40 Best Online Thrift Stores


40 Best Online Thrift Stores

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Thrifting became a thing in the late 19 century when there was a flood of manufacturing companies in the United States and clothes were in excess and cheap, which made people buy clothes they needed and the ones they didn’t need.

So instead of trashing them, people came up with selling the outfits for less and donating the returns to charity or turning it into a personal business to make money.

Fast forward to the 20th century, second-hand styling has become sustainable and chic, and shopping for thrifts is no more a new thing, it has become a general thing. Shopping thrift is like hunting for items that appeal to you without a list, and the thrill that comes with hunting for items with the best prices when shopping thrift is second to none.

Coupled with the fact that you could strike gold among vintage or preowned, ‘and by gold, I mean, exquisite and luxury items for cheap.’

You can get practically anything from thrift shops: furniture, antiques, toys, home appliances, musical instruments, homewares, books, games, clothes, and many other things. And as time passes, more and more shoppers are beginning to show interest and affection for pre-loved clothes.

Not only does thrifting keep wearable clothes away from landfills, but you can also find quality pieces for too good to be true prices.

The good news with modern thrift stores is that you can shop thrift items from the comfort of your home. Yes! You can now shop thrifts on your phone, laptop, and computers. This development makes shopping thrift so much easier, and you wouldn’t have to leave your home to a thrift shop to hunt.

So, in case you don’t know this, I’m going to take you through some of the best online thrift stores, where you can easily scroll through, make orders, and have your orders delivered to you.

Online Thrift Stores You Should Check Out:

1. Etsy

Founded in 2005, Etsy is an online marketplace that houses many stores to sell vintage wear, handmade clothes, and pre-loved outfits. There are items listing, ranging from dresses, tops, coats, vintage jeans, which means there is something for everyone on Etsy.

Shopping at Etsy is a good way to support small-scale vintage businesses and local sellers because Etsy is the most accessible platform for sellers and buyers of vintage.

Several thrift stores are selling under Etsy, some are also mentioned below, and they have a quality vintage, clean, and ready-to-wear items at extremely affordable prices.

2. ThredUP

ThredUP was originally a men’s shirt swap company in San Francisco in 2009. And since then, they have moved on to selling high-quality women’s and children’s pre-loved apparel. The company is now one of the world’s largest fashion resale platforms, encouraging the new generation to love thrift fashion.

Thredup encourages shoppers to sell their clothes easily and shop over 30,000 brands at up to 90% off. It has become one of the best online thrift stores worldwide that believe in a sustainable fashion future. Thredup’s online platform is also easy to use and navigate, making it great for online window shopping.

3. Swap.com

If you are looking for athleisure, vintage winter outfits, and more, swap.com has every outfit you need as a family. They sell pre-owned clothing items for people of all gender and age, talk of kid’s outfits, menswear, women’s clothing, et al. When it comes to unique, second-hand luxury wears, Swap.com has got you covered.

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Their online presence makes it easy for you to shop for luxury vintage wear without leaving your home. This online thrift store prides itself on making the landfills void of more clothing items and also taking time to properly inspect the items put up for sale.

One other thing you will love about this platform is that they offer free shipping for orders above $60 and also have a 30-day return policy.

4. Flyp

Looking for where to declutter all your old clothes that are still good, flyp is your best bet. It started when the founder discovered that people would be encouraged to sell their pre-loved clothes to new owners for a second life if the selling process became a tad bit easier. The platform helps connect people who have clothes to sell with independent resellers.

So either you choose to deal with the professional independent resellers on the platform by yourself, or you choose to allow Flyp to go through the negotiation stress for you want to be the one to buy these pre-loved items as a reseller, Flyp’s got you.

5. Poshmark

Poshmark is one of the most remarkable thrift platforms in the digital world. The introduction of their platform app that can be downloaded on whatever phone you use makes shopping at Poshmark more enjoyable. This platform is filled with so many fascinating perks when you shop.

It is a 21st century thrift store where you can also find carefully used designer styles and décor. With this many available items, you could find a wide variety of luxury products at a very affordable price.

You can make a counteroffer or any item you like and strike a bargain to get a better deal, and you can also like items on the app and be notified when there is a reduction in the price of that product.

6. Refashioner

Refashioner believes that no item is pre-owned, but only merely owned. This brand sorts for outstanding and the best designer pieces from private collections worldwide.

Refashioner’s collection has exquisite items that date back to the 1930s. This company sells clothes and can also tell the story behind each item, which means the clothes are never sourced through any unethical method.

By buying cloth at Refashioners, you would know where the cloth has been, who has worn it, and how many times its been worn. With refashioner, you will be getting the value for your money and even more.

7. Tradesy

Tradesy is known for its affinity towards designers like Rolex, Gucci, Louis Vuitton, etc. The company sells all vintage clothes from house wear to sleepwear to outerwear and wedding outfits. Tradesy deals in high-end luxury wear, jewelry, bags, and other accessories.

The company website has been well-curated and arranged so that you can easily navigate and shop for items according to your preference and budget. It can be a little price, but you sure will be getting the full worth of your spend. And Tradesy, just like other brands on the list, also allows you to sell your pre-owned luxury wear.

8. Depop

Depop is also an online fashion marketplace that helps sell and buy pre-loved vintage clothes. Their collection ranges from the big old familiar brands to the infamous up-and-coming gen-z brand. This London-based online marketplace is where the young generation can find unique items.

Their catalog is pleasant to look at, and the Depop app is easy to navigate. The interface works like social media, so the more you like a particular style, the more clothes in the same style line will be suggested. Their collection is on the edgy side of fashion and can only be flaunted or rocked by people that dare to be bold.

9. eBay

eBay is the most popular online thrift store. I mean, who doesn’t know eBay? eBay began as an auction site that grew into a worldwide shop where anyone can get anything: clothes, shoes, bags, laptops, phones, home décor and have them delivered to your doorstep.

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The style option on eBay is limitless, and you have access to any kind of unique pre-loved wear, accessories across many countries and eras. Their range of collections is tough to beat. You have to shop carefully to avoid scammers, but with this, too, eBay has policies to protect you from fraudulent buyers or sellers.

10. Asos Marketplace

Hearing Asos marketplace, you would know that it is related to the popular fashion website Asos. The only difference is that the Asos marketplace doesn’t deal in new clothes. It is a branch of Asos created with the vision to maintain sustainability by reselling quality vintage pieces.

Unlike other thrift stores, individuals cannot sell their pre-loved items on this platform. You can only buy because only designers, boutiques, and thrift stores can operate on the Asos marketplace platform. With almost 1000 businesses, you would never run out of choices or styles to pick.

11. Thriftsome


Thriftsome is one of the stores that sell new clothes and specializes in selling pre-loved clothes and accessories. The brands’ mission is to bring cloth thrifting more attention by making it accessible and convenient to shop and making fashion sustainable and easy on the pocket.

The website is duly arranged to make the catalog easy to scroll through and choose your style and preference. Since the creation of the brand in 2018, it has made its mark in keeping clothes off landfills and reducing pollution caused by unused clothes.

12. 2nd Street

Are you on the lookout for the trendiest seasonal items? The best place to look is the 2nd STREET USA. It is the best place to find second-hand clothes in good condition, and second-hand clothes are more valuable than new ones.

2nd STREET always has unique items that fit into new trends and cannot be found anywhere else. At 2nd STREET, you can also bring forth your pre-loved clothes to get the right pricing and make a profit off them.

13. Luxury Garage Sale

The luxury garage sale is an online designer thrift store for clothes and accessories. It is one of the people’s favorite US-based online thrift store. The brand makes sure that all items are inspected and verified by in-house experts. Among the items includes vintage bags, jewelry, shoes, accessories.

With the Luxury Garage Sale online platform, you would feel like you are in a real garage sale or flea market without leaving your couch. They offer up to 80% discount on luxury vintage items.

14. The RealReal

This is most likely the world’s largest thrift store for luxury and authentic goods. They call themselves The RealReal and are the most trusted resource in the business of curating authenticated luxury wear resale.

Expertly crafted items are meant to last several lifetimes, and The RealReal helps give your luxury items new owners to love and give them another life.

The Real Real would give you the right value for your items, and as a buyer, affords you the right value for your money with exquisite luxury items. They are the first vintage brand to form a cordial sustainability alliance with Gucci and donate the proceeds towards sustaining the ecosystem.

15. Mirth

Mirth believes that pre-loved items and clothing should fit seamlessly into our lifestyle based in New York. As a thrift brand, Mirth is focused on selling classic, timeless vintage pieces for day-day wear and every season. They specialize in clothes, shoes, and accessories, including denim vintage from the early 20th century to date.

Their collection is filled with diverse styles and selections, several vintage statement pieces from stipes to patterns to solid hues and shades. Mirth’s online platform makes it easy to shop from anywhere in the world and get your order at an extremely affordable rate.

16. Beyond Retro

This UK-based vintage store is the home of pre-loved clothing and accessories for both genders across the ages. Their collection includes dresses, shorts, shirts, sweats, and jackets. Retro clothing means made, used, or suggested by the past, and Beyond Retro makes these kinds of vintage wear available.

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If you are a lover of the past and love to dress in outfits that depict culture and time, then beyond retro is the right spot for you to be in. They offer classic vintage from celebrity brands like Nike, Adidas, champion, and Levi.

17. Patagonia Worn Wear

If you are looking for the perfect outdoor vintage outfit that befits your statement and style, Patagonia worn wear is the one for you. They are proficient at making second-hand wears look as good as new. Patagonia worn wear has made a name in the vintage industry with proper care, sorting, and process.

They have a huge array of comfortable styles you can pick from, and if you, by chance, have some vintage clothes to sell, they would fix and clean it properly before reselling.

With all their ethics pointing towards helping the environment, Patagonia worn wear uses eco-friendly products for their processing and packaging.

18. Vestiaire Collective

Vestiaire Collective is an online marketplace that buys and sells authentic pre-owned classic and luxury fashion. They have a well-arranged online catalog with thousands of carefully curated outfits added to the online platform daily.

They also run occasional sales of over 70% off all their products. They offer one of the widest collections of vintage designer wear.

The company was created because of so many unused vintage clothes hanging and laying in wardrobes, thereby creating a home for these pre-loved outfits where they can be once again put to good use. They focus on selling just high-end vintage outfits for men and women of all ages.

19. Goodfair

Goodfair has created a unique online thrift experience that encourages customers to buy second hands and become full-fledged customers. Their ability to pick out sustainable pre-owned clothes has reduced waste and clothes in landfills and pollution, and the need for low-wage factories.

Goodfair’s method is slightly different from the rest, they sell clothes in bundles. They rescue clothes heading for the landfill, do proper checking and vetting, and then proceed to pack them up in unique bundles just for you.

The wears come in bundles, talk of women wear bundles, mystery bundles, shirt bundles, and a lot to pick from. 

20. Everything But The House

Whether you have a whole collection or simply a handful, Everything but the house will do the heaving lifting for you and make downsizing profitable. Their collection is full of unique vintage uncommon stuff that you would hardly see anywhere else, making all their items custom pieces.

They not only sell uncommon pre-owned wear but are also involved in selling and buying antiques. Since “everything but the house” was founded in 2008, the company has been dedicated to helping people buy and sell these second-hand wears.

Other Online Thrift Stores

1. Omnia

2. Break Vintage

3. Grailed

4. Vinted

5. Raleigh Vintage

6. Ready To Wear Again

7. Hardly Ever Worn It

8. Rellik


9. Thrift+

10. Blue17

11. Na Nin

12. I Am That

13. Shopstressed

14. Shop Goodwill

15. The Luxury Closet

16. Designer Swap

17. Loopster

18. VSP Consignment

19. Pretty Penny

20. Thrilling


Thrifting can be stressful, but thrifting online is like finding your comfort niche. It’s like being out shopping but still in your home doing other things. You can easily scroll or swipe to find rare items that are no longer in production, rare gifts, and the likes.

And I know you are worried if the wears and items are properly checked, accessed, and cleaned before they get to you. Still, I can assure you that these vintage companies have you in mind, and not only do they properly access their collections before shipping them off to you, and you will also get these items at jaw-dropping, extremely affordable prices.

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