What Color Bra To Wear Under White Shirt?


What Color Bra To Wear Under White Shirt?

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It’s summer!!! Yay!

Time to bring out those gorgeous summer gowns and look fabulous.

Those light-colored sheer tops and beautiful white gowns will help you slay all summer. Except you’re a little girl – a teenager who hasn’t bloomed or a woman with a small bosom.

Underwear (read bras) could be a huge downside to choosing bright-colored clothes. Yes, you want to look fabulous this summer, but you also don’t want your bra taking away all the attention from your outfit, and those side-perverse remarks about your underwear can be annoying. 

Here’s an article to show all the best bra colors to wear with your bright-colored clothes this summer. 

Nude colored bra

This can not be categorized as one color because “nude” is different shades for different women, depending on your skin tone. We recommend choosing a nude color closest to your skin tone. One that could almost appear as if it is part of your skin. Why? When you wear your white top, you want your bra to be as inconspicuous as possible. A nude color will blend so well with your skin that people will hardly tell the difference, leaving you free to enjoy a great summer day.

Black Colored Underwear 

This color will be more appropriate for women with darker skin tones. Why? Because a black bra would almost blend with the color of the skin and make it vaguely visible. No, ma’am, it would not be invisible as black in itself stands out, but it’ll take more than a casual stare to notice your bra. Even if anyone sees it, they’ll be more taken by how well the color blends with your skin. Also, this is considered “okay,” depending on the thickness of the fabric. White is transparent and would show off everything, but it’ll work if the fabric is slightly thicker. A dark skin tone and thicker fabric.

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Red Color Bra

I assure you, we were as surprised as you are right now the first time we tried this color. Apparently, the red color matches your skin’s undertone, so it makes the bra almost undetectable under a white blouse. Of course, not a bright red or pinkish-red bra, but a slightly darker shade of red. So why not go shopping for a red bra and try it out this summer? You will be surprised at the results.

Burgundy Color Bra

We know this is a shade of red but a much darker shade, and that’s why it easily makes our list. Burgundy is completely invisible under a white blouse. Same as the explanation above, red matches your skin’s undertone, and because burgundy is even darker, it blends right in with your skin. With a burgundy bra, the thickness or thinness of the fabric doesn’t really matter here. Just grab a burgundy color bra, and you’re good to go.

White Color Bra

We can almost hear your thoughts scream, “this color was supposed to appear as number 1”. Well,  sorry to disappoint you. It is a rather inappropriate color to wear under your white blouse. White color does not blend with your skin (unless you are as pale as Edward from twilight, then maybe you could consider white underwear). But if not, it’s a no-no. Especially for women with darker skin tones, this would be a horrible choice. White stands out, just like your white top and if you don’t want to attract the wrong kind of attention, drop it now!

Brown Color Bra

Again, depending on your skin tone, this may or may not work for everybody. A chocolatey brown woman would appreciate this color of the bra under her white shirt because it’ll blend with her skin and make the bra almost invisible under her white shirt. 

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How to determine your skin undertone.

There are three types of skin undertone, and knowing them will help you pick out the right color for anything, whether it is the color of foundation, lipstick, and even bra color. So how do you know what category you fall under? Do this:

Carefully examine the color of the veins in your wrist; 

  • If it’s a bluish/purple, then you have a cold undertone
  • If it’s greenish, you have a warm undertone. And if there’s little to no color, then you have a neutral undertone. 

When choosing a bra, go for fitting and comfort.

For women with Fuller bosoms, go for a bra cup that fully accommodates your bosoms and has straps that sit on your shoulder comfortably and do not dig into it. As we know, the fuller the bosom, the heavier it is, and the weight would definitely pull on your shoulders, causing your shoulder and back to ache. According to your preference, a bra with a wire underline would be perfect, but that’s only if you are comfortable with it.

For women with not-so-full breasts, you could get a “push-up” bra as it helps give your bosoms a fuller appearance. Straps wouldn’t be an issue as there is less weight, so you could enjoy those fancy bra straps in all their glory.


While looking good is good business, being modest and appropriate has a greater gain. So when you’re out shopping for summer clothes, shop for fitting underwear in the right colors. Go, enjoy your summer in glitz and glamour.

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