20 Different Types Of Earrings


20 Different Types Of Earrings

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Originally posted on December 10, 2021 @ 6:00 am

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Choosing an outfit for an occasion can be very difficult because you don’t want to do too little or too much – you want something great but not too fancy. You may have to consider many options in your wardrobe before you finally pick the most appropriate choice.

However, your problem doesn’t stop there. Your choice of jewelry is another vital thing you’d have to consider – especially earrings.

Generally, pieces of jewelry are designed to improve your style and make you look fashionable. They could be bracelets, trinkets, necklaces, or earrings. The most important out of all of these is the earrings because it often determines the others, i.e., bracelets, necklace, etc.

Your earrings speak about who you are even without saying a word. It automatically tells what class you belong to, i.e., your status and the kind of lifestyle you’d prefer. It may not always be accurate, but it does say something about you.

So, what type of earrings do you need for different occasions? You are about to find out in this article that describes the 20 different types of earrings in vogue. Hopefully, you’ll learn how to use them appropriately for their intended occasions after reading this piece.

20 Earrings You Should Know

Below is a description of the 20 popular types of earrings you should be aware of.

1. Studs


The stud earrings are one of the most common and fashionable types of earrings available. It is designed to stay fitted to the earlobe and not dangle, making it the right choice for all types of occasions.

Studs are also called floating earrings because it’s quite easy to see how they connect to piercing the ear. Nevertheless, it is almost impossible to see the pin that connects it.

Studs became a regular style in the 20th century and are still very much valid today, i.e., 21st century. It comes in different styles, shapes, and colors, or designs like diamond or gemstone.

2. Drops


The Drop earrings are another type of 21st earrings but are more fashionable and can be of different lengths depending on the type. Drop earrings are designed to look longer than studs – hence, the name.

As it drops down and connects to the piercing in the earlobe, the pin that connects it is almost visible. This earring also gives room for customization, i.e., you can have a single piece or as many as you want to drop down your ear.

Drops also come in different classic designs, such as gemstones, pearls, and golden baubles. You can combine these designs if you are using different pieces – anything to match your style.

3. Hoops


Another popular option to be aware of is the Hoop earrings. They are, in fact, more common than studs even when they were introduced between the 20th century and 21st century. It has existed long enough that many people realize its worth, especially in complementing all kinds of styles for different occasions.

Hoops are simple and easy to identify. They often come in different shapes and sizes. They are always long, but you would find them in shapes in a circle, triangle, and square. You must have seen them with quite a lot of female celebrities because it is quite sophisticated in design and easy to use.

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4. Barbell


Barbell earrings are another choice of ear jewelry you could consider even though it is quite different but oddly satisfying to use. It is an earring designed to look like the weights in a gym because it has two ends connected by balls. It almost seems like a perfect choice for gym enthusiasts.

A Barbell earring can be decorated in many ways, but what is often significant is that it requires two piercings – could either be from the earlobes or somewhere else close to the lobes to another part of the ear. Once the barbell-designed earring is in the holes, you can now connect the ends with balls.

5. Jhumankas


Jhumankas are often popular with Asian women – India and Nepal, especially because it has the traditional touch that complements their style. Besides, Jhumankas are colorful, making them the perfect choice for ceremonial occasions, although there are others designed for casual ones.

Jhumankas are contemporary-styled earrings that are quite dangly in nature. They often consist of different types of colors, with the popular ones as red, gold, and green. They also exist in different variations but with the ultimate aim of making a face more glaring.

6. Clip Earrings


Clip Earrings are an interesting choice of jewelry for people with sensitive ears. This earring is designed so that you won’t have to experience different reactions that may come as a result of you using an earring. It is simple, comfortable, and quite the attraction depending on the design – diamond or pearl.

They are also a bit dangly but not so much and are perfectly fitted around the earlobes. Clip earrings are great on any kind of outfit.

7. Tassels


Tassels are also one of the world’s commonest earrings, perfect for both formal and casual occasions. They match the modern outfit so perfectly that you can use them every day.

An interesting fact about tassel earrings is that when you wear them, they are quite conspicuous. You may not even have to wear other pieces of jewelry like necklaces or bracelets with them.

More importantly, they come in various beautiful colors to make you look fashionable. The tassels can either be long or short, depending on how you’d like them.

8. Clusters


The clusters are another similar option to the studs that allow you to secure them around your earlobes completely without visible pins. The difference between both types of earrings is that clusters are longer while studs are shorter.

Cluster earrings are often designed with stones that come in different shapes, sizes, and colors. So, you have a chance to pick a style that best suits you, but more importantly, with consideration to your face type. They are quite decorative as a choice of earrings but known to make the face fuller.

9. Huggies


If you aren’t careful, you will take Huggies for Hoops. Huggies are special earrings with the same large and shape-full designs as Hoops, only that they are smaller. They are quite the alternative option for people who don’t like something big but fancy.

Huggies live up to what they are called, i.e., they hug or snug tightly to the ear. They can be attached to the earlobes and extend to the cartilages around the ear – most modern ones tend to take this design.

Additionally, Huggies earrings come in different colors to choose from.

10. Chandelier


Generally, chandeliers are lighting systems designed to improve the look of a room – they are decorative features. In that same vein, chandelier earrings exist, and their sole aim is to make a face more glaring and perfectly decorated.

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These earrings go with different pieces of jewelry and are mostly used for ceremonious occasions in different parts of Asia. It draws attention because it often comes in different bright, beautiful colors.

The shape of chandelier earrings is also always different because they are extensive and complex.

11. Ear Jacket


Another type of earring that takes almost the same design as Stud is the Ear Jacket. It is also one of the commonest options because it is stylish and fancy. This earring is perfect for casual and formal events depending on how you wear it and the length.

Ear Jacket Earrings are snug to the earlobe tightly like Studs, however, a latch/stone holds them in the holes. While you have it resting on the earlobe from the front, the earring is hanging down at the other side of the lobe.

These earrings can also be redesigned with flowers or pearls to make them even look better.

12. Dangling Earrings


An earring you will find different, sophisticated, and fancy is the Dangler. It is an earring designed like the Drops, only that it is extensive, i.e., large, and comes with other features. The Danglers are attached to the earlobe with a pin. They have their remaining part hanging down (almost or) to shoulder length.

Dangling earrings are one of the choices available in the 21st century for casual events like parties and dinners. These earrings are stylish because they are improved with features like diamonds or jewel metals. They also come in different designs and dangling lengths for you to pick from.

13. Ball Earrings


Ball earrings are exactly described as what they would look like – balls. These earrings are small but quite the choice for people who don’t want something huge yet fancy. Like the studs, these earrings rest on the earlobe aided by a metal clasp designed around it.

Ball earrings come in different beautiful colors so that they can match whatever outfit you have for the day. They are also smooth, having known that they are designed using attractive options like diamond, gold, and silver.

14. Threader


The Threader is a simple choice of earrings, but it has one of the most stylish designs you would ever see. It is a long chain designed with small stones or crystals – mostly diamond to make you look fashionable and presentable. Indeed, it is one of the earrings that gives room for decorating.

These earrings go through the ear and dangle down – it is quite extensive. Because the threader is thin, it can pass through the earlobe easily. Hence, there isn’t anything like a latch or pin to hold it to the earlobe.

The threader is a great option for casual events like parties or dinners.

15. Ear Climbers


The Ear Climbers are another great option that looks like the Huggies. They are simply attached to the earlobe, and they extend across the cartilages of the ears. They often don’t require you to get several piercings – only one is enough for either ear.

Ear Climbers are exactly described as how they are attached with the earlobes – they climb to the edge (i.e., the helix) and stay tightly fitted. They are also quite similar to the crawlers due to this fitting, only that they need a sturdy wire to hold them in place.

The earrings comes in different designs with stone options like diamond or gold. 

16. Teardrop


If you’ve come across a number of models, you will notice a special type of earrings most of them use because of how sexy it looks. Those earrings are called the Teardrop.

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The Teardrop earrings take the shape of a drop of tear – hence the name. It is stylish, elegant, and uniquely beautiful. It is a perfect fit for casual and very important occasions, so you won’t always see it anyhow.  

These earrings can also take different designs or colors, depending on how you want them. It could be a pear-cut diamond, the most popular option, or anything else that fits its teardrop shape.

17. Pearl


Pearl earrings also make it to the list of earrings that look like studs. It is a small earring with a stylish design. However, what makes these earrings unique is their vintage quality, which makes them a very good choice for important events – casual or formal.

However, unlike studs, pearl earrings can still dangle even while they are secure around the earlobes. They could come in different colors, but most people prefer the diamond type more often than not.

Additionally, pearl earrings have a simple attachment, so you only need one piercing to have them on.

18. Bajoran Earrings


The history of Bajoran Earrings can be traced back to the slave trade. It is one of the traditional earrings designed to look like shackles. It is a stylish choice and is also quite popular in the TV show: “Star Trek.”

Bajoran Earrings have one interesting quality that makes them different from other earrings – the variations in the style of hanging them. Bajorans are versatile and customizable so that you can have them on in whatever way you like for different occasions. As a matter of fact, they make up the complete jewelry you need for casual and formal occasions.

19. Butterfly Fastenings


Another common choice of earrings you might also want to check out is the Butterfly Fastenings. It is a simple but sophisticated choice of earrings perfectly-known for two important things – great comfort and excellent security. They are held on tightly to the earlobes, so there is no way they would slip.

Butterfly Fastenings could come in different forms. They could be large and heavy or small and simple depending on how you like them. However, you should know that the larger ones are the most secure options. They also come in beautiful colors, making your face fuller.

20. J Hoops


The J Hoops aren’t any different from the Hoop earrings. The only difference between them and the Hoops earrings is the design – the former takes a J-structure, while the latter takes any form.

J Hoop earrings have a partial circle and an arm with the hook and pin, making them look like a “J.” It is a comfortable and stylish choice of earrings to wear on any dress; hence, you can use it for any occasion.

J Hoops also come in different styles – mostly gold and silver to improve your look’s quality and, more importantly, make your face fuller.


If you’ve always wondered how many different earrings exist – well, there are quite a several of them. The existence of these earrings is primarily due to changes in fashion trends every year or decade, and people find a way to adapt to them. While some of the earrings listed above are traditional, they’ve been modified perfectly to fit everyday life.

So, you have some of these earrings for casual occasions, another for formal ones, and others for both. Whatever you decide to use from the above, ensure it is the right earring choice for the occasion.

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