Amber Heard Court Fashion Style


Amber Heard Court Fashion Style

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Amber Heard is an American actress who has starred in many notable films. Her popularity rose after portraying Mera in the movie adaptation of Aquaman.

She is a vocal human rights activist and has supported some charity causes. Her reputation as an activist earned her a place in the United Nations Human Rights Office. Amber Heard made the headlines due to a high-profile case with her ex-husband Johnny Depp.

The two had met in court several times since their divorce in 2016. However, despite going through a lot of stress, this lady always made it a point to look presentable.

It is the reason people would look for: “Amber Heard Court Fashion” or “Amber Heard Style” when they surf the net. The following photographs are a compilation of Amber Heard’s lovely looks whenever she goes to the courthouse.

1. Black Dress with a Red Polka Dot Bandanna

The stylish photograph of Amber Heard features the actress in a black dress. The lower part of her face and neck is covered with a red polka dot bandanna. The snapshot is during the pandemic period when risks for infection were high. Her silk red polka dot bandana doubled as a face mask. The dark outfit is a midi dress that has a three-fourth sleeve cut. Her lovely figure is highlighted thanks to the black belt around her waist. 

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2. V-Neck Button Dress with Green Bandana

Amber Heard is very creative with how her bandanas. In this image, she is wearing a green bandana. It is covering half of her face and whole neck. Her ensemble is comprised of a flattering button-up midi dress with long sleeves. The v-neckline adds sophistication to the overall look. The outfit also has a split embellishment that is slightly above her knees. The cut is simple, modest, and very feminine. She decided to let wear her healthy locks down. It made the actress look demure and gentle.

3. Classy Suit with Striped Dress Shirt

When a woman is facing trials, she must remain strong. It is the aura that Amber Heard is projecting in this outfit. The actress is wearing a classy suit that has subtle horizontal lines. She paired it up with a vest underneath. It is also the same fabric as the blazer and creates a sense of unity. To complete the look, Amber Heard wore a light blue dress shirt with white horizontal stripes. She decided to let her down with one side secured by a pin. She looks very professional in this attire.

4. Beige Midi Dress with Gray Coat

Amber Heard just brought shabby chic to the courthouse. The actress wore a beige mini dress. It has some excess fabric embellishment on the collar that adds drama. She paired it with a gray coat covered with floral detailing. Her iconic red polka dot bandana made another appearance in this look. This time it is neatly wrapped around her neck as an accessory. She completed the look with feminine pointy high heel shoes that she carries like a queen.

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5. Crochet Cardigan and Beige Blouse

People often associate knitted wear with the elderly. However, with the right cut, you can reap the benefits of looking youthful and enjoying the warmth it gives. An example is the black crochet cardigan that Amber Heard is wearing in this photo. Underneath is a beige long-sleeved blouse that compliments her skin complexion. She paired this look with some black trousers, but it would look great too with long skirts.

6. Plain White Dress and Black Long Line Blazer

Amber Heard, even with toned-down outfits, still managed to look fabulous. This photograph shows her wearing a white midi dress with a round neckline. She combined it with a black longline blazer with a fitted cut. Her healthy locks are parted in the middle and tousled beautifully. The simple outfit showcased her feminine beauty. Like her other courtroom look, Amber Heard does not wear flashy jewelry.

7. Tuxedo look with Tie and Gold Colored Buttons

The best thing about fashion is combining different styles based on what you fancy is possible. This look shows Amber Heard incorporating the Tux based on her dress shirt collar. To add flair, she put on a matching tie that gives a corporate vibe. Then her fitted lapel blazer is decorated with gold-colored buttons that add a military look effect. Her hair is neatly tied and pulled away from her face. This look has multiple concepts in one, varying from formal business attire to paying tribute to people in uniform. The brooch attached to her tie is also an eye-catching accessory that complements everything.

8. Short-Sleeved Pleated Blouse and Button Skirt

This short-sleeve pleated blouse is a breath of fresh air from the dark-colored outfits shown before. The pleats on the sleeves are horizontal, while the body has a vertical pattern. The folds on the fabric give it a whimsical look. The upper garment has a V-neck cut and lapel collar. Amber Heard neatly tucked it inside her button skirt. The lower garment has a modest slit reaching up until the knee. Her waist is accentuated with a slim belt. Her hair is tied in a braid giving her overall appearance a fresh look.

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9. Black Cardigan with Light Colored Dress

The Amber Heard court fashion usually comprises monotone colors and no prints. The actress is seen going for a light-colored dress with a round neck. The collar of the outfit is adorned with excess fabric. It can be tied based on preference. Amber Heard had it in a simple knot and paired it with a dark bluish cardigan. As for her hairstyle, her bangs are neatly swept at the side. Her long locks are pulled up in place. She looks mature and elegant in this ensemble.

10. Black Blazer and White Shirt with Bandana

Dark colors bring a different kind of sophistication. Amber Heard, in this picture, is wearing a black deep lapel blazer. It is decorated with two buttons. Based on the structure, the upper garment has a fitted cut. It is the best choice for female figures. She paired it up with a white blouse detailed with V pattern pipings. Looking at it closely, it has some thin lace detailing. The overall look is accentuated by her belt. It cleverly shows a knot that represents the shape of the female ribbon symbol.

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