What to Wear to a Baseball Game


What to Wear to a Baseball Game

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It’s that time of the year when we all enjoy going to games and watching team sports as an excellent weekend getaway activity.

Fortunately, one of America’s most significant sporting events is in full swing, and we love it? For a game that is considered part and parcel of the American identity, your clothes will have to reflect the sentiment of “America’s game.”

Baseball is a religion, and if you want to join the league of elite and ardent supporters, then looking for what to wear shouldn’t be a mundane task. The perfect clothing for baseball is a blend of comfort and style. Read on to find out how to dress like a true baseball fan.

A Baseball Hat


Baseball hats are so popular that they have become a significant part of mainstream fashion. Even if you get every outfit wrong, you can never go wrong by putting on a baseball hat. They are so versatile and go with any attire you wear. It is almost like an unwritten rule to wear a baseball hat when attending a game. For a cool and edgy look, your options are either a plain hat or one that has your team’s logo or catchphrase. 

A Baseball Jersey


A baseball jersey is a perfect place to start when you want to fit right into the crowd at a stadium. You can style your home team’s jersey with several styling options to give a classic and remarkable finish. For example, men can layer their baseball jerseys over a hoodie and matching sweatpants for an athletic look. On the other hand, ladies can pair an oversized jersey with leggings for a chic ensemble.

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Sunglasses will always be perfect for a sporty aesthetic that makes you look good with a laid-back and relaxed style. Sunglasses also double as sun protection, especially if the game is at noon or evening (like most games are). Any oversized pair of sunglasses will match perfectly with a casual outfit while protecting you from the hot summer weather. Although, my favorite style of sunglasses are aviators and wayfarers. They have the perfect shape for a sporting aesthetic.

A Small Bag


When going to a baseball game, you carry essential items such as a water bottle, a camera (maybe?), sunscreen, a wallet, noise-canceling headphones (for toddlers), etc. Organizing these things while trying to concentrate on a game can be a hassle, and that’s where bags come into play. Our favorite go-to is the cross-body bag. It is stylish, with a laid-back retro look, and not too bulky to carry around. However, note that different stadiums have their policies and guidelines regarding bags. So we always advise visiting your home team’s website to get an informational guide.

Appropriate Shoes


For the most part, sneakers are always your best bet. The most common footwear you will see at every baseball game is a pair of converse. Converse are probably popular because they are comfortable and somewhat resemble the shoes that the players wear. You can go for other types of sneakers in any color that fits your style. We always prefer white sneakers because they are aesthetically pleasing and often work well with other baseball outfits. Ladies can appear more stylish with a pair of moderately high-heeled boots or sandals. 

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Long Pants


Maybe it is because baseball players put on long pants. Still, it is undeniable that they have a certain appeal to baseball fans. Your options when considering long pants are numerous. Is it denim jeans paired with cotton tees? You are good to go. Or you can decide to go for less restrictive pants like sweatpants, joggers, slacks, or leggings (for the ladies). Whichever pants options you choose will always pair nicely with cotton tees, polos, baseball jerseys, or hoodies. Throw in a pair of white sneakers to the mix to complete your ensemble.



Going casual is an option that never fails for both men and women. There are so many combinations with which you can match your pair of shorts. You can go for a polo shirt with shorts or a plain tee with khaki shorts. Even a sleeveless tee or tank top will match perfectly with khaki shorts. Add a pair of white sneakers to any of these outfits to perfect your look at a baseball game. Biker shorts are breathable and flexible, making them perfect for ladies. They contrast nicely with oversized tees or baseball jerseys and sneakers.



It may be a casual sporting event, but adding a few accessories won’t hurt your final look. A simple watch, neck chain, earrings, and bracelet are enough accessories for a baseball game. Whatever jewelry you choose, avoid putting on large and clunky pieces. It can get sweaty at the stadium, and heavy jewelry will make you uncomfortable.



Carrying a baseball glove to a game has been a tradition for years, and there’s no reason why you can’t do the same. Many fans desire to catch foul balls as souvenirs to take home. Whether you are an adult or a child, it’s fun. Putting on a baseball glove will improve your chances of catching a foul ball. So, bring your gloves out; nobody will look at you sideways at a baseball game. 

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The appeal that t-shirts have, especially to a baseball game, is inexplicable. You can style them in various ways to achieve a low-key look or dress it up. Since we are talking baseball here, casual tee shirt looks will pair nicely with a tracksuit or leggings or ripped jeans or shorts. It doesn’t matter if you decide on sneakers or heels; each t-shirt combo always looks good.


There you have it. Your everyday wardrobe can make for really stylish and appropriate baseball outfits. Because you will be doing a lot of cheering for your home team, your outfit’s material, comfort, and style are essential. When choosing your attire, look out for moisture-wicking fabrics. The best moisture-wicking fabrics that are breathable and lightweight include polyester, polypropylene, wool, and nylon. If you want to go the long mile, face and body paint is an excellent way to show your enthusiasm for your home team, but a foam finger will do fine.

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