Beard Styles For Bald Men 


Beard Styles For Bald Men 

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There is no doubt that baldness was synonymous with unattractiveness in the bygone days. However, its definition has changed in the present era, but it still impacts men’s general outlook. 

For some, it has become just another way to enhance their fashion sense, and some men may perceive it otherwise.

Whether baldness is your choice or a natural factor, you need to carry it confidently. And to inflate your confidence, we’ve bought you the best combo of bald with a beard. It is simply the best way to compliment your baldness. 

This article will provide plenty of the hottest beard styles for bald men so that you can have the best beard style in accordance with your face shape and personality.

Medium Round

Whether you have a round face, a diamond face, or an inverted triangle-shaped face, we’ve got you the best beard style to compliment it, the medium round. It is the most versatile beard style for bald men. The style adds a lot of dimension and suits nearly all the face shapes.

Slightly enhancing your face shape, it will take your edgy look to the next level. Plus, the style needs minimal maintenance, or just keeping the bottom of the beard rounded is all you need to care for. 

Van Dyke

The van dyke beard style is pretty much identical to goatee beard styles. Exhibiting the imperial status of 17th-century wearers, it features a unique combo of a classic mustache and a goatee-style beard that are combined (not connected) with the beautifully curved lines. 

These curved lines run down from both ends of the mustache to the chin creating a bold, masculine effect. This perfect duo brings a sexist appeal to your look and draws stares at the bar or even in the office. Wear this beard with full pride because it’s no less than a timeless elegance. 

Slightly Shaggy

Slightly shaggy beards are another beautiful beard style for shaved heads. It requires the least effort to keep it well-maintained, which makes it the best-liked beard style. And what’s better than having an effortless beard paired with an effortless hairstyle. 

The best thing about this classy beard style is that it does not require a proper maintenance routine, and you can let it grow as long as possible. You just need to shape it often and prefer conditioning it with beard oil and beard cream to prevent frizziness. 

That makes it perfect to create a mildly disheveled and unbothered vibe for those who love to be free and easy. 

Boxed Beard

If you have an oblong or narrow long bone face structure, you are perfect to go with the boxed beard style. It is a perfectly defined, well-groomed, neatly trimmed alternative to the full beard. 

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The style creates a complete beard impression without occupying all the space around your lips, creating a sober look. 

Also, it is one of the best classic beard styles to create an attractive and bold ‘bald with beard’ look. So, try this style to make your bold style statement. 


The shaded beard style is one of the most iconic beard styles for men who like short beards. This beard style is a more sober look and suits a sophisticated personality, something that people won’t get over your looks so easy. 

It is a neatly trimmed beard that casts a subtle shadow on facial hair. Particularly, it works more perfectly on round faces. 

You can do this elegant style with a thick soul patch and well-defined mustache for a classic and sober look. Try this classic and trendy style to compliment your fashion statement. 

Fine Circular

A fine circular beard is an ideal style to create a sober and elegant look. More preferably suits square faces more, but it never disappoints the rest. 

The style features a very fine union between the mustache and beard, making it the best way to complement your shaved head. 

Carry this beard style perfectly, and it won’t leave you disappointed with its manly charm.


Similar to the balbo style, this beard style combines the soul patch, pencil mustache, and chin strap beard. Shape your mustache into a charming handlebar style, and you are all done to take your look to the next level. 

Carry it well with regular styling and grooming to ensure your mustache’s ends do not drop down. A neatly groomed handlebar mustache with an anchor-styled beard is no less than a deadly combo and an epitome of refined manliness. 

Wear this beard with full pride because it’s no less than a timeless elegance.

Big Beard

Here comes the most common beard style for bald men. Its popularity is due to the minimal maintenance that it demands and the standout style statement that it creates. Combined with a shaved head, it is a good fit to create a distinctly masculine look. 

Also, it is perfect for dominant personalities. Over the past few years, going bald with a big beard has become the hottest trend. Similarly, it has also gained popularity as the most powerful duo for defying the negative connotation of baldness.

Full Chin Cover

The full chin cover is perfect for those who love vintage looks. The style includes full growth on your chin area, whereas minimal to no growth around the cheeks. 

With its distinctive looks, it adds a lot of dimensions to your face and evolves into one of the most versatile beard styles for bald men. 

The style is ideal for men who do not like facial hair very much. You can try this style to redefine your fashion statement. 

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Two-Day Stubble 

Another best way to complement a shaved head is to pair it up with a two-day stubble beard style, a style that suits all face shapes.

And the best part is that it is also perfect for all the lazy guys out there who lack the energy to maintain their beards. 

It is a light yet sexist beard style that’s easy to maintain and trendy as well. And that’s exactly what makes it a popular beard style. 

Stubble Goatee

There is no doubt that the bald with beard look highlights your masculinity in the best way. But even better is a Stubble Goatee that creates a perfect soul patch. Also, it includes a mustache that is considered a sign of masculinity and adds to its manly effect to the fullest. 

Due to that, women probably ranked bald men with stubble goatee beards as the most attractive men. 


A swashbuckler is another beautiful style to create a perfect bald with beard look. This beard style is also termed the pirate’s beard. 

It is a well-defined beard that goes perfectly well with all face structures. 

A well-trimmed swashbuckler beard creates your distinct look and makes you stand out. Pair it up with a shaved head to make it a classy combo. 


Choose the rebel beard style with bald if you want to stand out because it will create an ultimately attractive, masculine, and well-groomed outlook. 

A neatly trimmed and well-maintained rebel beard style and a shaved head can be a head-turner for your perfect bald with beard look. 

We can assure you this beard style can be the best way to complement your clean, shaved head.

Side/Beard Connection

No matter what your face shape, the side/beard combination is one of the beard styles that never go out of trend. 

In addition, the style combined with a shaved head can be a powerful duo to change your style game. 

So, you can trust this unique beard style without any fear and embrace your baldness confidently. 

Chin curtain

Styling a bald head with a double chin or thin face structure is complicated. And this combo gives bald men a really tough time making a unique style statement. But the chin curtain beard style has made it super easy and super classy. 

It is a beard with full-grown hair over the jaw and chin. Also, it meets the sideburns without a mustache. This beard style has a rich history as it was quite popular in the late 18th and 19th centuries. 

Classic Goatee

The classic goatee is very similar to the goatee beard style but with the sole difference of a mustache. It does not include a mustache but just a soul patch around your chin. It is often kept a bit longer than the traditional goatees. But it depends on your choice. 

Whether you opt for a long one or not, there is no doubt that the classic goatee will rock your “bald with beard” look like none other. 

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Also, this beard style is noticed as the foundation of many beard styles for bald men as it was quite popular even a few decades back. 

Full and Rounded

Characterized by clean lines, the full and rounded beard is immaculately shaped and striking. 

A fine shaved head paired with this unique beard style is a timeless combination. It is a well-trimmed and well-grown beard with a classic mustache. The mustache must stay disconnected from the beard. 

Particularly best for men with round skulls or weak jawlines, it defines boldness and highlights masculine effect. Notably, meticulous styling is required to get your desired shape, but it’s worth it. Because the impression that it creates is beyond your belief. 


A circle beard is quite similar to the closed goatee beard, so this beard style is also known as a boxed goatee. It includes a goatee-style beard patch on your chin. The patch connects to the mustache forming a defined circle around your mouth. 

Inspired by some celebrities, including Kanye West, Brad Pitt, and Guy Fieri, this style seems to be just the tight for angular faces. Also, it is ideal for creating a formal and casual bald with beard look. 

Hipster Beard With Moustache

Here comes the hottest trending beard style for bald men. The style was coined back in 1920. Ever since, it has been in high favor. That’s because of the magic it casts to create the most attractive bald with beard look. 

Hipster is a thick beard with an extended length. To have this beard style, all you need to do is grow the beard as much as possible.

Also, this trendy beard style is a true reminiscent of the traditional woodsman aesthetics and an ultimate epitome of masculinity among the modern beard styles. 


Identical to the short boxed beard style, Balbo is a beard with a disconnected and trimmed mustache. It is one of the most versatile beard styles with many variations that fall into inverted T beard styles for bald men. 

The style emphasizes the volume of chin hair and includes a soul patch beneath the lip. Moreover, a more defined mustache and neat trimming around the cheek area take this style to the next level. 

So, don’t be hesitant to let it grow long to the fullest and bring a sense of whimsy to this classic beard style.

The Final Word

Stylish beard styles for bald men are something that can surely turn heads! 

It is no less than a real game-changing combo for bald men. And when it comes to choosing a beard style, it must be in accordance with your face shape. 

We hope that these styles will help you embrace your baldness confidently and suffice your face requirements.

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