20 Best Techwear Brands


20 Best Techwear Brands

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Techwear means innovative garment, this is the moment when fashion and technology are combined in order to create clothes with intelligent characteristics such as permeability, durability, breathable and adaptable to different climatic conditions. These techwear brands are mainly focused on sportswear and some of them are affordable for everyone.

Brands make futuristic clothes, they could be genderless, although all the publicity shows that this garments are focused mostly on men. Here you have a list of the best techwear brands made for everyone and for all the styles, because you can match them very easily with all the clothes you have in your wardrobe.

Shadxw, The Must-Have for Ninja Techwear Fashion


Their clothes are made of technical fabrics like Gore-Tex, primaloft nylon and polartec fleece. This futuristic design looks like an army look called Urban Techwear and it’s inspired by cyberpunk, urban culture and also they get inspired by the japanese culture to create the Ninja Techwear Style. These clothes are genderless, made for men and women. Shadxw works with waterproof, breathable and windproof fabrics to give the garments resistant to climate change; you can find them in a monochromatic palette especially thought for ninjas.



It was founded by Errolson Hugh and Michaela Sachenbacher in Munich in 1994. Its innovative and versatile design will make you look stylish through technical and functional clothes at the same time. You can find this garment in a monochromatic palette, whose main features are quality, durability and exclusivity that makes people love this brand that they just made a few pieces per collection and they get sold out shortly. Acronym is the queen of techwear due to its street vibes.

Herno Laminar


It was founded by Giuseppe Marenzi in Italy in 1948. Their clothes are made of Gore-Tex which make them waterproof, windproof and breathable, especially made for outdoor activities such as hiking or climbing. They get inspired by the shape of the water in order to create pieces for men and women mixing history, innovation and shortly. They have also experimented in tailoring making pieces as well as elegant and functional against the climate changes.



It was founded by Abe Burmeister and Tyler Clemens in New York in 2008. Firstly they made clothes for men and then they added accessories and bags. Today, they have created a womenswear collection. Their star product is the OG Pants, which is designed as a bike-to-work pant, but it’s as comfy as versatile that you can wear them on any occasion you want to, their durability is their main feature. Outlier makes clothes for you day by day, for cyclism and for the extreme weather.

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Nike ACG


It means All Conditions Gear; the second brand of Nike was created in 1989. With ACG, Nike wants to attract new buyers through its new innovative sportswear collections, they are made for outwear activities which need high performance clothing and, at the same time you can wear them everyday looking stylish. As the majority of techwear brands ACG works with a monochromatic palette and brings you an urban ninja aesthetic. The main features of this brand are durability and breathability.




It was founded in New York in 2008. Its main commitment is sustainability without letting quality away. It’s an urban sportswear aesthetic made with innovative technical fabrics with a futuristic design for men and women. Especially for outdoor activities, they are clothes that can resist climate changes without losing their features and keeping the user comfy and protected.Its commitment with the planet has been reflected on the many events they sponsor with activists for the climate change.


Stone Island, Shadow Project


It was founded in Italy in 1982. Stone Island proposes an innovative design through the studies of textile fibers and dyes, they make men’s clothing. Its investigations address the functional aesthetic with an ergonomic design bringing you an urban style appropriate for outwear activities and against the climate conditions. They have created more than 100 dyes that are used in their collections.


Riot Division


It was founded in Ukraine in 2010, and its clothing has high technology and quality on their seams. Riot Division is inspired by the army and how their clothing is functional for them. They make urban fashion for men to wear everyday and for outdoor activities. They like to experiment with jackets making them transformable by working with new technologies, materials, patterns, cuts and designs; in order to make innovative jackets.




This Canadian brand was founded by Dave Lane and Jeremy Guard in 1989. They work with waterproof technology to make outdoor clothing. Arc’teryx is the leader of innovation making clothes for outdoor activities such as climbing, alpinism and skiing implementing the most high technology standards. If you like these activities and you’re looking for technical clothing this brand is the best option for you.

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It is a fashion brand from Russia. They use technology on their clothing  to wear day by day. Cloudburst not only sells clothing but also a lifestyle through technical fabrics with high technology in order to make them resistant to climate changes without losing your comfort.   

Damascus Apparel


This american brand was founded in 2009, but, unfortunately it has to close in 2019. Their clothing was inspired by cyberpunk and sci-fi movies making a futuristic design called ‘Cyber Clothes’. Their designs were unique and functional, they used to work with a monochromatic palette.

Descente Allterrain


It is considered as sportswear superior, which is functional in any condition or situation you’re going to wear it. This clothing is inspired by the ‘less’ notion of ageless and timeless. Descente Allterrarin prefers functionality before design, that’s why they work with 3D design and technical fabrics like Gore-Tex, to make waterproof and windproof garments for women and men.



This is a Russian techwear brand founded in 1999. Krakatau gets inspired by avant-garde fashion and makes functional and technical clothing with high technology using nylon, which is waterproof and breathable; and protects you from extreme weather conditions like cold. The functional details on the clothes brings you comfort and freshness on the streets making an urban outfit.



This is a Taiwanese brand founded in 2013. It is inspired by the army making urban fashion to show in the streets. They are made with technical fabrics like Gore-Tex, the most used fabric to make techwear. 4Dimension also makes waterproof, windproof and reflective accessories. They like to experiment with different cuts and patterns to strengthen the relationship between consumers and their clothing, making it more personal for them and selling a lifestyle to people.

0608 Wear


This Korean techwear brand transforms the techwear into a more casual style. The clothing is very limited with a few pieces, so they can be unique and weird, practically you can customize your own clothes, but this doesn’t mean that this is an expensive brand, in fact, their prices are affordable for people. 0608 Wear also makes bags with technical fabrics.

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The british brand founded by Samuel Ross in 2015 takes inspiration from young people. He makes clothing for men, it is streetwear fashion. A-Cold-Wall uses creative materials such as PVC, plastic and gummed nylon. Samuel Ross usually mixes the British working-class uniforms and some tailoring elements from Saville Row to create stylish garments. This brand has increased its popularity through the recent years with its ready-to-wear collections and innovative footwear.

C.P Company


It was founded by Massino Osti in 1971, he calls it “the original Italian sportswear brand”. They are always looking for functionality and innovation. Its most famous piece is the Google Jacket, which has a pair of goggles on its cap, even you can adjust them. It is made of C.P Shell-R, a fabric made of elastic nylon with recycled fibers that makes a resistant fabric against the climate conditions.



It’s the sub brand of Arc’teryx, which was founded in Canada in 2009. This is a minimalist brand which has always worked on innovation and with Gore-Tex which makes high performance products with technical features like: waterproof, windproof and very resistant to the climate conditions. They are made for every environment and situation of men and women who want to look comfy and wear gerderless garments.

White Mountaineering


It’s a Japanese techwear brand founded by Yosuke Aizawa in 2006. The brand likes to mix technical fabrics such as polartec fleece and Gore-Tex to make casual looks. 

Their minimalistic style allowed White Mountaineering to collaborate with big brands like Uniqlo, Danner and Disney. Its quality and utility have made the brand one of the most popular in Japan and the whole world.

The North Face Black Series


The brand founded by The North Face in 2020 just like Nike ACG, works with technical fabrics like Gore-Tex implementing new technologies and designs for men and women. The garments are ‘reinterpreted for the city’. Their minimalist silhouettes are the main feature of the brand, and you can wear it everyday.This brand also supports sustainability events and their buyers can belong to the community that is increasing day by day.

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