Facial Hair; The 21 Most Dashing Beard Styles For Black Men 


Facial Hair; The 21 Most Dashing Beard Styles For Black Men 

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As a man, facial hair should be familiar to you by now. You also know that it can do wonders for your appearance and your general confidence. Think of it as mother nature’s “makeup,” but for men.

There is no “one fits all” beard style for every black man to wear. Just as we are all beautiful and unique, so also are the beard styles that will suit us perfectly.

Many of you may not already know it, but there are a lot of beard styles that black men can rock and look dashing. Here are a few.

  1. Mustache Styles

A mustache style refers to wearing facial hair only in the space between the underneath of your nose and the upper lip.

The mustache is a very common choice for any black man; for some, it is the first portion of their facial hair to grow. It can be a defining addition to your overall appearance if you groom it right.

It is a very refined choice and popular among high-class men of modern history. See here

  1. Goatee Styles

The goatee style refers to having facial hair only on the area of the face underneath the bottom lip, which is also known as the chin. This is the primary location of the goatee.

The goatee strays farther down than the mustache, which is only in the space between the nose and upper lip. It can be done in addition to a mustache or on its own.

The goatee is considered a classic look for the black man and is also seen on pretty popular faces. See here

  1. Short Beards

The term “beard” usually refers to the complete conjoined facial hair portions, mustache, and goatee. This union of connected follicular patterns forms a dazzling array of looks to choose from as a black man.

A short beard is a term used to describe a beard that has been trimmed considerably but not completely. 

It is a neat trim that goes a long way to create a semi-formal look perfect for that lunch date. Done right, it can also help accentuate key features of your face as well. See here

  1. Full Beards

As mentioned earlier, a beard is a term for the complete and connected facial hair configuration. This means that every portion of facial hair has grown to meet the other and vice versa until the ears and nose down to the neck are covered in hair.

A “full” beard is one where not only have all parts of the facial hair configuration grown and merged to form a beard but they have been let to grow out.

A full beard is thicker, richer, and has a sophisticated beard style for a black man. See here

  1. The bald man’s beard

This is one very popular look and a trusted go-to beard style for black men. Think of Maurice Chestnut, and you get the picture. It will make you a hundred times hotter, probably as hot as The Rock. Well, almost.

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The “bald man” beard is like the “full beard” look, except that you have to shave your head clean. The “bald man” beard can be the answer to the prayers of so many balding black men; this is your sign to enter the fold. See here

  1. Stubble Beard

A stubble describes the hair follicles that have just begun to grow back a day or two after a shave. It can be coarse and sometimes even itchy, but it sure can be a beautiful sight, especially if you have shaved everything off.

This is a great beard style for a black man; it gives that “sleeping in” look, which is popular with the ladies, plus it feels great to the touch for both of you.

It is also quite fashionable and requires little styling, just a good ol’ sheen and brush. See here

  1. The barely shaved beard

This look is probably one of the top five most popular beard styles for black men. You just might have never heard the name, ever. It is quite similar to the stubble and short beard look but only a little.

The barely shaved look refers to a “buzz cut” for your facial hair. This means trimming with a taper so that it loses length but continues to appear to maintain volume.

It is smart, neat and very fashionable. See here

  1. Van Dyke Beard

The van dyke beard style is an exquisite choice for any black man; it oozes class and sophistication. It has been sported by many celebrities over the years, from when it was unpopular to when it became the trend to have it.

This look is achieved through the combination of a goatee and a mustache. The Van Dyke is named after 17th-century painter Anthony Van Dyke, who sported the look in real life and in his self-portraits. See here

  1. The Garibaldi Beard

The Garibaldi beard is a Pinterest favorite; you have probably seen it in many quotes about manliness. For a black man, this beard style is simply perfect for you. It frames your facial features more and makes them look more “centered.”

It is also perfect for you as a black man if you search for that unkempt or slightly rough look or style. 

The garibaldi beard is a wide, full beard with a very rounded bottom and a well-grown but integrated mustache. See here

  1. The Five o’clock beard

This beard look for black men gets too little credit or note, especially since it is the easiest to pull off. It requires little to no effort; basically, you just have to sit and wait.

The five o’clock beard or five o’clock shadow is regrowth. It begins to show up after a whole day has passed since your last shave. It is like a stubble beard but with less hair and less volume. See here

  1. The carved beard

When you grow a full beard, there are no other options from there except to go back to the ladder. I would say this if I did not know better, and I do. You can turn that unkempt and bushy look into a much better-looking masterpiece.

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The carved beard look is pretty simple but still immensely stylish. It takes the regular beard look to a whole new level. It requires that the outermost parts of the beard are “lined up” or carved using a taper to make it straight and ensure uniform growth all around. See here

  1. Soul patch

The soul patch is a popular beard style for black men, and it stems from the music and cultural influence of jazz music. It was a style made popular by jazz musicians and quickly became the calling card for the community of creatives.

The soul patch refers to growing the facial hair right underneath the bottom lip but does not extend to the chin.

It is a simple style to pull off, one that you will find a lot of popular faces have worn. See here

  1. Ducktail

The ducktail beard look for black men is guaranteed to accentuate your masculinity. It is a powerful look that combines everything about the full beard look— the mustache, full goatee, and full sideburns.

However, there is a distinction, and it is not just in the name. The ducktail look is created by shaping the bottom of the full beard into a slightly sharpened point.

It is the look for the famous NBA star, James Harden, and other celebrities. See here

  1. Nicolas II style

This beard style for black men is named and styled after Russian rule Nicholas II, and it takes the van dyke a step further. It is a truly regal look, something that signifies Imperial or royal.

To achieve this look, you need only to grow the mustache more than the other portions of your facial hair and style it like “handlebars.” Bear in mind that the other portions of the facial hair configuration will be full also. See here

  1. The anchor beard

This style is self-explanatory, but only if your imagination is up to the task. It is a stylish way to incorporate the goatee, soul patch, and mustache. When done correctly, the combination resembles a literal anchor.

It is a very official look, exuding a confident and well-put-together vibe. It also gets accentuated when you smile, improving the quality of the smile in return. See here 

  1. The circle beard

The circle beard is a visual remake or perhaps an upgrade to the anchor beard since it also uses the same portions. It comprises the goatee and mustache and sometimes the soul patch.

A circle beard is made to mimic the literal shape of a circle by lining up the mustache, small portions of the goatee extension, and the goatee itself. While every other portion of facial hair is shaved off completely. See here

  1. The split beard

This beard style for black men is not very popular, but it can be something you can grow to like a lot. It is pretty experimental and relies on just how much beard you have to work with.

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The “split” here represents the bottom of the beard, normally rounded or shaped to a point, split into two, down the middle of your nose. It’s a lowkey “Santa” look and a fun one to pull off. See here

  1. Mutton chops

The mutton chop is a beard look for black men that is achieved by focusing on a portion we have not given that much attention yet— the sideburns. They are the beard portion that gives it any real symmetry and holds strong aesthetic value.

For you to pull off the look, the goatee is completely shaven out, giving the sideburns the resemblance of meat chops. It is optional to either remove or leave the mustache for this look. see here

  1. Bushy Beard

The bushy beard is another zero effort look for the black man to try out. It is rugged, manly, and confident. It helps to offset any hints of formality by introducing a heavy dose of casual, unkempt, and unpreparedness to the mix.

To get a bushy beard, you can do one simple thing, skip a few trips to the barbers, and let the beard grow out without trimming it once. And just like that, you have a rugged, nature-man type look. see here

  1. Biker beard

A biker beard is such that bikers primarily sport it; it is a distinct and yet unintentional look that they all seem to have. It comprises rough and downward growth of every portion of the facial hair configuration.

It is caused by negative air pressure as they ride barefaced often, forcing the hair to grow down and outwards. To achieve this without owning a bike, just brush your facial hair down and outwards; it should do the trick. See here

  1. Chin beard

The chin beard refers to a situation where there is only facial hair exclusively extending from or to and around the chin. This sounds like a goatee, but it’s not; consider it an extended goatee.

To pull off this beard style, you need to line up the goatee so it aligns with the sideburns, neither higher than the small of the chin. It would look like you wore a strap around your face. See here


Black is beautiful, and trust me when I say there is no improving perfection. There can be adjustments, however. In the case of which beard style is best, since we all have different face shapes, it is important to pick the one that suits you.

Above is a choice selection of ones to choose from, each fancier and more sophisticated than the last. But you do not need to try all, even though you should— life is ever-changing, and you can always reinvent yourself with just a change of beard style. 

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