What Color Eyeshadow to Wear With a Purple Dress


What Color Eyeshadow to Wear With a Purple Dress

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Purple is a bold and stunning color, and the eyeshadow you wear with your purple dress can make and define your style.

Gold, purple, browns, nudes and grey, rose and pinks, green, blue, and black are eye shadow colors that pair nicely with a purple dress.

Just like any other color, purple is easy to mix and match with just a few tweaks here and there.

This article offers you all the information you’ll need to learn how to mix and match your purple dress with the perfect color of eyeshadow colors. Ready? Go!



Having a brown color palette is non-negotiable for every makeup artist. Matte beige, bronze, chocolate, walnut, and taupe are all shades of brown eyeshadow that give a flattering natural look with a purple dress. You want to start with a darker brown at the corners of your lid and crease. Blend lighter shades along the eyelids to achieve an even-defined eye look. You can also take it further by adding a soft shimmery bronze layer over your eyelid for a more vibrant look.



A combination of pale pink, blush, and rose gives you a tremendous look. When mixing these colors, it goes light, medium, and dark. Start by applying a medium shade of pink, such as blush, all over the eyelid. Follow with a darker shade at your creases and a lighter tint at the inner corners of the eyes. Working it this way will highlight and define your eye makeup. The pink eyeshadow palette pairs nicely with any shade of the purple dress, giving off a dreamy and romantic look.

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Light Grey and Taupe


Grey and brown are the final combination for a natural eyeshadow makeup look that pairs nicely with a purple dress. The mixture is incredibly flattering with a light purple dress and works well with any skin tone. Taupe is a cooler shade of brown that you will lay gently all over your eyelid, focusing on the crease. Follow gently with a light grey on the inner eyelid. Add a light hand of black just by your lash line to give this natural look a perfect finish. 

Grey and Black


Yes, and yes. Smokey grey and black combinations are flattering on everyone and every dress. Also, the best greys to use are medium greys, with an equal proportion of white and black. The key to pulling off a smokey eye is not going overboard with the darker shades. Start by covering your eyelid with medium grey eyeshadow. Then blend a matte black or charcoal eyeshadow gently along the crease and through the upper and lower lash line. You can also define the smokey eye by highlighting the inner corners of the eyes with a satin white eyeshadow. 

Gold and Browns


Sometimes, the smokey grey and black combination might appear too heavy for some people. If that’s the case, a mixture of gold and browns make a natural smokey eye look. Brown hues like taupe, beige, tan, or cocoa are the perfect dark shade. Cover your eyelid with a gold or champagne eyeshadow. And as usual, blend a dark brown shade of eyeshadow along the crease, upper and lower lash line. Blend a small section of the inner and outer corner of your inner eyelid with the same shade of brown, leaving out the center of the lid. Then gently cover the center of the eyelid with gold eyeshadow. The combination is perfect for both light and deep purple dresses.

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Cream, Champagne, and Green


A daring combination, I must say. Olive green is an earthy hue that contrasts nicely with a fabulous purple dress. Cover your entire eyelid with a matte light brown that matches your skin. Blend taupe or tan along the crease for a more defined look. Gently press olive green eyeshadow into the inner corner of the outer corner, and remember to stop at the center of the eye. Highlight your bottom lash and above the crease with champagne eyeshadow—the minimalist pop of green in your eyeshadow pairs nicely with a purple dress.

Blue and Brown


Blue and purple are beside each other on the color wheel. They, therefore, complement each other according to the color theory. One may wonder if color theory will hold for an eyeshadow combination. The result of such a combination is delightfully unexpected. Use taupe eyeshadow on the crease of your eye. Follow with a lighter brown shade on the bottom lash and the inner corner of your lid, stopping at the center. Gently blend blue eyeshadow on the other half of the inner eyelid.

Rose, Coral-blush, and Purple 


Wearing purple eyeshadow with a purple dress is not a fashion faux pas, especially when using the right hues. The secret is to go light. For example, a light purple eyeshadow will bring out the best features of a lilac purple dress. Start by applying coral blush all over the eyelid and along the crease. Follow gently with a light purple eyeshadow on the inner eyelid. Also, use a rose-colored eyeshadow below your lash line and above your eye crease to highlight your makeup.

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Gold and Wine

The gold and wine eyeshadow is a bold combination that brightens the eyes in a flattering manner. Since red and purple are closely related in the color wheel, the shades and hues are essential in choosing eye color combinations. A gold eyeshadow will highlight your inner eyelid, and the wine will add depth to your creases. Wear this eyeshadow look alongside any light or dark purple dress.

Navy, Purple, and Taupe

The final smokey eye look combines navy, purple, and taupe. Start by applying a taupe foundation all over your eyelids and under your lower lash. Follow lightly with a white eyeshadow at the inner corner of your eyelid. Gently blend dark purple along the outer corner of the inner eyelid. Lastly, follow your crease gently with a navy eyeshadow. A purple smokey eye looks flattering with a purple dress.


Generally, pinks, browns, silver,  blue, green, gold, Champagne, and black eyeshadows look nice with a purple dress. The secret is to mix these colors to make a perfect blend. The color combinations in the post are some of the best blends that pair nicely with a purple dress. However, the rules are not set in stone. And you can always carry out fun experiments with as many colors as you want. After all, you can easily clean it with an eye makeup remover.

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