The 39 Asian Clothing Brands


The 39 Asian Clothing Brands

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With the post-covid restrictions easing worldwide, every person is striving for some fresh air and trendy clothes. If you are hunting for new clothing items and accessories, there is no need to waste your time wandering across different exhibitions. 

The world is full of brands and labels that can fulfill every clothing requirement and budget. So, on that note, listed below are a few Asian clothing brands that will allow you to show off your clothing collection this summer!


Avre is the brainchild of sisters Connie and Julie. It was founded in 2019 as a footwear brand. Furthermore, their shoes and sneakers are fashionable as well as environmentally friendly since they are manufactured using recycled materials.  

The collection of neutral and pastel athletic sneakers is the ideal complement to any athleisure fan’s closet.

Lychee the Label

If you’re concerned about paying expensive customs fees while buying directly from Asia, consider shopping at an Asian online clothes store in your area. Lychee the label is a well-known Korean fashion label located in New York City.

The brand primarily focuses on an affordable and attractive Kpop-inspired clothing range with a streetwear and grunge vibe. Mamamoo, Red Velvet, TWICE, and Blackpink are a few popular Kpop groups that significantly influenced them.


Joseph Altuzarra was born in Paris, France, to a Chinese-American mother and a French Basque father, so it’s safe to assume that his designs are influenced by distinct fashion worldwide. 

His silhouettes are youthful yet sophisticated, with collections ranging from asymmetrical skirts to silk shirt dresses and suede tote bags and traditional cardigan sweaters as well. 

Gentle Monster

If you’re someone who wants to purchase a fashionable pair of sunglasses, Gentle Monster is the place to be. Set up by owner Hankook Kim, Gentle Monster designs sunglasses that will surely pique your interest.

However, the personalities such as K-pop group Blackpink’s Jennie fully endorses Gentle Monster. In fact, she has been seen rocking their sunglasses in many of her stage performances. 


With her Manhattan-based handbag business, Kara, designer and founder Sarah Law, half-Chinese and half-American, explores her own duality. 

Her offering usually includes handbags that contain heavily blinged rhinestone handles that contrast well with structured designs. Her instagram profile is so crazy and unusual in a way that the products are promoted in a funny and educational way. She got my attention…

Rui Zhou

You’ve probably seen everyone from Lil Miquela to Dua Lipa wearing cutout bodysuits by Rui Zhou. Her clothes are sexy and revealing, yet they show that the wearer has class and elegance. 

Just Google pictures of Dua Lipa rocking her revealing bodysuits, and you’ll see what we mean. However, we just cant wait to see what Rui will come up with next. 

Phillip Lim

Lim’s collections are built on reimagining classics in order to make them stand out. The results of his genius are beautiful layered dresses, asymmetrical skirts, mixed-media knit shirts, and other attractive clothing items. 

His apparel is edgy yet charming and comes with a modern price point. However, the best thing about this brand is that women of all ages can find something that fits their personality style! 


Chuu, like the others on this list, provides convenient Korean fashion online. Chuu’s emblem, like the Korean fashion trend, is feminine. They have several clothing businesses on their website, many of which fall into the cozy and cute clothing category.

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Chuu also sells contact lingerie and lenses in addition to Asian clothing. Additionally, buyers outside the United States can obtain free shipping on transactions over $200.

Supriya Lele

If you’re a woman who’s comfortable baring some skin, then Supriya Lele is your brand. Don’t believe us? Just open Google, and you’ll see what we are talking about. Her clothes allow you to bare your skin in the right places. 

So, if you want to wear little to no clothing or in the right places, then Supriya Lele is the right clothing brand for you. 

Sandy Liang

Sandy Liang has been working from home with her crew of designers and sometimes alone in her studio during her time in quarantine.

This New York-based designer has become associated with particular types of fashion pieces: intrinsically chill and immensely cool. Some Vans shoes, bucket hats, and enormous fleece jackets are a few clothing items she puts her own spin on.


Next on our list of Asian clothing brands is Kooding! This clothing company specializes in traditional Korean fashion and clothing trends. Their clothing items are more structured, modest, and comfortable, with a range of soft tones that are both youthful and appealing. 

They also specialize in oversized apparel, formal shirts, and flowy summer skirts. Because it offers Korean online shopping for both men and women, Kooding’s website appeals to a wide variety of customers.

Allina Liu

We’re guessing you’ve already seen some of Allina Lius’ amorous shirts on your feed. 

After working at The Row and Thakoon, the designer established her own line of feminine pieces that look more beautiful than a piece of fine artwork. 

JW Pei

JW Pei, whose fans include Emily Ratajkowski and Irina Shayk, is a sustainable handbag label. Yang Pei and Stephanie Li, the founders, make vegan handbags out of textiles, polyurethane, and canvas derived from recycled plastic bottles. 

The brand offers purses in modern, minimalist forms with reasonable price tags, whether you desire a baguette, hobo, or belt bag. 

Suket Dhir

Suket Dhir is the owner of the India-based clothing brand Suket Dhir, an indo-centric, eco-chic, contemporary menswear label that incorporates artisanal techniques and rich textiles into classic shapes. 

Their old-school tailoring and finishing procedures bring richness to every product, and they are firm believers in the ‘Less is More’ attitude. Slow fashion is promoted by the label, which emphasizes comfort, aesthetic progression, and the allure of graceful aging.


Rastah is a Pakistani brand that combines Western fashion with traditional eastern craftsmanship. 

However, Rastah’s collaboration with local artisans, including block-print patterns, Mughal-era art, and mirror-work patches prevalent in South Asian design, is something that truly sets it apart from the rest of the Pakistani brands. 


Delaroq is a handbag and accessory business developed out of a desire to simplify and minimize. Their goods are painstakingly produced from recycled and upcycled materials, focusing on high-end leather craftsmanship and usefulness.

Jennifer Lyu, on the other hand, founded the company as a method to simplify and decrease waste by producing collections that are made from repurposed and recycled materials. 

These exquisite designs are more than simply pretty: they’re also practical, inexpensive, and minimalist, which help decrease pollution and last for years.


If you’re seeking Korean fashion, Pomelo is another Asian company worth checking out! They have a wide range of style options, but their offerings are mainly feminine, vibrant, and floral.

Their designs are colorful and lively, with strong cuts and motifs incorporating numerous feminine features and forms.

They also have a formidable Asian clothing store on the internet. However, don’t forget that this brand’s offerings are slightly more expensive than the other comparable brands!


HOTPING’s clothes appeal to people who appreciate Korean fashion’s plus-sized, feminine aesthetic. Purses, intimates, activewear, long dresses, sweaters, and accessories are available on their website. 

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Furthermore, the brand also offers a membership program that entitles you to savings on Asian clothing when you shop online. 


When it comes to bags, finding something that looks good, will last a few seasons without peeling off, and that you can afford without taking out a 10-year loan is always a challenge. 

Unlike shoes, few handbag businesses have been able to break through the barrier between quick fashion and luxury. Then there’s Cafuné. Despite its moniker being a combination between Céline and Kitsuné, this chic label is based in Hong Kong rather than Paris.

Their workers work in multiple hubs to provide products at affordable prices while maintaining excellent quality.


There are a lot of similarities between this brand and HOTPING. This is because 66girls is an extension of HOTPING itself.

That said, the people at 66girls also offer a members program that gives you multiple discounts when you join. 

Furthermore, 66girls has a diverse collection of accessories, purses, outerwear, skirts, bottoms, and tops.

Mohala Eyewear

With Mohalla Eyewear, owner and creator Johnson set out to develop a brand that offered products completely different from your typical one-size-fits-all eyewear line, addressing the problem of sliding sunglasses. 

Typically, Mohala glasses are available with various nose bridge sizes and widths and completely adjustable frames.


Monse is different from other brands because they follow the motto ” nothing is as it appears.” In fact, almost every silhouette they offer is layered, asymmetrical, or mixed media. 

The label is the brainchild of dream pair Kim and Garcia, who met while working at Oscar de la Renta, where Kim now serves as Creative Director.

Derek Lam

Derek Lam, a Chinese-American designer born in San Francisco and currently based in New York, is a pioneer of modern American sportswear. Classic silhouettes, sophisticated tailoring, and easy-to-wear essentials are available at Derek Lam. 


It’s not often that we come across clothing that feels unlike anything else on the market, but PH5 is one of them. 

Wavy, asymmetrical skirts and trims, surprising cutouts, wrap detailing, and eye-catching color combinations are just a few things you’ll come across (and immediately covet).


Kayu is a handcrafted, ethical, and environmentally friendly bag manufacturer that strives to capture Southeast Asia’s beautiful colors and textures. 

Kayu bags are made entirely of natural materials and biodegradable materials in the Philippines, with the company’s headquarters in California.

Kayu is a solely female and mother-owned business that allows women to work from home at their own pace and care for their families while simultaneously earning a decent living.

Claudia Li

Claudia Li, a New Zealand-born designer, has progressively garnered popularity for her creative use of shape, color, and, most recently, ’80s prom-inspired headbands in conjunction with Fruta since launching her namesake label in 2015.

Peter Do

Peter Do is a joint effort of five friends led by Peter Do, the creative director. This brand’s collection currently includes a small number of products that combine phrases, shapes, and materials representing Peter and his team’s identity.

Rest assured, you’ll be sure to turn your head after seeing his seductive twist on tailoring and his eye for striking footwear. Names of all five founders beside Peter Do are: Lydia Sukato, Vincent Ho, An Nguyen, and Jessica Wu.

Jason Wu

Wu is Taiwanese-Canadian by birth, but the company was founded in New York City in 2003 after Wu completed his studies at Parsons School of Design and worked with designer Narciso Rodriguez. 

Wu’s designs have been worn by celebrities and models worldwide, including former First Lady Michelle Obama.

YanYan Knits

Yanyan designs knitwear for daring. Cardigans that aren’t interesting? No, thank you! 

The founders of YanYan Knits are Suzzie Chung and Phyllis Chan. They are known for creating unique pants, skirts, and sweaters for every occasion imaginable.


You’ll fall in love with Adeam if you like simple fashion and value eye-catching embellishments. 

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However, you’ll be in good company as Oprah Winfrey, Anne Hathaway, and Jordan’s Queen Rania have all been sighted wearing Adeam’s out-of-the-box designs, which frequently feature skillfully placed ruffles, ruching, and pleats.

Comme des Garcons

Comme des Garçons is a must-have on any list of well-known fashion Asian brands. 

Rei Kawakubo is probably one of, if not the first, designer to introduce the American culture to the provocative Japanese fashion world. In fact, her audacious craftsmanship continues to stretch our fashion sense to the limits.

Prabal Gurung

This brand has always been a Fashion Week feature for many years. After all, A-listers such as Michelle Obama have worn his designs at the Met Gala. However, he recently debuted a bridal line, expected to be a hit among celebrities. 


Doverist, an athleisure brand, seamlessly integrates athletic aspects into everyday clothing. This brand blurs the lines between comfort and exercise for everyday life and empowers modern women to reach their goals.


KYNAH is a South Asian clothing brand based in Los Angeles, California, USA. They specialise in bridal, resort, and guest Indian wear. 

However, the people at KYNAH are always on the lookout for the best Indian wear brands and stock labels such as Seema Gujral, Rodhi Mehra, Papa Don’t Preach, Arpita Mehta, and much more. 

Similar Brands Worth Mentioning:


Amesh Wijesekera is a London-born Srilankan designer who is now commonly known for his not-so-traditional designs that incorporates deadstock fabrics with locally woven clothes to create unique and eccentric pieces. 

With his clothing brand, Amesh wanted to design clothes that show a modern take on locally sourced fabrics by including a western feel that anyone can wear, suitable for men or women. 

Grey State Apparel

Grey State is a sustainable and eco-friendly clothing brand owned by females. With the philosophy that fashion should complement, not complicate, this Asian clothing brand offers a curated selection of casual, seasonless pieces. 

We can say that Grey State represents today’s modern women that love to rock a new, fluid lifestyle. It is a neutral environment that is neither black nor white. Founded by Saima Chowdhury.

Oscar de la Renta

Oscar de la Renta, a Dominican-born designer, established a couture and ready-to-wear clothing empire. 

He handed the business over to two young designers from his studio, Asian designers Fernando Garci and Laura Kim, who would go on to serve as co-creative directors. 

However, the two have done an excellent job carrying the brand to new heights of success. 


Owned by Kim So Hee, Stylenanda is a South Korean fashion and makeup brand that is an extension of  L’Oréal. This brand came into existence in 2004 and has since expanded its operations to Thailand, Japan, Singapore, China, and Hong Kong. 

Its biggest store is currently located in Seoul, South Korea, with a very cool “pink everything” theme. L’Oréal fully acquired the brand on May 2, 2018. 

Notte Jewelry

If you’re looking for over-the-top jewelry items, Notte Jewellery will accessorize you well. While this is not a clothing brand, it offers 2000-s style jewelry that goes well with any clothing item you decide to wear. 

Plus, designer and owner Jessica Tse is coming up with new jewelry ideas every day that make jewelry fun for everyone, especially those who are not very fond of jewelry!

Wrapping Up

This wraps up our list of Asian clothing brands to try this year. Sure, this list doesn’t contain every Asian brand out there. However, it will give you an idea of where to look if you want clothes and accessories made in the land of the rising sun. 

Therefore, give these brands a try, and you will probably fall in love with at least a couple of them.

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