How to Change Language in Renault Kadjar (STEP by STEP) Guide


How to Change Language in Renault Kadjar (STEP by STEP) Guide

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Last Updated on July 11, 2022 by inckredible

If you recently had problems where your Renault Kadjar car system reset itself or if you had any kind of problems with your car and the language settings changed then this step by step guide will help you.

My Renault Kadjar battery just went dead, and after fixing the issue with the battery, my whole system changed, from language to everything else.

The strange thing was that the virtual cockpit was in a different language from what I set in-car settings, which confused me at first.

But the solution was very simple, here is how to change language settings on both virtual cockpit and the display screen in your Renault Kadjar 2015.

How to Change Language in Renault Kadjar?

STEP 1: click on the menu settings

STEP 2: click on the System button

STEP 3: click the Language option

STEP 4: final step, choose your preferred language

After the 4th and final step your Language setup in Kadjar is done, now both your virtual cockpit and display will show the same language.

Thanks for reading.

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