50 Rose Nails Design Ideas You Will Love


50 Rose Nails Design Ideas You Will Love

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Flowery nail art has always been popular, with roses being some of the prettiest yet trickiest designs. A talented nail technician will be able to create stunning rose nail art for you, but you should have a clear idea of exactly how the design should look before you attend your appointment.

For some people, rose nails could mean having actual roses painted into a design, but for others, it could be interpreted as rose gold nails, a color that continues to grow in popularity.

So, you might be at a loss when it comes to thinking up some gorgeous rose nail designs, especially if this manicure is for a special occasion. A rose design on your fingertips would be incredibly romantic for a wedding, or perfect for a summer celebration, or even ideal for a simple date night.

Whatever reason you have for getting a professional manicure, you’ll want your nails to look beautiful. Luckily, with the elegance of a rose design and a manicurist’s talent, it isn’t too difficult to make your rose nails look perfect.

The design doesn’t have to be very complicated at all. You might opt for a simple design, such as a single rose on each nail. Other options include having bouquets of roses painted on your nails or experimenting with different colors and shapes to make each nail look exquisitely unique. It’s always best to decide before you go to your manicure appointment. Otherwise, you might be disappointed with the nail art you get.

Below are 10 of the best rose nail design ideas perfect for anyone craving a sophisticated, elegant manicure.

1. A Single Red Rose

Individual red roses are renowned for their beauty and romantic connotations, so what better nail design to start with than this? With just one rose per fingernail, you’ll be able to appreciate all the skill that goes into creating them. The addition of a green stem beneath each rose will make them look as if they’re growing out of your fingers.

Even with as simple a design as this, you can be creative. You can design the roses to have a certain number of petals, be a specific shade of red, or be painted in an exact position on the nail. The links below show just how you can evolve the design of a single red rose.

2. Roses With A Clear Base Coat

A shiny coat of clear nail polish is often used to go over painted nails, but using clear polish as the base coat with some rose nail art brings out the roses and puts them at the center of the design. The rest of the design can be as straightforward or as intricate as you like.

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Having a really simple base coat allows you to have more fun deciding on the colors of the roses and the rest of the art. Another layer of clear nail polish over the top will make them shine and draw even more attention to them. You can tailor the look of the roses to whatever event you might be attending.

3. Polka Dot Roses

Though a lot of people tend to stick to one fundamental design per manicure, the sophisticated style of the rose and the sweet, fun-looking polka dots make for a perfect combination. Adding polka dots to your rose nail art gives the design a more updated and playful look.

Polka dots look great no matter the color, but you can easily match them to the color of your roses. By designing this simple yet effective nail art, your manicure will look polished and well-designed, perfect for a formal evening event or a picnic in the spring. Playing around with the size of the polka dots can completely transform the design, so give some thought to that too.

4. French Manicure With Roses

A French manicure is an absolute classic and one that you can never go wrong with. Your nails will look polished and perfectly shaped, ready for any occasion or event. Adding some roses, even to just one of the nails, can upgrade the look of a french manicure and add some color.

This is a creative way to put your twist on a classic nail design, and it’s perfect for people who like their nails to look simple but chic. A shiny top coat of clear polish will finish off the manicure beautifully and have all eyes on your elegant hands.

5. Coffin Nails With Roses

If you enjoy acrylic nails and want your rose manicure to last for weeks and weeks, go for coffin nails with some rose nail art. As coffin nails are usually fairly long, you’ll have plenty of space to get creative with the rose design. You could have roses on one fingernail or on all of them.

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You can also have your natural nails shaped into coffin nails if you aren’t a fan of acrylics, so long as they have enough length. A simple base coat, such as white or pale pink, is perfect for this design because it will showcase the roses and make your nails look chic.

6. Bling Rose Nails

The easiest way to make a simple manicure look exciting is to add sparkle! And with an elegant rose design, the bling doesn’t even have to be overwhelming to be noticeable. If you’re not a huge fan of sparkle, a glittery rose will be just embellished enough to stand out.

Or, if you enjoy lots of bling, you can add different stickers, gems, or standout top coats onto your nails to draw attention to them. Making your nails blingy will transform a simple rose manicure and have them looking camera ready for any occasion.

7. Blue Roses

Most rose manicures are red, pink, or white to closely resemble real roses, but blue rose nails are perfect for those who would like something a bit different! This design is a bit subtler than other rose nail art and coordinates perfectly with most outfits.

Blue is a cooling color, so you can still enjoy having roses painted on your fingernails if you don’t want your manicure to be bright. Any professional manicurist will be able to paint roses that look just as realistic and beautiful in blue, whichever shade you choose. A white base coat looks fabulous with blue roses, though you can decide if you’d like a different color to match them.

8. Roses And Stripes

As with polka dot and rose nails, they are adding some stripes, upgrading a rose design, and giving you more to look at. Stripes are quite a simple design, but they’ll act as the perfect background for your roses, and they look elegant on any nail shape or length.

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Black and white stripes look great and pair beautifully with pink or red roses. The placement of the roses on the stripes can transform the design, too, so you should plan out exactly how you imagine your finished manicure looking. Decorating your nails with stripes and roses will give a casual outfit some glamor and complement a formal outfit wonderfully.

9. Stiletto Rose Nails

A stiletto manicure has always been popular, but adding some roses gives an extra touch of class. The majority of people who get stiletto acrylic nails get them for a special event, such as a wedding or a formal party. This allows you to match the color of your stiletto roses to the event.

But it is also possible to make stiletto nails look more dressed down. A simple rose design, or one without any bling or sparkle, is perfect for going out and about every day, especially during summer when floral manicures are all the rave. Roses are the most elegant of flowers, which makes them ideal for one of the most elegant nail shapes.

10. Summer Roses

Though all rose nail art looks great in summer, choosing light colors for your manicure makes it look perfect all season long. Great summer colors include white, pink, blue, yellow, and pale green. The design can be as simple or intricate as you like.

You could have all your nails looking completely floral or choose one or two to act as accent nails. Again, this design is perfect for people who like each individual nail to look different. But having them all designed the same looks great as well and allows you to really immerse yourself in the flexibility of rose nail art.


With those 10 very different designs to choose from, you’re all set to book an appointment at your favorite nail salon and get the manicure of your dreams. Pick out the exact colors, nail shape, nail length, and design layout that you want so that the technician has plenty to work with.

Roses are quite tricky to paint without experience, but a professional manicurist will be able to bring your vision to life. With impeccable rose nails, you’ll be ready to take on any event that comes your way with style!

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