has already won trillions of hearts. It was founded by Adolf Dassler in his mother’s house. And now, it has evolved into the biggest provider of sportswear in Europe and is ranked in the second position all over the world. 

Merz b. Schwanen

Merz B. Schwanen is another well-celebrated German clothing brand exclusively known for its timeless designs and fine quality material.

The brand is widely acclaimed for beautifully blending natural materials with fashionable modern designs. The prime quality of the brand is it offers comfort with fashion.  

Jil Sander

Jil Sander was founded in 1943 and established in Wesselburen, Germany. Ever since 1943, the brand has been in the limelight for providing the finest quality clothes. 

Also, it would be pretty justified to entitle this brand with the epithet of an innovator of minimalist fashion. Many models and celebrities opt for Jil Sander clothing due to its minimalist yet captivating style. The brand is also acclaimed for bringing high-end designs to the fashion industry. 

The brand is no less than a treasure trove for people who look for minimalist styles. 

van Laack

Whether you want customized shirts, premium quality blouses or shirts irrespective of gender, find no further. Because van Laack has got you everything under one roof. 

No matter if you want to have casual apparel or a fashionable dress to win the style game at the next weekend party, Van Laack will always amaze you with its beautifully designed yet ultra-luxurious collection. 

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Also, try the Van Laack apparel. And the brand is going to win your heart, and we can bet on this.   


Regent was founded in 1946 with the promise to provide handmade apparel without sacrificing comfort and style. 

It’s one of the German-based suit makers that manufacture high-end fashion clothing. Initially, the brand was only manufacturing premium shirts. Later, after receiving immense love for its customers, the brand started manufacturing high-end fashionable men’s suits. 

Even since, it has always surprised us with its beautiful and graceful men’s suits. 

Marc O’Polo

Marc O Polo is the oldest and the most trusted fashion hub among German clothing brands. This German brand needs no fancy words for its introduction. Rather, the brand is itself a big name in the international fashion industry. 

Marc O Polo was founded back in the mid-sixties. Ever since its launch, Marc O Polo has been the first choice of its customers. Whether it’s about women’s wear, men’s, or probably kids, this German clothing brand has provided one-of-its-kind clothing options. 

The most appreciable thing about this fashion brand is that it is not just setting trends but also creating timeless pieces of innovation and quality. 


Whether you are searching for fine quality clothing, comfortable footwear, or maybe a shoulder bag, there is no need to search any more when Salamander is there. 

It is a German-based company widely known for supplying the finest quality apparel, footwear, and other accessories. Also, the brand has a team of fashion-savvy designers that do not let you disappoint with their innovative designs.

The brand is highly recommended to those who want to stay ahead of fashion. 

Alba Moda

Located in Bad Salzuflen of Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany, Alba Moda has caught the eyes of all around the world. That’s because the brand provides worldwide shipping for fashionable and reasonably priced clothes.  

Precisely speaking, the brand is well known for providing a classic and beautiful variety of clothes for all ages. Also, the name of this German clothing brand is derived from a Latin word – Albus which means white and graceful.  

Falke – it’s already covered above in Falke and Burlington heading as Falke is the main brand that has bought Burlington (there is nothing much to talk about Burlington. 

Bugatti Fashion

Bugatti is another iconic fashion brand founded in 1947 in Lohne, Germany. The company excels in manufacturing quality clothes for both men and women. As soon as people hear about this brand, they start thinking about the car industry. 

Initially, the company started the manufacturing of garments for men and women. However, it expanded its manufacturing expertise after gaining immense recognition. Now, this German clothing brand sells fashion from head to toe for both men and women. And we can’t get over its beautiful collections. 


Eterna is a famous German clothing brand located in Passu, Germany. Since 1863, the brand has been well-loved for providing premium quality men’s shirts and women’s blouses.  

Their shirts and blouses are no less than the definition of perfection. That’s because the company has a core motive to live its values. For that, they have never compromised on the quality of fabric and exclusivity of its designs. 

In simple words, Eterna is a quality-obsessed brand that combines German craftsmanship with premium quality fabric – mainly wrinkle-free cotton, to produce the best quality and timelessly modern products. 


Ognx is a Berlin-based German clothing brand that has earned unapologetically immense recognition in the fashion industry over just a decade. Thanks to this German brand for enriching our lives with sustainable fashion. 

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The brand has brought fashion clothing, yoga suits, jumpsuits, sports clothes, and other fashion accessories all under one umbrella. And the most considerable part is their use of top quality and sustainable material that includes fine quality polyester, polyamide, and organic cotton. And that’s what makes it distinctive apart from other fashion brands.  

Bruno Banani

Talking about German lingerie? But have you not heard Bruno Banani? It is more like living on planet earth without knowing the planet’s name. Yes, it’s that much relatable because Bruno Banani has been the leading and iconic German brand for providing the best quality and fashionable lingerie. 

Also, the company exports its products to around 17 countries. It won’t be a lie to say that the company has just revolutionized underwear drawers all around the world. Please note that they have also been one of the best manufacturers of high-quality yet reasonably priced perfumes. 


Vaude is particularly known for sports equipment and sports suits, a well-recognized German clothing brand. Since 2002, it has also been the official supplier of outdoor or particularly climbing clothing and gear for the German Alpine Club. 

Precisely speaking, the company is the best-known manufacturer of sports goods, camping equipment, climbing gear, and outdoor clothing. So, if you are an enthusiast climber or love trekking, Vaude is surely going to be your favorite place.  


Melawear German clothing brand is known for its fair and organic clothing with a variety of different categories. Each category includes a vast collection of designs and patterns. 

Also, the brand is well-appointed for producing eco-friendly fashion. It uses GOTS-certified organic cotton for all men’s and women’s wear. If you want comfort with style, Melawear is your go-to solution. From sustainable and beautifully designed clothes to ultra-luxury and sustainable sneakers, you will find literally everything in Melawear.  

New Yorker

New Yorker is another most celebrated clothing brand among the best German clothing brands. The brand has its headquarters in Braunschweig, Germany. However, its outlets are spread all around the world with more than 1150 stores. 

The motto of this fashion industry is to dress for the moment as every moment is special so do your looks. Apart from the wide variety of beautiful, on-trend, and fashionable apparel, their reason for the popularity is their core values. 

If you are the one who always wants to look good yet different, New Yorker is going to be your go-to option for any themed party or formal occasion.  

Thor Steinar

Thor Steinar is another Germany-based clothing brand that manufactures unique clothes just like its unique name. Known to manufacture the finest quality and comfiest clothes, the brand has paved its way to be nominated among the top German clothing brands.

Among its most well-loved products, sweat jackets, hoodies, bonded jackets, sweatshirts, polo, and outdoor jackets are included. The brand is ideal for bike lovers as it fulfills their bike riding requirements. 

The Final Take 

Though, that’s not all from the German clothing brands because the country is full of talented and aesthetic fashion brands. 

Still, we have tried to cover the most eminent and well-admired fashion brands from Germany. And we are hoping that the aforementioned brands will suffice you to believe that German Fashion brands are no less than WOW!

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