How to Wear Leather Pants?


How to Wear Leather Pants?

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Leather pants automatically add a “wow” factor to any outfit you put together. It has that chic, metallic finish that makes everyone give you a double-take as you walk down the street. It also gets people talking about how brave and adventurous you are with your wardrobe choices.

But wearing these comfy, warm pants as an alternative to jeans isn’t that easy. Pair it with the wrong thing, and you’ll have a horrific outfit no-no instead of praises from other bold and edgy fashionistas.

Need help putting together an outfit with leather pants as the centerpiece? Check out these 30 ways of wearing leather pants.

Wide Leg Pants and a Homey Crochet Sweater

Many people assume that outfits with leather pants always have to look tough as if you’re going to a concert. But it can also be pretty casual if you pair it with the right things. One way to wear leather pants daily is by opting for a wide-leg cut.

In the winter, leather pants like those will look super cute with a homey sweater. A cropped sweater will pair great with high-waisted pants. Top it off with some white sneakers, and you’ve got a chic, casual look that packs a punch.

Black Lace Cami and Heels

Leather pants are incredibly sexy, especially when they’re skin-tight. If you want to look like a bombshell for a dinner date or a fun night out with the girls, this outfit will be awesome.

Tuck in a black, lacy camisole into your leather pants and pair it with the tallest heels you feel comfortable wearing. To avoid looking too provocative, wear a statement jacket or blazer over your top. Leave your hair in loose, tousled waves for an extra sultry finish.

Brown on Brown

Although most leather pants come in black, you can also find good-quality ones that are brown. And when you do, you should style it with even more browns for a sophisticated monochrome look.

Even something as plain and casual as a brown tank top will look elegant with brown leather pants. Add more bronze or gold accessories to stay in line with your warm, earthy-toned theme. And don’t forget to wear your hair up for a more modelesque appearance.

Leather Joggers with Leopard Prints

If you want to be extra trendy, you can look for leather pants that are in fresh and hip pant styles, like cargo or jogger pants. These are easy to pair with tops since even a plain white t-shirt will look good with them. 

But if you want to add even more attitude and pizazz to your look, wear a bold, dramatic pattern with it—like, say, leopard prints. You can either wear a leopard print top or a plain one with a leopard print cardigan over it.

Femme Fatale Look with V-Hem Leather Top

Nothing screams “Instagram baddie” louder than being decked out in a sexy leather outfit from head to toe. These loose and comfy leather pants are paired with a tiny, black leather V-hem top. This is a great way to create the illusion of bigger hips, which goes hand in hand with the innate sultriness of leather.

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Make sure you wear all-black accessories too to ensure that this look ties together nicely. If you can, do bold, dramatic makeup as well—perhaps a smokey eye and red lips?

Chunky Belt and Boots for a Cowgirl Vibe

Leather pants also work wonders if you want to create a Western cowgirl outfit. To do that, wear skin-tight leather pants and hold them up with a dramatic, chunky belt. Then, wear brown boots. Make sure you tuck your pants into the boots to give it that cowgirl effect.

This look would go great with a breezy flannel or button-down. If you want, you can wear a cute tank or tube top underneath to make it look less plain.

Warm, Cozy Vest

Another way to wear your leather pants to look like a cowgirl is by pairing them with a vest. This brown, crocheted one is perfect for keeping you warm, so I highly suggest wearing something like it during the autumn months.

This look is great if you love that Western vibe but prefer a more androgynous style to your outfits.

Bralette with Accented Leather Pants

If you’re not afraid of showing a little bit of extra skin, you can wear a bralette with your leather pants to show off your wilder side. It’s an awesome outfit to wear on a night out, especially if you want to show off some new ink on your body. 

For this, high-waisted but skinny leather pants look fabulous. Choose one with lots of accents and metallic elements. This one has silver zippers and buttons for extra pizazz.

Formal Blouse and Pointy Heels

Leather pants are extremely versatile. So although they are great at showing off your wild personality, you can also wear them during a normal day at the office. 

All you have to do to make leather pants look extra profesh is pair them with a smart casual top—like a white button-down and nude cardigan. Finish off the look with pointy nude heels, and you’ll be oozing with confidence at your next meeting.

Loose Pants and Crop Top

For something a bit more effortless, pair your leather pants with a simple crop top. Leather pants help elevate the usual top and jeans combo.

To achieve this look, pick out a crop top in a color that will match your pants well. So, if you have loose, black leather pants like these, a long-sleeved black crop top will look perfect with it. Nude heels and sunglasses will be an awesome addition to this look.

Oversized Sweater and Boots

Because leather pants are warmer than jeans, they’re an awesome wardrobe staple during fall and winter. One of the easiest ways to style leather pants during these seasons is by wearing them under a huge, oversized, cozy sweater or cardigan.

Of course, you must be careful with your color pairings. If you have black leather pants, go for white, black, or gray tops, like this one. Wear thick, cozy boots to keep your feet warm, too!

Red Leather Pants for a Statement

If the drama and grunge of black leather pants aren’t enough for you, amp it up even more by wearing one with a pop of color. This red one is awesome because it automatically draws attention from the crowd, not just because of its color but its giant ribbon too.

With pants as bold and flashy as these, it’s important to stick to plain-looking tops. A black or white long-sleeved shirt tucked into the pants would be super fab for this.

Flowy Top with Deep Neckline

Who says you need to have as less clothes as possible to be sexy? Pair your leather pants with a flowy, breezy top with a low, deep neckline to amp up the sultriness of your look. This is terrific if you want to look sexy but aren’t comfortable with showing that much skin.

Wear this fit with a pair of black high heels, and you’ll be turning heads without having to feel stripped down and naked. And you wore your gorgeous leather pants, too!

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Graphic Shirt and Shoulder Pads

One of the classic, no-brainer ways to wear leather pants is by tucking a statement or graphic t-shirt into it and calling it a day. 

But of course, we want more flair than just that. If you’re going this route for styling your leather pants, add even more oomph to it with a jacket with thick and dramatic shoulder pads and maybe even an edgy belt. This gives your outfit a retro vibe that still looks trendy and sophisticated on the streets.

Extra Large Graphic Tee

If you’re headed to a rock concert, leather pants should be at the top of your options for your outfit. Along with it, you should wear a loose, extra-large graphic tee with your favorite band on it. Don’t forget to tuck it into leather pants so that you can show off more of your hips’ silhouette.

This is a super flattering look because it hides unwanted bulges in your body shape. Plus, it’s so comfy that it gives you the chance to rock out and dance while enjoying the show!

Muscle Tee and Joggers

To strike a balance between glamour and that tough, “rock” look, pair together leather joggers and a simple muscle tee. The leather pants will be your ticket to sophisticated style, while the muscle tee will emphasize the grunge that leather naturally brings.

This outfit is great for just lounging around at home. But it also looks bold enough to be seen out on the streets. Besides, why wouldn’t you want to show off your hot look in public?

Off-Shoulder Sweater and High Heels

Style your leather pants to look extra girly by wearing feminine essentials with them. Start with an off-shoulder top—a giant sweater might be good for the colder months. This screams lazy girl with a touch of cuteness.

To add even more to the femininity of this look, pair it with high heels and maybe even a designer bag. This look is great for going out to a casual lunch or meeting in the city.

Soft, Romantic Blouse and Cropped Pants

Leather pants don’t always have to be long, skin-tight, and tough-looking. If paired with the right top and makeup choices, they can look super romantic. Next time you go on a picnic date and want to look your best, wear something like this.

Cropped leather pants aren’t as intimidating as high-waisted or wide-leg ones. And when you wear a breezy, white blouse with it, you’re bound to look very approachable. Wear some nude heels and put on a bit of extra blush and lipstick, and you’re ready for the date of a lifetime.

Plain Black Shirt for a Low Main Look

There are some days when you wake up in the morning not wanting to put much thought into your outfit. But that doesn’t mean you have to look lousy and uncool. One lazy girl outfit that should be top of mind when you wake up from a night of sleeping in is black leather pants and a plain black shirt.

This black-on-black look is a lazy chic girl’s come true. It’s a no-brainer—you simply toss your top and bottom on, and you’re done. However, you still look super sophisticated and elegant.

Your Fave Sweater and Crisp White Sneakers

Aside from heels, leather pants look awesome with crisp and clean white shoes. Time to bring out your favorite pair of Nike or Adidas sneaks—it’s a match made in heaven with leather pants.

An easy way to style your leather pants and sneakers is by wearing an easy sweater (or a shirt and jacket). It may look plain, but the leather pant and white shoes combo are for sure a new classic that will make you look stylish no matter the season or occasion.

Rolled Up Turtleneck and Leather Pants

If you have a more tomboyish style and want an outfit more on the androgynous side, you’ll love this one. This look is awesome if you want a touch of gender fluidity in your outfit!

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Instead of the usual super-tight leather pants and tiny top, go for loose leather trousers instead. Then, get an oversized turtleneck and roll up the sleeves for a masculine touch. 

Hoodie and Leather for a Casual Vibe

Leather pants are usually worn on nights out partying or on a fancy dinner date. But if you pair it with the right top, it can be used for casual attire as well.

For a cozy, effortless casual look with a bit of street style thrown in, wear your leather pants with a hoodie. Tuck in the hem of the hoodie inside your pants and wear some heels if you want it to look less slouchy.

Comfy Flannel and Sneakers 

Flannels and sneakers can sometimes scream “high school,” but if you pair them with leather pants, they look a lot more grown-up. This outfit is an awesome way to channel your inner teenager and preserve your youthfulness.

Wear cropped leather pants and a white crop top. Then, put on your favorite plaid or checkered flannel over it. Lastly, bring out your whitest, cleanest, sleekest sneakers for the finishing touch. 

Engulfed in a Trench Coat

One of the most effortless ways to throw on leather pants while still looking chic and regal is by wearing them with a trench coat. Go for a khaki or skin tone colored one that falls all the way down to your ankles. 

Wear some close-toed heels for a mod, cosmopolitan aura. Finish the look with our fave designer handbag and sunglasses.

Simple, Low-Cut Sweater with Brown Leather

Brown leather pants can look a lot more innocent than black pants. So, if you want to maintain an American sweetheart kind of look but still try wearing leather, brown is your best friend.

Wear wide-leg, brown leather pants with your favorite blouse or sweater. Try going for one with a deeper neckline to get rid of that “good girl” vibe without going overboard.

Leather Pants and a Square Neckline Top

Lots of Gen Z influencers love a good square neckline top. They usually wear it with jeans or linen trousers, but it looks exquisite and more rebellious with leather pants.

This white, long-sleeved, square neckline blouse is a simple shirt, but it looks super edgy and dark when paired with leather.

Green Pants and a Baggy Blouse

Green leather isn’t a common occurrence in the fashion world. So, if you want to hop on the leather pants trend and still stand out, this is one of the quirkiest, most aesthetically pleasing ways to do it.

Your green leather pants will look great with white tops. If you want a super casual and laidback outfit, try wearing a loose white button-down for a fashionably disheveled look.

Unbuttoned White Button Down

Speaking of looking disheveled for style, here’s another inspo photo for pulling off that look—this time with black leather pants. Instead of buttoning your top all the way, do so only until the middle of your torso. This messy look is incredibly sexy, especially when worn with tousled, woke-up-like-this hair.

One-Shoulder Strappy Top and Leather Pants

Long, black leather pants that engulf your hips and legs look awesome with small tops. We’ve looked at tube tops and crop tops earlier, but here is one that is a little more elegant—the strappy one-shoulder top.

This top is great with leather pants because they’re both sultry but can still be styled to look refined. It’s a cross between edgy street style and modish sophistication. 

Monochrome Leather Coordinates

Last but not least, we have this look. When you just have no energy to match your leather pants with your closet full of tops, just go for one that looks just like it. Long-sleeved leather tops look amazing with matching pants, especially when they’re in the same color. 

It may be hard looking for leather tops and bottoms that are the exact same shade, but it would be safe to go for blacks, whites, and subdued colors for this styling. That will make color-matching a lot easier.

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