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What To Wear To A Broadway Show

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Last Updated on July 18, 2022 by inckredible

A Broadway show is a live theatrical production of a musical, play, or revue that appears in the stated broadway theatres around the words.

It is a common conception that any theatrical performance displayed at a broadway theatre is nothing short of the best and worthy of any major award.

To acquire a ticket to a broadway show is to be seen as a high profile or privileged personnel. 

Getting tickets to such shows is an excellent privilege, but the greater task is finding the right outfit to wear to a Broadway show. Many people, including celebrities, struggle to make a statement with their outfits to such an event because it is an event that happens solemnly, and it would make a lot of sense to look their best while at it.

Many people have flopped on the choice of the outfit over the years. This is due to them trying so hard to pull an outstanding fashion statement. But here is the fun fact, there isn’t a static or basic dress code for a broadway show, and you just have to know the right things to pair, and you would be good to go.

While women have a hard time choosing between outfits, men, on the other hand, have it covered. This is because their outfits don’t need as much mix and matching. Men can wear jeans and a flannel shirt, a pair of chinos matched with a shirt and suit jacket, or a pair of tailored trousers with any shirt of their choice.

Here are a few broadway show outfit ideas;

  1. Never go over the top

We feel like it is common knowledge that you shouldn’t be overdressed for a Broadway show; you mustn’t go over the top. There are a lot of staples in your closet that, when fully combined, would leave you in awe of how awesome you look. For this idea, you would need well-tailored trousers, which are always the best way to start a chic look.

The look of black or cream well-tailored trousers matched with a cute sleeveless black tank top or blouse will be the beginning of your simple but exquisite look. Complete the look with a pair of cute black strapped heels, a small purse, and a straight dangling pearl earring. See here

  1. Cheer on a velvet
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This idea is perfect for a broadway show as it depicts your feminity and strong poise. It is also a look you can make with pieces of clothes from your wardrobe. This outfit idea might sound strange, but yes, you need jeans. A pair of jeans is one of the things you would never think you could wear to a Broadway show.

But you can; it only depends on how you pair it. Pair skinny blue jeans with a white silk or satin camisole and top it with a long velvet jacket. You can go ahead to finish this look off with a pair of nude heels and a nude-colored clutch purse. View here

  1. Simply classic

This outfit choice is titled “simply classic” because of its simple and stress-free outlook. This idea entails a silk slip skirt matched with a sweater or a tank top and a jacket. You can stay casual with the look by fixing it with a pair of sneakers, or you can raise the look by adding a pair of heels instead.

If you want to sprinkle glitz of color, accessorize with some jewelry and a colored crossbody bag. This outfit idea is ideal for daytime broadway shows. View here

  1. Monochrome

This combination is the “OG” of all the ideas so far; it is what we would choose if we have a hard time choosing an outfit for the show. The matching of tailored trousers and a cashmere sweater of the same color is nothing short of perfect. You can also raise the bar by wearing a skirt instead of trousers; just make sure it’s the same color for the monochrome effect.

Pair this combination with a shawl of the same color and a small black bag with a pair of animal skin loafers. Whatever you do, make sure every piece of clothing of this look is within the same family of color. See here

  1. Sequin glory

If you wish to get all glammed up and not go on the casual train, this is your stop. And this is what we would identify as the ideal Broadway outfit idea. Find nothing more than a sequin skirt and glam it up with the right additives. 

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In addition to your sequin skirt, you need to add a formal white shirt and a leather jacket. At the same time, you finish up the look with a designer crossbody bag and a pair of black stilettoes. You must try to keep your accessories simple so as not to conflict with the busy atmosphere around the sequin skirt. See here

  1. Sneakers, but be trendy.

Sneakers can be a little extra on the casual-looking part, but they can also give you the exact chic look you want if paired appropriately. The simplicity and the trendy look that comes with a pair of black sneakers is unarguable, and you will most definitely never go wrong in one.

You would need a pair of leather leggings and black sneakers to compliment a cashmere sweater and shawl for this look. This outfit idea is finished with a crossbody bag and a hoop earring. See here

  1. Stay Elegant

You do not get the chance to go to a Broadway show every day, but why not make it count with this opportunity? Get that flowery dress off the hangers, which gives you the “over the world” feel. This is the right time to put it to proper use again; grab this chance and feel over the moon again.

Pair this dress with a leather jacket if you need to hush the personality down a bit. Then add your black stilettoes, a cute black bag, and a tiny gold necklace. And step out feeling like a star. View here

  1. Dress it up

Broadway shows can be overwhelming for you as an attendee, the anxiety of what to wear, how to wear it, and many other things. But when you decide to allow a dress to do the honors, you would be glad you did. 

Dress it up outfit idea is a rather simple one; it entails a little yellow above-the-knee dress, kitted up with a long white jacket that is allowed to rest gracefully on your shoulder. The look is best accentuated with silver-studded sandal heels and a bright smile. View here 

  1.  Jumpsuit fever

This is a convenient and chic outfit to wear to a Broadway show. This outfit idea is one of the easiest to pull together as it doesn’t involve many pieces of clothing. The idea is to wear something you would feel comfortable in, whatever your style of the jumpsuit is, either long sleeve, short sleeve, culotte pant type, blazer type, denim, boiler, cape, etc. And boom, killer look, all it takes is adding the right accessories.

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Since it’s a Broadway show, we wouldn’t advise pairing it with sneakers. Rather, pair it up with a nice pair of heels and a cute clutch purse of complimenting colors. See here 

  1. Little Black Dress(LBD)

Whether the broadway show is taking place, the weather, the dress code your group of friends have chosen, or the body shape you have, you would never go wrong in a little black dress. 

And just like the rest of the group, the accessories and how you pair them matter a lot. For this idea, you can choose any design of dress you so prefer, from an off-the-shoulder black dress to a side slit black dress to alter black neck dress or a tube black dress. Add a pair of animal print high heel shoes, let your hair down, and stun the whole place. See here


In the event that this is your first time going to a broadway show, and you have been apprehensive about what to wear. The good news is that there is no dress code for a Broadway show. Both formal and casual wears are acceptable, as long as you have a ticket. Even though there is no dress code, there are several outfits that you would look silly in if you wear them to a broadway show. Outfits like gym wear, loungewear, pajamas, sportswear, footwear like a flip flop, etc.

Broadway shows are a great choice of entertainment, leisure, and a day out with family and friends; it is also of great importance that you choose the right outfit to enjoy your day or night without worrying about looking under-dressed. This is why we have provided ten prospective outfit ideas that would leave you feeling like a Broadway star, so when next you have tickets to a broadway show, make sure to choose something that would leave you feeling classy and comfortable.

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