9 Roller Skating Outfit Ideas To Take For A Spin


9 Roller Skating Outfit Ideas To Take For A Spin

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Are you and your friends out to take your skates for a spin? Why not put on cute roller skating outfits while you’re at it! With a cute OOTD to pair with your neat roller skates, you’ll have more confidence whether you’re a first-time skater or consider yourself a pro.

Of course, you must ensure that your outfit allows you plenty of movement. In addition, you must ensure that your outfit won’t get caught in your skates. Anyway, as long as you note all of these measures, you’ll look incredibly fashionable and comfortable as you go out for a spin.

And just in case you still haven’t put on a theme for your roller skating date, here are nine roller skating outfit ideas you can take inspiration from below.

1. Sport Your Tie-Dyes And Bell-Bottoms With 70s Roller Skating Outfits

If you want to sport a 70s roller skating outfit, then it’s time to bring out those famous bell-bottom pants, frayed jeans, and tie-dye shirts. Since 70s fashion mainly includes loose bell-bottoms and pants, you’ll surely have tons of room to move around as you skate with your fashionable 70s OOTD.

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2. Bold 80s Roller Skating Outfits To Make A Statement

The 80s fashion world was about vivid colors, styles, and silhouettes. If you want to sport an 80s-themed outfit, be sure to incorporate neon-colored clothing, high-waisted bottoms, and oversized blazers. If you have trusty suspenders or ripped tights lying around in your closet, consider adding them to your 80s skating OOTD.

Overall, just be bold with your roller skating fashion when doing an 80s look! And to make yourself feel as if you’ve truly stepped out of the 80s, you can even get your hair curled to match the 80s’ obsession towards permed hair.

3. A 90s Roller Skating Look For A Casual Skater Look

If you want something more casual and laidback, the 90s look should suit your preferences better. Compared to the 70s and 80s’ striking and decorated looks, the 90s fashion era focused more on minimalist styles. With that being said, 90s fashion consisted primarily of casual hoodies, jeans, crop tops, and graphic t-shirts.

In addition, plaid and denim button-downs were also quite popular during the 90s. To style your hair for a 90s look, you can add those colorful plastic clips to sport an authentic 90s skater vibe. And to make your outfit totally scream like the 90s, don’t forget to add a choker for the finishing touches.

4. Disco Roller Skating Outfit For A Glamorous Skate Night Party

Do you want a fantastic look for a fabulous skate night party? You can always opt for disco roller skating outfits. Besides, disco outfits are all about glam, boldness, and, most importantly, lots of shimmers. Furthermore, standard disco outfits also consist of flowy fabric, allowing them to elegantly follow your movements as you dance under the disco lights.

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Of course, disco outfits will still offer plenty of movement for you to skate around despite their head-turning looks. After all, disco outfits are made for you to dance in, so they shouldn’t feel restricting. This, therefore, makes them a great combo with your favorite pair of roller skates.

5. A Summer Roller Skating Outfit For Skating In Hot Weather

When you’re out and about to skate in hot weather, it’s highly ideal for you to go for crop tops, tube tops, short shorts, and the like. This ensures that your skin has enough room to breathe while having fun under the sun.

And if you’re planning to skate by the beach, you can also sport your favorite one-piece or two-piece summer outfits for a daring skater look.

6. Winter Roller Skating Outfits To Stay Warm While You Have Fun

On the other hand, it’s definitely encouraged for you to wear long sleeves, leggings, and tights during the colder weather. Although you probably won’t quickly get cold while you move around frequently, it’s still recommended to dress up warmly in preparation for cold weather.

Besides, you can still get fashionable while dressing up for winter. Just go ahead and look for your stylish coats, belts, and winter scarves for chic skater attire suited for the cooler weather.

7. Flowy Dresses And Skirts For Added Flair

Who says you can’t wear skirts or dresses to your upcoming spin? For added flair in your upcoming skate sessions, you can wear your beautiful flowy dresses and enjoy how they move gracefully with the wind as you skate.

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Alternatively, you can also wear semi-tight dresses or skirts. Just make sure they’re not too tight and won’t limit your movement as you go around skating.

8. Goth Roller Skating Outfits To Match Your Goth Aesthetic

Are you a goth fashionista that also loves to skate? If that happens to be the case, there’s no reason for you not to incorporate your goth style into your skater look. Other than wearing the black staple outfits, be sure to adorn your gothic skater outfit with metallic accessories, fishnet stockings, and dark makeup.

9. Pastel Roller Skating Outfits For A Cutesy Skating OOTD

Do you happen to have a pair of pastel-colored roller skates? If that’s the case, it’s definitely perfect to pair them with a pastel-themed outfit! Moreover, a lovely pastel-themed outfit makes for a soft dreamy aesthetic and works well for any hair and skin tone.

Depending on your preference, you can go for a monochrome pastel roller skating outfit that perfectly matches your pastel roller skates. Alternatively, you can mix things up and pair your pastels with shades that go well with them. The choice is all yours.

Wrapping Up

Overall, there are plenty of roller skating outfits for you to choose from. And you don’t have to simply settle for a casual look when going for a spin by yourself or with family and friends. As long as you choose comfortable outfits that suit your preferences, you’ll look good and feel good for your skating session.

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