20 Best Lesbian Outfit Ideas


20 Best Lesbian Outfit Ideas

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The LGBTQ is a fast-growing community, and as such, it would simply be in poor taste not to consider their unique and individual traits. Their values, preferences, and of course, their fashion sense.

The lesbian fashion scene is a part of the larger LGBTQ and, as such, possesses its intrinsic qualities worthy enough to set them apart from every other sub-group of the larger group.

The outfit of choice differs among the many subgroups of the LGBTQ community. Today, we shall discuss the lesbian community.

It is important to have a unique fashion style, not just for identification but also for expression. Within the lesbian community, there is also some form of diversity, and these other much smaller groups have their sense of style.

This variation gives rise to a multitude of style options, and as a result, outfit ideas are in abundance. Whatever your heart (or body) desires, there is an outfit combination for you.

So, depending on the fashion sense or sub-group you belong to within the lesbian community, thus will your outfit look be defined. This does not mean you cannot experiment or tweak your look so that it resembles that of another group, there are no restrictions, and you are free to create a look that is most suitable and comfortable for you.

I have looked through the internet in search of lesbian outfit style inspirations and styles tailored for each unique sub-group. Below, you will find a well-curated list of the 20 best lesbian outfit ideas and just how to rock the looks.

What Kind Of Style Does Lesbians Have?

Lesbians are quite astute when it comes to fashion. It has to be something in their DNA that makes them firstly stunningly beautiful and badass at fashion. Well, whatever it is, it has made it possible for a plethora of style templates to emerge from the lesbian fashion subculture.

A few of these are as follows:

  • Butch aesthetics
  • Femme aesthetics
  • Formal aesthetics
  • Casual aesthetics
  • Tomboy aesthetics

Many of the fashion trends and styles you will see in mass media today and even in this article are centered around these molds. Your choice is usually an indicator of the kind of lesbian you are.

Best Lesbian Outfit Colors

Lesbian outfits are a great example of a work of art that does not take itself too seriously. The color palette, the shades, hues, are done purposefully, yet it all feels like a hasty combination.

It is that genius that makes each look unique and beautiful as well. As for the colors, they are more likely to tinker, and there are so many options to choose from. The lesbian fashion scene is not restricted to fashion norms.

So you can find colors such as black, grey, pink, purple, green, yellow, and so on. And what’s more, these colors come in hues and shades as well, and these are not left out either.

Best Lesbian Outfit Ideas

Outfit #1

Lesbian outfits possess a colorful range of options to choose from, and you can find that there is a style for you in every sphere of life. This outfit combination is for those who want to pull off a formal lesbian look.

All you need is a traditional suit, preferably black, worn over white long sleeve shirts, loose fitted pants, and chalk-white loafers or sneakers for this look.

Often, formal wear is thought of as boring, but that does not have to be the case. This outfit combo offers a stylish take on the look, making it a whole new one. Image here.

Outfit #2

Still, on formal wear, there are many unique and creative ways to fuse it with lesbian fashion sense or aesthetic. Just as there are diverse ways to dress formally, there are also many ways to pull off the formal lesbian look.

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For this look, you need a brown fedora hat a tight-fitting short sleeve white shirt tucked into green plaid pants. The look is finished off with brown monk strap shoes.

The usual office look usually entails a bare minimum of white, black and blue, so this look is a refreshing twist to add some flavor to your office space. Image here.

Outfit #3

As long as you are creative, there are no limits to creating. Fashion is fluid, and frankly, all you need to do is go with the flow if you catch my drift. Gone are the restrictions of formal wear, hello boundless world.

Speaking of worlds without limits, you have probably seen the matrix and how cool they look in those beautiful trench coats. Well, you are starting to see the picture.

For this look, you need a long winter coat, black bodycon top, black pants, and of course, a pair of awesome black boots. Image here.

Outfit #4

Formal wear can also be feminine, and it does not have to give off stern, superhero vibes. It can be femme, charming and cute. And frankly, there aren’t many cuter things than a femme lesbian in formal wear. No, we checked, and we didn’t find anything.

You need a light brown fedora hat, a fairly oversized brown sweatshirt, mint green pants, and brown suede court shoes for this fit.

This outfit choice does well to highlight just how great these colors work together and shows you can experiment with others if you want. Image here.

Outfit #5

Let’s be honest, there’s so much love for the color black. Now don’t get me wrong, the love it gets is well deserved, black is awesome. And to be honest, it is the perfect canvas to create a beautiful fashion look.

You need a fairly oversized black long-sleeved shirt, black bow tie, black denim pants, and black brogues for this all-black look. You can even accessorize with black earrings to complete the look.

Black is a staple look for the formal space, which makes this a perfect look for the office. Image here.

Outfit #6

Moving on from the formal office look for the lesbian outfit choice, we can consider the very classic “tomboy” look. This tomboy niche of the lesbian fashion subculture finds a lot of representation in mass media. It is a staple of the subculture.

Pulling it off is quite easy. You will need a grey blazer worn over a plain white T-shirt with stonewash blue jeans folded at the ankle and finished off with white sneakers or loafers for this particular outfit choice.

Accompanied with messy laid-down hair, this look is an excellent choice for you. Image here.

Outfit #7

Being a tomboy is often misconstrued to mean your fashion sense should revolve around hoodies, sneakers, and ripped jeans. But it isn’t true. There is more to being a lesbian who prefers to dress like a tomboy than bland color and stale outfits.

Take this look, for example. It features a yellow knit sweater paired with almost beige chinos pants and finishes off with white flat sole loafers.

This outfit showcases just how much freedom to experiment you have regardless of the style or outfit choice you wish to execute. Image here.

Outfit #8

Lesbian fashion flirts with a lot of colorful outfit ideas, which means really, everything is on the table. And nothing defines lesbian clothing better than the freedom to experiment with a diverse palette.

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For this outfit choice, you need a funky patterned shirt with blue striped shorts. You can complete the look with dark brown brogues or flat sole loafers. Whatever you wish, the trick is to wear it with confidence.

This look is laid-back, meant to be “easy wear” while skirting the formal or tomboy look with minimal effort. Image here.

Outfit #9

The tomboy look is a bold choice, especially since it challenges the perception of femininity and goes further to establish a new look and new rules for fluidity. So if you want to live on the edge, this is the look for you.

To pull it off, you need a grey puffer jacket worn over an unbuttoned pink checkered long sleeve shirt to expose a white tee underneath. You can opt for fitted blue denim pants or brown chinos pants. Then you can complete it with classic white sneakers.

You can also wear your hair in a bun to nail the look perfectly. Image here.

Outfit #10

This take on the tomboy look is a rather outlandish one, but make no mistake, this is not to mean that it is any less impressive. And the color palette, too, my gosh! When monochrome is done right, it looks really good.

You need a barn jacket, brown khaki shorts, and flat sole loafers for this look. And don’t forget to bring your confidence as well.

It does not take too much to pull off a khaki look, you just have to let the fabric do the talking, and the rest is fine. Image here.

Outfit #11

The tomboy look has its plethora of options to scroll through, so much that you can get lost or confused when you want to pick the right look for you. But fear not, let me guide you through the choices.

This look is known as the skater look, and to pull it off, you need a white sleeveless vest, brown chinos shorts, and flat sole converse loafers. There is the option to add a face cap and a checkered shirt to tie on your waist or wear unbuttoned. Image here.

Outfit #12

The lesbian outfit does not have to be stiff or edgy, and of course, it does not have to be a literal statement piece. All of that is good, no doubt, but lesbian fashion can also be casual. It can even stray into streetwear.

It is quite easy to pull off this look, though. You just need a white beanie, oversized twill jacket, and peach Nike joggers. You can add plain white sneakers, which go well with high socks.

This look gives off a smooth vibe, especially with the color combination. Image here.

Outfit #13

Do you feel like you need to add a bit of an athletic vibe to your casual wear? Well, fear not, you can rock this look as well.

You need a beanie, band t-shirt, and denim pants to pull this look off nicely. What better way to rock this than for all ensemble pieces to be the same color? Preferably, black.

The black band T-shirt comes with a pop of color that does well to accentuate the look further. Image here.

Outfit #14

The lesbian aesthetic embraces plenty of fashion trends, even the risky or controversial ones. Stylings and pairings that usually raise red flags in the fashion space are rocked with panache over here. You dream it, you can do it. I don’t know if I got that right, that should be the motto.

Speaking of controversial outfit trends, let us consider a double denim look. Often frowned upon for being boring and tacky, it can be done right, pay attention.

You need a grey denim jacket, worn over a plain white tee, and finished off with grey denim pants. A look this bold has never looked this good. Image here.

Outfit #15

How about a classic cliché look? Do you mind giving an unironic take on a stereotype? I bet you love making a bold statement, so this boy band look will suit you very well.

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This look is set to add some much-needed spice to a very casual look. You need a white band T-shirt, reflective grey metallic cargo pants, black print socks, and white sneakers to properly nail it.

This look aims to give a scruffy vibe that “I been indoors all day” feels. If that’s your type of thing, then be sure to play around with the look and accessorizing as well. Image here.

Outfit #16

Here we have another twist on the casual look, but there is way more color in the ensemble this time. This shows that a casual, laid-back look does not have to be bland.

For this look, you need first your imagination and then a black acid-wash band T-shirt with bold print, purple flannel pants, and of course, classic white sneakers to finish the look.

This outfit exudes boldness, originality, and style, Image here.

Outfit #17

This style is for the beachgoers, for all you guys who love a fun day in the sun or at least wish to look like that. The beach look is easy to emulate and especially easy to incorporate into the lesbian aesthetic.

You need a plain white T-shirt, grey shorts, white high socks, and classic white sneakers to properly execute this look. Don’t forget sunglasses, a face cap and of course, sunscreen. Image here.

Outfit #18

The lesbian aesthetic does not restrict. You can express yourself to the fullest, as said earlier. Whether you are a tomboy, an athlete, or even a skater chick, you can find something for yourself.

For a more feminine look, try this outfit idea out. You’d need a white high-neck knitted sweater, ripped white jeans, and chalk-white dr Mertens boots.

All of these combine to give a soft, warm, and femme appearance. Image here.

Outfit #19

This femme look is a total spin on formal office wear, and frankly, it is simply stunning. Not only does it add more sexiness to the bland office look, but it also frees up the wearer’s feminine side, allowing them to both be pretty but not someone to mess with.

You need a two-piece suit to pull this look off, preferably black or midnight blue. The suit jacket remains open, and buttons are undone to reveal the chalk-white long sleeve shirt underneath.

This look is incomplete without the classic selection of a beautiful pair of black boots. Image here.

Outfit #20

I know what you have been thinking this whole time-I am a bit of a mind reader, *places my index finger on the side of my head*. You are asking yourself, where are the dresses? And to that I say, relax, I saved the best for last.

The maxi dress is a much-adored fashion choice among the lesbian community and looking at it. I am sure you can understand why.

Maxi dresses are usually the whole ensemble, so for this look, I recommend you pick a really vibrant color like orange or peach so that you stand out from among the crowd. Image here.


The lesbian fashion scene is lively and teeming with boundless creativity, leading to numerous fashion trends. These trends have become commonplace today as a way to identify the subculture. This colorful niche is truly a thing of beauty, with a medium for just about anybody to express themselves freely without losing their identity.

The different modes of expression that translate into a vibrant fashion trend vary from formal wear to streetwear to even tomboy. There is a perfect outfit idea for everyone, regardless of your preference for fashion sense. The only limit is your imagination.

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